Sitetrail provides publishers with the perfect balance between HIGHER TRAFFIC and revenue from native content. 


Publishing partner success metrics
Traffic Growth 95%
More unique categories added
New Content Categories 84%
Revenue Growth
Higher Revenue 100%

We add valuable and unique content by connecting publishers with advertisers, journalists and influential bloggers. 

How we work with publishers

Exclusive partners

No need to hire expensive business development teams. Let our experts handle it. Partners hand over all their on-site guest posting and "sponsored" content operations to Sitetrail. Sit back an watch your revenue increase as we get you premium rates with a low markup.

Non-exclusive partners

Use Sitetrail as a way to top-up their revenue. We will compete and sell your guest post slots on the open market at the same low rates every other freelancer does. Or, we will seek to negotiate a BULK media buy to boost your traffic and revenue.

News Channel Partnerships

More Unique Content & Featured Snippets in Google

Our business journalists consistently produce content that will outrank other news providers on Google Featured Snippets and competitive Google News content. See both your traffic and revenue grow as we fill up your news site with unique content.

Open New Categories + Boost Metrics

We help news owners with limited resources to open up new categories and vastly expand their global footprint, website metrics like domain authority and other key publisher benefits.

Benefits of working exclusively with Sitetrail

Stop racing to the bottom by selling your native content articles on the open market to producers of low-quality content. Improve the quality of content, traffic and revenue by becoming an exclusive partner. The earnings you receive from an exclusive partnership with Sitetrail exceeds any other form of monetization and rapidly builds your site metrics.  You can run  Adsense and other PPC inventory alongside our native editorial content or as an alternative. 

Highest Revenue

Our revenue model is proven to provide exclusive publishers the highest revenue in the industry. We cut down on agency and marketplace bargaining and put publishers first.

Highest Quality Content

We only publish the highest quality content. This will ensure that you get better content and attract more Google traffic with ease

Up-sell partner content

Most advertisers want to guest post with at least 15 websites. Earn more by upselling additional articles across out partner network and earn commission.

Lower Overheads

No need to have an advertising department. We take care of everything. Lower costs, higher revenue!

Sell more posts

Our incentives model enable publishers to sell more posts to the same client AND to upsell partner network posts on other high DA news properties. The ultimate revenue driver!

Skyrocket your DA

We will increase your domain authority and traffic by producing premium content and linking to you weekly as a content authority

Ready to meet more journalists and bloggers, to increase user-generated content to your site and raise the quality of content you offer?

Try an exclusive partnership and let us show you how. 

  • No code added to your website – just native guest posts and editorial pieces
  • The perfect native advertising solution to integrate with your existing website
  • YOU decide the content policies – WE execute it 
  • Domain authority of 40 and more
  • Monthly visitors of 10000 and more

We understand your need to comply with Google News and FTC requirements. Within the context of that, we help you shape better editorial policies that are still compliant but delivers higher revenue. 

Adhering to those policies, we agree on bulk prepaid packages that can grow your income, traffic and market awareness substantially. 

We do all this without compromising the revenue you have from existing advertisers. 

Payment terms:
Our publishers get paid quickly, via Paypal. We require prepayment from most customers and can pay you once per week for all posts that have gone live during that week. We’ve no interest in delaying payments, nor in chasing clients to pay us. There are off course certain bluechip agencies we work with – and marketplaces, who pay us 2 weeks after delivery. In these cases, we cover you with the cashflow from our business so you don’t have to wait. 
Keep in mind that  generally, our affiliates take a 20% commission – and bluechip agencies have a markup of up to 100%. 
More volume from exclusivity – how it works:
We work with a few hundred agencies who are either affiliates or buyers. When you go exclusive with us, we disclose your site name to them and they propose it to their clients. Obviously without exclusivity we don’t share site names with them – and volume is much lower. 
Refund terms:
We pay you quickly, from our cash flow even if we wait for payment at our end. However, if a client does not pay and a post went live, you agree to credit/refund us for the payment – and we’ll delete the post.
You decide the price. In our experience, having a low price when your site is below DA60 helps to increase the content volume – but not too low. Having a high price works on niche markets, but limits content growth. (Our strategy is to make it reasonably affordable for businesses to fund your growth by letting us write properly researched, long articles that pull in more organic and news traffic)
Examples of sites in the DA 50/60 range:
News site 1: DA55 (Sells for $45 – agencies sell for $150 including content writing)
News site 2:  DA60 (Sells for $55 – agencies sell for $150 to $200 including content writing)
Biz News site 3:  (DA60) (Sells for $100 – agencies sell for 250 including content writing) 
Elasticity and volume based on pricing in mass agency markets:
General, broad category news sites have the following typical sales in a month:
 (a) 90 X articles @ $45 ($4050)
 (b) 200 X articles @ $25 ($5000) 
With high-end pricing they tend to sell:
 (c) 12 X articles @ $100 ($1200)
(d) 8 X articles @ $200 ($1600) 
The moment your site passes the DA70 / 1M traffic range –  these rates can double or triple. 
Our commission model – EXCLUSIVE:
Based on whatever price you charge us, we add the following charges:
+20% for our affiliates (or agency kickbacks if they require that from us)
+10% for Sitetrail
+5% for three-way Paypal fees (covering our affiliate payouts, clients and payment to you)
add $50 writing & editing fee (750-1000 Word article)
We’ll support whatever pricing you choose. Although you decide your “sweetspot” pricing but remember: – c & d are more dignifying prices, but a & b leads to mass adoption by agencies – and snowballing of your on-site content and subsequent traffic. 
Our commitment to exclusive partners:
  1. 100% Compliance with your written publisher policy.
  2. We will always pay you for any content placed – and do so quickly.
  3. If we set up an author profile, they will never be able to publish content themselves.
  4. We will boost your EAT rating – and give you free authority links to grow your DA
  5. Provide you maximum market exposure with the worlds’ biggest content agencies and all our clients
What we require from you for an exclusive deal:
1. Editorial policies so that our content can comply 100% with your wishes. Tell us when is a DO-Follow link OK, when is a NO-Follow mandatory; Tell us what type of content we accept or what to decline. Our own editors will study this and be up to speed, so that you do not need to do any editing;
2. Admin-level access to WordPress: To boost your EAT rating, we will create new, legitimate sub-author profiles and will be transparent with you about it. 
We will also publish the new client posts automatically and keep you updated. (You can audit us daily to be 100% sure about our transparency)
3. A link from your “contact” and “advertising” page to our vendor landing page where clients pay and order the content – we will make these changes and submit it for your approval.
4. Agreement that you will not sell guest posts to anyone, including SEO agencies, advertisers who whoever. ALL these inquiries for native/editorial paid content directed to Sitetrail, who will ensure the content complies with your policies – and will oversee the entire process. You will limit your paid ads to Pay per Click and Display networks. Existing agencies you deal with, will also be referred to Sitetrail and informed that they will now prepay for any orders. 
Non-exclusive pricing & terms differ in the following way:
  • You decide on a flat rate you charge any resellers, tell us that price and we’ll keep you on file. 
  • We add a much bigger markup. We will sell your posts in “unnamed” packages where we don’t need to disclose your domain name upfront. This is to protect us against advertisers who might contact you directly to cut us out the loop. 
  • We send you a word document with guest posts – you need to upload the content and send us the live links prior to payment.
  • We will provide you with a significantly lower volume of orders compared to what we provide our exclusive partners with for the reasons explained. 

Sitetrail is the perfect guest blogging intermediary. Site owners and publishers can buy and sell guest posts, meet new journalists and grow their revenue streams substantially.


Apply now to get started – we will review your site within 24 hours: