B2B Affiliate Program

Join one of the worlds’ most profitable B2B affiliate programs. Help businesses grow while earning a solid income. Full training provided


 Please read “Who should join as a Sitetrail Affiliate” below before signing up

What we do

The digital advertising industry now exceeds $300Billion per year and is still growing fast. Sitetrail.com is a leader in digital marketing. We provide complete end to end management and delivery of specialist marketing services to businesses globally. Our affiliate program is one of the most attractive in the world with an average commission in excess of $200 per sale. Our services range from pay-per-click management, to video marketing, press releases, media buying and native advertising, all of which can be promoted by our affiliates for an excellent revenue share.

Who should join as a Sitetrail Affiliate?

We provide full training and support to new and existing affiliates. Your success is ours. Any of the following people can join:
  1. People with time: Even with no budget, if you have time – at least 4 hours per day, our training program will show you step-by-step what to do. The Sitetrail affiliate program is not about posting a banner on a unrelated website and earning money. We rely on proven B2B tactics that you will learn in our training manual.
  2. People with little or no time who have capital and digital assets: If you have no time, but able to invest in advertising, or perhaps have a large mailing list & established B2B audience – Sitetrail will work well for you. You can also hire your own dedicated employees to take care of affiliate marketing tasks on your behalf – and to help grow your business.
  3. Existing B2B publishers: Publishers with experience in B2B affiliate marketing will find Sitetrail a to be more profitable than most ventures they joined to date.

B2B affiliates typically make use of targeted outreach via Linkedin as well as email and web marketing and the Google Display Network. To join as an affiliate, you need to complete our training and make use of our proven methods to generate business. Typical earnings for part-time affiliates is around $4000/month and can exceed $15 000 for full-time affiliates. Established publishers, experience sales professionals, those with a budget to invest – as well as CMO’s and list owners can earn considerably more.

**Our affiliates work from anywhere – you can literally work and live anywhere in the world with Sitetrail!

How can I be a successful Sitetrail affiliate?

Successful affiliates leverage the training we provide. They understand that B2B affiliate programs rely on highly targeted communication to specific individuals. Their results do not come from untargeted mass marketing, but from specific steps and actions that engage with key decision-makers. B2B Relationship marketing relies on building and maintaining a network of contacts who then repeatedly buy based on your recommendation of suitable services.

Why become a Sitetrail affiliate?

As a leading service provider, Sitetrail has a reputation for excellence. By promoting our services, you are part of a forward-thinking digital brand. As a Sitetrail affiliate you will establish ongoing relationships with important business people in multiple sectors. With many recurring services in our portfolio, you can easily use Sitetrail to build a passive income business that will provide you with ongoing monthly payments. There is a lot more to it than earning good revenue: you’re also building a your own network of lifelong business contacts!

You’re in control of your business:

Our affiliate system is fully transparent and acts as a self-service portal. You can make instant decisions and execute new tactics in a way that is agile and responsive to market needs and trends.

Earn commission on each sale:

Our 60 day cookie tracking ensure that you earn from every sale that is made!

What support will I get as a Sitetrail Affiliate?

At Sitetrail.com we equip our affiliates to run their own business with successfully. Our e-commerce systems allow for easy tracking and transparency. We have excellent relationships with our affiliates, with top performers meeting us regularly in Europe and the US for hangouts. We offer 24/7 client & affiliate support.

Affiliate Program Details

We offer some of the highest commissions in the industry, with recurring revenue as well as single sale revenue. With us you can sell bundled packages, single products or subscription packages. Our super fast payment is scheduled every month via Paypal.

Example 1: A small consultant sells 10 PPC packages per month for which they earn $2500/month. If this pattern is repeated over 6 months, they will have sold 60 recurring revenue packages and will earn $15000/month by the 6th month. This is based on a sale value of $1000 and a $250 commission.

Example 2: A consultant sells 5 video packages and 10 press packages for the month. With an average commission of $200/sale they earn $3000 for the month.

Example 3: A busy linkedin operative and outreach specialist sells 5 video packages, 15 press packages and 5 recurring revenue packages in month1. As result they earn $6250 in month1. By month 7 they would earn $12000/month as a result of recurring revenue products.

Our approval process is typically complete within 24 hours, with no joining fees required