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About Reputation Management PRO from Sitetrail:

We deliver the very best results in online reputation management. Our unique capabilities include unrivaled press connections, world-class digital research and real-time monitoring. This produces magic results for businesses and individuals around the world. Examples of our wide-ranging clientele include high-profile doctors, large e-commerce retailers, accountants, diplomatic think-tanks, construction companies, government agencies, hotels and restaurant chains.


Facts about online reputation management:

95% of Prospects who encounter negative results within  5 seconds of a search, will not look further

Over 70% of Americans will look at product reviews before making any purchase

Conversion rates increase by more than 60% where positive reviews are present

Online reputation and social proof has the biggest impact on customer decision-making

Having negative press stick to Google search results is harmful to your  conversion rates and revenue


Fixing and maintaining this aspect is crucial to succeed in today’s digital world

Spending money on advertising while ignoring bad reviews is a major waste of ad dollars


How we achieve outstanding results:

By removing or replacing inaccurate and harmful information with accurate and positive content, we turn the tide in your favor. We leverage a data-driven approach, years of successful media relations and industry-leading search specialists. We also administer take-down requests and legal notifications where appropriate. Each case is unique: our cross-sector experience allow us to produce only the best results for our clients. Without elaborating on our entire game plan, we can confidently state that our customers get results!


The cost of a negative review to your business

The cost of a negative review to your business

Every customer you lose is making your competitors stronger and building their client base. Independent research and sales data confirms that one single negative review can cause online sales to plummet by 23% overnight. The finance teams of these prominent businesses confirmed their daily losses following sporadic bad reviews to have a measured financial impact:

A luxury hotel group -$45 000/day

A cosmetic dentist or surgeon $1000/day

A busy medical clinic $30 000/day

A restaurant in NYC $2000/day

An architect office  -$2500/day

Have you calculated how much is bad press and negative reviews costing your business?

Specific ways in which we repair and maintain your reputation

Specific ways in which we repair and maintain your reputation

Digital PR is a vast area for which we have advanced tactics that are applied according to the needs of our customer. The following are specific tools in our arsenal:

  • Manage reviews and enable authentic positive reviews to replace or suppress negative reviews
  • Leverage the press to counter any bad publicity
  • Where negative news cannot be removed, we replace it with accurate, positive news across equally powerful channels
  • Legal take-down notifications and reports to remove bad content from the web
  • Liaising with dissatisfied customers or journalists to reconsider their opinion
  • Launching content & SEO efforts to create strong social proof in your favor
  • Social participation and cross-channel initiatives to improve omni-channel retail
  • Linkedin endorsements and other personal services
  • MUCH more than we’re prepared to discuss in public

Confidentiality and legality

Confidentiality and legality

Our services are 100% confidential. We will not disclose who we work with.

In most cases, media publications are done by authentic authors and journalists as result of a legitimate news outreach, as such, no “sponsored” tags appear alongside our reputation management efforts.

We do not engage in any unlawful activities.

Countries in which we operate

Countries in which we operate

We represent customers across the US, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our journalist network is truely global.

Our typical fees

Our typical fees

Our fees are highly competitive and ensure the highest level of attention and value for your business.

  • Managing online reviews across platforms
    $1,500 per month and upwards depending on geographic locations.
  • Reputation Management (Digital press, GoogleNews and Google search results)
    $3,000 – $5,000 per month for six months or longer.
  • Aggressive Reputation Programs for large companies operating at scale
    $5,000 – $7,500 per month for six to twelve months or longer.
  • Complex or International Reputation Management, diplomatic channels etc:
    This is similar to an aggressive reputation management campaign. There are other costs associated such as translation and localization in other markets around the world which can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.



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