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Maximize revenue by upselling branded content to existing clients, achieving a 10X increase in earnings.

Add unique content form Sitetrail to your site and grow both revenue and traffic.

Publishing partner success metrics
Traffic Growth 95%
More unique categories added
New Content Categories 84%
Revenue Growth
Higher Revenue 100%

Did you know the average media buyer in SEO and PR require around 150 UNIQUE domains to post on per year? Stop trying to squeeze out maximum revenue from your ONE domain and offer your clients MORE DOMAINS.

How we work with publishers

10X Your Earnings

Sitetrail is a force multiplier to publishers. Pay us one small access fee per month and post unlimited client content on our news sites. Lift your income by offering your clients 5, 10, or even 40 posts in a package.

Post On Your Website + 50 of Our Websites

Strike A Deal And Get Our Unique Content On Your Website

Our business journalists consistently produce content that will outrank other news providers on Google Featured Snippets and competitive Google News content. Make a deal with us to get our content on board your website and get your content on ours.

Open New Categories + Boost Metrics

We help news owners with limited resources to open up new categories and vastly expand their global footprint, website metrics like domain authority and other key publisher benefits.

ZERO Duplication

We only publish unique content on your websites - and you do the same on our sites. Zero duplicated spam, zero fake distribution reports and no harmful SEO penalties due to duplicate wire syndrome.

Benefits of working with Sitetrail

Stop racing to the bottom by selling your native content articles on the open market to producers of low-quality content. Improve the quality of content, traffic and revenue by becoming a Sitetrail partner. Publishers can still run Adsense and other PPC inventory alongside our native editorial content or as an alternative. 

Highest Revenue

Our revenue model is proven to provide exclusive publishers the highest revenue in the industry. We extend the lifetime value of your customer.

Highest Quality Content

We only publish the highest quality unique content. This will ensure that you get better content and attract more Google traffic with ease. We follow your editorial guidance on native content.

Skyrocket your DA

We will increase your domain authority and traffic by producing premium content and linking to you weekly as a content authority

Up-sell partner content

Most advertisers want to place native content or guest posts with at least 10 websites each month or 150 per year. Your site is just a small part of the big picture. Earn more by upselling additional articles across out partner network in addition to your core revenue.

Ready to meet more journalists and bloggers, to increase user-generated content to your site and raise the quality of content you offer?

  • No code added to your website – just native guest posts and editorial pieces
  • The perfect native advertising solution to integrate with your existing website
  • YOU decide the content policies – WE execute it 
  • Tap into our vast network of sites to extend your reach while adding more valuable content to your own news site.
  • Domain authority of 60 and more
  • Monthly visitors of 10000 and more
  • At least 500 pages of existing content on your site

We understand your need to comply with Google News and FTC requirements. Within the context of that, we help you shape better editorial policies that are still compliant but delivers higher revenue. 

Adhering to those policies, we agree on bulk prepaid packages that can grow your income, traffic and market awareness substantially. 

We do all this without compromising the revenue you have from existing advertisers. 

Next Steps:

Tell us more about your websites and let us evaluate what type of deal we can offer to boost your revenue and traffic levels.

See our network of news websites where you can have unlimited access to sell as posts to all your clients, charge them more and offer more value. 


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