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Create spectacular, top-tier websites.  No coding skills needed. Powerful drag and drop WordPress Website Builder. Easy to use.

Best Website Builder

Build the website you dream of!

Kickstart your website from scratch, powered by your vision. Or if you want the easy way: seamlessly integrate any of our pre-designed Pages, Blocks, Pop-ups or Story layouts. Easy to use, yet powerful and feature rich.

  • Impeccable Drag & Drop feature.
  • Set Global Colors & Fonts with ease.
  • Remarkably Responsive Design.
  • Aesthetic Visual editing (zero code required).
  • Boasting 40+ Dynamic Elements.
  • Streamlined, efficient code & top-notch optimization.
  • Choose from 150+ professional design templates, UX & mobile optimized

Themes for all Industries

Professional Website Templates

Award winning designers and UX experts created beautiful ready-made themes for you. Simply choose and tweak text and images to suit your needs. 

Packed With Features

Save up to $2000/year

Save thousands on all those hidden extras you’d need to obtain from other website builders in order to support your business:

  • Powerful contact form builder integrating with 50+ marketing tools.
  • UX optimized landing page builder for better conversions.
  • Popup builder + 1-click installation on essential features.
  • Speed plugins for excellent core web vitals and Google page speed.
  • WP Toolkit & CPanel for complete management and backups.
  • Super fast hosting with complete site security and WAF protection.

Sell Products & Services

Shopping cart solution: Woocommerce and Worpress Website Builder

Integrate All Your Favorite Apps

The Sitetrail website builder integrates with the most popular business apps used by enterprise-level organizations and small businesses to build, manage and grow. All critical communication automation can be integrated with simplicity. 

Website Builder & Hosting Plans

All plans include Litespeed Web Server + Cpanel + WHM + Imunify360 + Image Optimization For Rapid Page Speed 
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Award-winning website builder, super fast WordPress hosting, complete tools. 


Simple monthly billing



All starter features + extra fast CPU boost to sell online with Woocommerce. 


Simple monthly billing

Need professional help…?

Use Our Design Experts

With the Sitetrail Website Builder, crafting your own website is effortlessly intuitive and powerful. Its user-friendly tools allow you to design and customize to your heart’s content. However, if you ever feel the need to expedite the creation process or seek a professional touch, know that affordable expert designers are available. Our skilled designers not only offer invaluable advice but can also undertake design tasks for you at low rates, ensuring your website looks and functions at its very best. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer expert guidance, we’ve got your back. 

Hosting Features - An Overview

Discover what makes this the best wordpress, woocommerce and CMS hosting

Fastest web hosting with litespeed server, cpanel, whm, woocommerce and a website builder.

Ecommerce sites, particularly those utilizing Woocommerce, must operate flawlessly every day of the week. No one wishes to contact hosting support during the weekend only to be told, “apologies, we’re not available now.” To guarantee maximum uptime, Sitetrail provides hosting support 24/7, all year round.

Plugins are crucial, but they can come with a hefty price tag for two main reasons: the initial purchase price and, often even costlier, the time spent setting them up.

That’s why we preload a curated list of top-tier plugins for our clients and assist in their setup. This service is believed to save our clients a minimum of $2000 annually.

Additionally, our auto-update system guarantees that clients don’t have to consistently check and update their plugins, offering further convenience.

We offer our clients an enhanced level of website security, integrating both Immunify360 and WAF protection for added peace of mind.

While many web hosting services lure customers with low-cost but vulnerable hosting options, only to charge them exorbitantly later for cybersecurity and malware repairs, Sitetrail operates differently. We’ve committed to investing in top-tier Malware Protection, including Immunify360 and WAF protection, ensuring our clients benefit from the best security infrastructure available.

The market offers an array of plugins and tools. Currently, we’re utilizing the LiteSpeed web server along with the LS Cache plugin, which is complimentary for all our users. Staying updated with top-tier solutions is paramount to us. If and when a superior or more reliable alternative emerges, we’ll seamlessly transition it into our clients’ hosting accounts, ensuring optimal performance. Our solution is faster than WP-Rocket and Elementor, based on a number of speed tests. 

Sitetrail Website Builder: A Superior WordPress Solution

The Sitetrail Website Builder stands out prominently. Based on the universally admired WordPress platform, it champions user-friendliness with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. But its ease doesn’t come at the expense of quality; it boasts best-in-class features that set it apart.

A significant advantage of the Sitetrail Website Builder is its speed. Websites constructed with it load at a remarkably faster pace compared to those built with competitors like Elementor. While Elementor is often criticized for its bloat and sluggishness, Sitetrail’s builder is lean, efficient, and optimized for core web vitals. The result? A website building experience that’s not just easy and feature-rich, but also performance-driven. Choose Sitetrail, and experience the pinnacle of website creation.

Our WordPress Toolkit enable clients who had a problem or mistake with their website to log into our hosting anytime and restore their website with one simple click. This will restore the site to a previous date, prior to when the problem occurred. These backup points are incremental which means that a recent copy of your site can always be accessed.

The best part about this, is unlike some of the very costly backup packages sold as hidden extras by Godaddy and some hosting providers – you get all of this included as standard. 

We’ll help clients set up a contact form for their website, and give them a guide on setting up as many forms as they may need in case more forms are required.

Then, we integrate the forms into a highly popular and reliable email list builder such as SendinBlue or Mailchimp, fully configured via a WordPress plugin.

Once this is in place – any client who contacts your business via the email form will automatically be added to your email list, and can then be eligible to receive newsletters.

Yes absolutely, to the point that our fair usage policy is adhered to and clients remain within the traffic / memory limits of each hosting plan. Remember that with cloud hosting, it is possible to bolt on additional resources and to scale up if your business outgrows it’s original hosting – and this can be done in quite an elastic way.

For our premium packages around $199/month, we operate one of the worlds’ leading affiliate management plugins that can help our clients break free from extortionate intermediary platforms. This means you no longer need Shareasale or CJ Affiliate to manage and recruit affiliates. It even allows for sub-affiliates to be onboarded and managed. 

This affiliate management system integrates with Woocommerce and WordPress – and is a plugin. 

It is included in our packages that mention the “Affiliate Management System” feature alongside WooCommerce. 

Sitetrail hosting supports SEO performance in three crucial ways:

  1. We include the RankMath PRO plugin which let’s you manage every single aspect of on-site SEO including the famous schema markup tools and SEO monitoring with analytics and search console integration.
  2. Core Web Vitals is a crucial factor – for which we cater with our compulsive speed optimization that is second to none.
  3. Our CDN setup ensures that clients are served content around the globe through the fastest server points that exist.

A quick look at our case studies will show our excellent track record in SEO performance for clients. Beyond the hosting element, we also have a strong SEO division for link building and off-site SEO. These are additional services that can be discussed with our management.

Finally – let’s discuss the essence of cloud hosting and why we believe our client assets are best served through our specific cloud infrastructure choices.

What most people believe sits in the cloud, actually lives in data centers underwater and travels with high speed undersea cables between continents. This entire infrastructure is what enable lightening fast hosting and CDN for global businesses. 

Smaller infrastructure providers can no longer compete with that of Google, Amazon and Microsoft. However, these technology giants have complex systems that the average SME cannot operate with ease. This is why value added resellers are required, who can assist the end user with affordable expertise to make sense of highly complex technology. 

Our philosophy is not to bottleneck the wind – but to assist clients in smooth onboarding and operations within the top performing cloud ecosystems of the world. 

Currently, our favorite is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), however we never rule out the use of Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, given that these are the only other providers comparable to GCP. 

For our premium hosting clients who invest in packages starting at $199/month, we provide an exceptional value-added service. Our seasoned team offers a holistic Google Pay Per Click (PPC) search ad management. While you retain control and ownership of your Google Ads account, paying Google directly for the ads, we manage the intricate details. We meticulously set up, monitor, and fine-tune your ads according to your specified budget, drawing upon our profound expertise in Google Ads to ensure optimal visibility and conversion. Our primary aim is to optimize every penny of your advertising budget for the most significant ROI, transforming your Google Ads account into a potent tool for sustained business expansion.

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