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HARO PR Brand Mentions And Link Building

Leverage the power of HARO-style link building, PR and SEO to maximize your brand visibility and credibility. Obtain positive brand mentions and high DA backlinks from other businesses 

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Authoritative, Proven PR and SEO Strategies

Doing what is easy and what everybody else does won’t get you a competitive advantage in SEO. Let’s explain: customers and search engines determine your brands’ authority based on three voices:

A) What other businesses say about you;

B) The voice of past customers;

C) Those self-promotional stories brands tell about themselves in the media.

As much as 88% of SMEs miss out on A & B – because they concentrate mainly on the “easy C”. 

Obtaining better results at a time when AI-generative search has changed the face of Google and Bing, requires a fresh perspective. We blend online PR with SEO strategies, leveraging HARO-style link building to enhance your brand’s reputation and online visibility.

This strategy involves eliciting positive conversations about your brand from other businesses and accruing backlinks to your website – a potent endorsement that uplifts your brand’s credibility and amplifies your domain authority.

HARO link building, known as “Helping out a reporter” was introduced by a well-known PR platform that quickly realized the shortcomings of press releases, in the sense that it only conveyed what a business thinks of itself. Sitetrail further refined this method so that we can fast-track the link building process. 

The main difference between conventional HARO link building and the accelerated version managed by Sitetrail, is that we cover a mix of brand mentions and executive quotes, instead of just executive quotes. This is simply because executive quotes alone, again brings us back to the point where it is “what a business says about themselves”, whereas brand mentions from third party companies and news sites, is a much stronger endorsement.

Why Earn HARO Links?

Picture this: your business excelling in customer service, with writers at Zoho CRM applauding you on their website, or imagine being a web development agency recognized by Godaddy. These brand mentions, even when coming from writers on these platforms rather than the management, form strong perceived endorsements due to the principle of inferred association in psychology. That is not all, the link equity you gain each time a brand mention links to your business, is hard for any competitor to replicate, which provides a longer lasting result. 

Attract links and earn brand mentions

Choose Your Haro Link & PR Plan


6 X DR50 to DR70 links


Monthly until cancelled

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10 X DR60 to DR80 links


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20 X DR60 to DR80 links


Monthly until cancelled

Included each month:

The Best HARO Outreach Solution

Unlike traditional HARO (“Help A Reporter Out”) link building strategies, Sitetrail’s refined method fast-tracks the process and provides a more robust approach. We don’t limit ourselves to securing executive quotes, but rather, we aim for a mix of brand mentions and executive quotes. Executive quotes alone often reflect “what a business says about themselves,” while brand mentions from third-party companies and news platforms significantly bolster the credibility and perceived value of your brand.


How AI will change SEO / Search on Bing and Google and how to respond:

Data Driven + Results Based

All major niches covered: /technology /business / finance /travel /dating education /entertainment / health

How It Works

The concept of “Help a Reporter Out” (HARO) is a strategic approach that provides a substantial boost to SEO performance by attracting high-authority links.

This concept relies on the mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and content creators such as journalists, reporters, and bloggers. These writers are perpetually on the hunt for expert perspectives and compelling stories on a multitude of topics.

By stepping in and supplying them with insightful quotes or knowledge, businesses create a favorable impression and establish themselves as reliable sources. In return, these content creators reciprocate by linking back to the businesses’ websites, hence, improving their online visibility and SEO ranking.

Every month a dedicated outreach professional from Sitetrail will liaise with other businesses and news sites to obtain brand mentions for your business. The scale and pace is entirely determined by your budget. We help journalists with insightful quotes, provide quotes and assets for content refreshes on corporate websites and leverage a string of other tools and relationships to get you the best results. 

Start In 3 Easy Steps


Choose Monthly Plan

Decide how much you want to scale your link building strategy and choose a matching HARO PR and link building package from Sitetrail. 


Share Landing pages

Simply provide us with a list of your landing pages that require links. We will do all the rest for you: From A to Z, sit back and let us work for you.


Monitor Reports

Check your daily report alerts to keep track of the progress we made. Use any SEO toolcheck how your backlink and PR profile grows each month. 

100% White hat PR and SEO solution

“Help a Reporter Out” (HARO) link outreach is recognized as a white-hat SEO method, meaning it follows the ethical guidelines of search engine optimization. This approach revolves around building genuine relationships with journalists, reporters, and bloggers who are actively seeking expert input for their content. By offering them relevant and valuable insights, you can gain high-quality backlinks from reputable sources. These backlinks not only boost your SEO performance by increasing your website’s domain authority, but they also enhance your brand’s online reputation.

Excellent PR augmentation

In addition to its SEO benefits, HARO link outreach also serves as an excellent public relations strategy. As you provide insightful and authoritative quotes or information, you position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Each mention or backlink from a high-authority publication elevates your brand visibility, credibility, and trustworthiness. Therefore, HARO link outreach not only optimizes your website for search engines, but it also fosters a positive brand image and reputation, making it a dual powerhouse in the realms of SEO and PR.

Our Team Start Work in 24 Hours

The moment we receive your brief, our team will start hunting for the best PR and link opportunities and deliver swift results. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our team guidance is transparent. Here we share it with the public at large: 

Mastering HARO Link Building: A Guided Approach

Successful navigation of the HARO link-building landscape hinges upon several crucial elements, which, when adhered to, can significantly enhance your efficacy on the platform.

Swift Responses: The importance of this aspect cannot be overstated. A prompt response to a HARO query ensures that your pitch lands at the top of the journalist’s inbox, increasing the likelihood of your insight being utilized. A delay of even 24 hours can result in your pitch being buried under 50+ responses, thereby rendering the opportunity lost.

Targeted Queries and Topics: The daily HARO emails can serve as your guidepost for identifying relevant requests and topics. As a digital marketing agency, for instance, you are well-equipped to answer a vast array of questions on marketing, business, entrepreneurship, advertising, and management.

Brevity is Key: Strive for conciseness in your response, limiting it to 200 words or fewer. Avoid inundating the writer with links to all your social profiles and contributions; they are primarily interested in acquiring valuable insights.

Insightful and Actionable Tips: Avoid the pitfall of composing generic, lackluster content. Journalists are on the lookout for notable, expertly crafted points that they can quote. Begin with an actionable piece of advice, followed by an elaboration of your point. Discuss tools and strategies that you employ in your field.

On News Articles: The goal isn’t to produce an expanded blog post, but rather to construct a compelling argument in under 180 words, convincing the reader of your expertise and providing an insightful perspective their audience will appreciate.

On content refreshes: We provide updated insights to deliver value. As much effort as we make to get our own content refreshed and ranked, that is what we do for publishers we work with. 

Succinctly Communicate Your Expertise: In addition to the above points, it’s essential to succinctly convey your expertise and qualifications relevant to the topic at hand. This further bolsters your credibility and increases the chances of your insights being used.

We’re thrilled to partner with any business seeking to boost its website’s DA to superhero levels! Our HARO magic particularly shines with professional services, SaaS, and eCommerce sites. However, HARO emails aren’t picky – they love to mingle with tech, travel, business, finance, lifestyle sectors, and beyond. And guess what? We also happily play matchmaker for SEO agencies, connecting them with irresistible backlinks for their clients’ websites.

Picture this: a river of HARO requests flowing, most of which are as irrelevant as socks on a rooster to your business. The golden opportunities in this rush are highly sought-after, and you need to respond faster than a cat on a hot tin roof, optimizing your replies for journalist usage. Hiring us is like having a magic time-turner and a literary genie combined. Our clients not only reel in more links but save precious time not monitoring emails and perfecting responses. More success, faster results – a deal sweeter than grandma’s apple pie!

Yes. Our charges is transparent and only for results. If we pitch and find no results, there will be no charge. “Pay for results only” is our policy – and links is the result. 

We will help you gain a wide variety of natural looking links from high quality sources. We will never target a site without traffic that has a “link farm” profile. Our ideal targets are both businesses and specific publications to provide a unique footprint for our clients. 

The majority of our links, 90%, are DOFollow – however, it IS healthy to have at least 30% NOFollow links in your profile and you should be prepared for that. It is very old school to only “earn” DF links. 

Absolutely! HARO’s a superstar at attracting links from high DA publications, but other link-building methods still have a role to play. Think of them as your backup dancers. We also offer guest posting services and an all-in-one link building solution.

When it comes to how media publications incorporate your quote, we don’t hold the reins entirely. They usually choose to link to your name, company name, or URL. Occasionally, they may opt for a keyword anchor, but that’s more the exception than the rule.

Now, it’s essential to understand why micromanaging anchor text isn’t advisable. Here’s the deal: over-controlling your anchor text is a fast track to inviting a Google penalty. Remember, Google likes things to look natural, not overly optimized or manipulated. So, as clients, you provide us with the URL, and we handle the rest to ensure it appears organic — just as Google prefers it.

Yes. Our service can be spread across a number of sites or landing pages as you wish. You can also resell this: due to our exceptionally low pricing, agencies often resell our service. 

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D. Pollock
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