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Industry Guides

Obtain top digital marketing and SEO tips from Sitetrail industry guides for specific business types. 

Learn which methods and tactics work best to generate traffic and new business to your website – and see which services to buy at reasonable prices to get the results you desire.

Choose your industry to get started:


Discover our complete 7 step marketing guide for accountant firms. Based on a proven growth plan executed in 12 countries with high success levels.

Music & Entertainment

Learn 4 SEO, PR and Digital Marketing Tips for Music and Entertainment. Great for a wide range of entertainment businesses. Musicians, Film Makers, Celebrities and more.

Boat Dealers

The recreational global boating market is a multi billion dollar industry that has been steadily growing. It will continue to grow at a rate of over 11% in the coming 5 years.

Dentists & Dental Services

As a whole the industry market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5,7% between now and 2025 and industry revenue has been valued at US$128 billion in 2020.

Lawyers and Law Firms

According to the The Bureau of Labour Statistics, “Employment in legal occupations is projected to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029”.

Fashion Marketing

The fashion marketing guide from Sitetrail will talk you though all the popular and successful methods used by big and small brands in the fashion and clothing industry.

Luxury Brands

Learn the most important digital marketing and PR tips for the luxury industry and see how to grow a luxury brand with digital marketing.

Celebrity Influencers

See the celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing guide: a cross-sector social media marketing opportunity used by businesses worldwide.

Tech & Software companies

The Tech sector is also seen as an attractive growth investment in an economy. Global TECH companies use these methods for growth.

Interior Designers & Home Decorators

6 SEO, PR and Digital Marketing tips for Interior Designers and Home Decorators. See how to thrive in this special industry.

Home & Private Security

6 Top PR and Digital Marketing tips for Home Security & Private Security Services. Learn the how to become an industry leader and increase your marketshare.

Mental Health Rehab & Addiction

In the United States mental health and substance abuse statistics are astonishing and keep on rising. Learn how to market for this industry

Ebook Marketing

A complete guide to ebook marketing: See how Amazon best-sellers do their PR and marketing for great results.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Study this 7 step plan which is highly effective for the medical industry.

Private Investigators

Private investigation is a $6 billion dollar industry in the U.S and there are currently over 28,729 businesses. See how the best companies do marketing.

HR Consulting

The HR consulting industry is near $35Billion in size. Learn how top human resource consultants grow their business

Aircraft & Aerospace

Aircraft sales will always be seen as a necessity, with it being an industry worth 872 billion dollars. Learn marketing tactics for the aviation industry here.

Moving Companies

The moving industry is estimated to be worth $86 billion and is known for being responsible for creating over 182,722 jobs. Learn how to market like a pro for this business.


The electrical industry in the U.S is currently worth 163 billion dollars, with the expectation of revenue growth in 2025.

SEO Services Guide

Discover the list of SEO strategies and steps required for any business leveraging this channel.

Construction Companies

Construction companies are seen as a necessity and it is estimated to be a 12 billion dollar industry for private construction companies. See how they do digital marketing

Insurance Companies

Combined with a better understanding of consumer expectations these startups are taking industry efficiency to a whole new level

Investor Relations

Our investor relations PR services are useful for any company who needs to raise finance, manage ongoing relationships with stakeholders and potential investors.

The generic digital marketing activities are similar for many industries. However conversion by channel differs: for a medical practice, reviews and good news articles may be important. For the entertainment industry, social media shares and news visibility may work better. 

By reading through our SEO and Digital Marketing Guides for different industries, you may be able to identify a more unique solution for your business: one that can deliver a better return on investment for your marketing budget. 

Need to make some  procurement choices in digital marketing? Sitetrail has several buying guides to evaluate popular vendors and their value propositions. These guides may come in handy:

Compare Sitetrail VS PRWeb VS BusinessWire and PRNewswire with this guide.

Read our Ebook Marketing Guide for authors and self-publishers.

See the top 5 reasons press releases fail and how to improve your results with online PR.

Need better, faster hosting? Compare the top 10 web hosting providers with this guide.

Want to build a Wix website? See this Wix guide on using it’s web builder.

In the final stages of reviewing web hosting companies? You probably need to read “BlueHost VS Siteground” as well as “Godaddy VS Bluehost” to make a pick.

Compare three of the most popular hosting providers side-by-side: HostGator VS GoDaddy VS Bluehost web hosting compared.

We’re not suggesting a website builder, but if you use one, be sure to read an overview of the  “Best Website Builders” first.                            

For SEO media buying and audits, do make an informed choice about the best backlink checkers in the market.

Finally, unless you make use of the Google Keyword tool, a closer look at the best keyword planning tools can be a great help.

Do check back for regular updates!

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