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Viral News Campaign for Social Media Boosts

Our Viral News Campaign will appear in Google News feeds via a legitimate news site that is GNews approved. It is written by a professional journalist, after which it is cross-promoted and shared via social channels to help grow your audience on either Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube or Facebook.


Increase follower levels through authentic viral news campaigns

Highly effective viral marketing campaigns to grow your follower levels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok. The best preparation phase for anyone seeking to prepare their account for social media verification. 

How It Works - Campaign Process:

Have you ever wondered how and where social media influencers start their popularity? How do they get popular? What marketing and PR tactics do they deploy? As an agency who backed hundreds of influencers, ranging from Instagram Celebrities, OnlyFans stars, Musicians, Actors and many other online influencers – we know and deploy many of the insider methods to help you become a famous influencer. If you have something special to offer and need to start out from scratch, our influencer building campaigns might be a great match for you. Below are the steps we follow during this campaign:

1. Channel selection and media briefing:

After ordering our service, you specify one social media channel where you would like to grow your audience. This can be either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or TikTok. Our media team will then study your case and prepare an article for a popular news site.

2. Conceptualizing content, approval and publication

Our journalists will craft an article with viral potential for your approval. Once you approve it, we will publish it with a Google News approved website. Google News has 360M monthly views - and articles that go viral, can be used to grow social media popularity. We will publish the article and send you the links: both on Google News and an independent news site.

3. Social Media Promotion

The news article is promoted via strong social media groups which will bring you new followers to your social media account. The majority of these followers stay if they like your account and profile, or a small percentage may unfollow you again if they don't find it interesting. Typical follower increases run between 800 and 2000 per viral campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We use authentic viral news writing & distribution that targets highly popular data trends. Mostly we select a topic that is related to your industry, unless you are in an unfamiliar niche, in which case an appropriate digital marketing ploy will be discussed. 

No. Please note that the notability requirements for platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Youtube are not satisfied by one single article like this. You typically require 7 to 12 good news articles. 

The purpose of this article is simply viral marketing to BUILD YOUR FOLLOWER LEVELS. 

Once you have sufficient followers, you can then engage our services to build notability for the purposes of verification.

We do not believe in “buying” social media followers as it is quite scammy and spammy. The only way we secure followers is through good digital marketing and editorial methods that can drive a viral news story. 

Yes we do. Some of our clients have large budgets to ensure their aspirations are met. This is just an entry-level campaign: we are sure that after trying it, you’d want more of it!

For each campaign, we guarantee a minimum of 800 followers. 


However there is no upper limit: Often when a news story becomes really popular, follower levels can jump by several thousand. 

It is realistic to expect between 800 and 2000 followers each time this campaign is repeated. 

Yes. We work with several news platforms. If you wish to keep growing your follower levels through authentic news tactics, we will help you to keep drafting new ideas. Some of our clients repeat this as much as 12 times per quarter. 

In the strict sense, a “viral” campaign can mean many different things. It is not realistic to guarantee a viral campaign outright: for example you may run a plumbing business or some services company for which we do not have a viral idea. 

At the same time, you may be in entertainment, or other industries, where we have the perfect viral marketing ploy. 

In short: our data and experience suggests that we can easily guarantee at least 800 followers per single campaign, but we cannot guarantee virality levels that will reach millions of followers in one single story. 

Since we support 20+ industries, we do not have a fixed audience. We simply reach out and trade influence as a currency with  other popular influencers on a case-by-case basis to promote news stories that leads to an increase in follower numbers. 

Order Your First Viral Media Social Boost Campaign:

Grow your social media followers with our service. Repeat it as many times as you like and let our journalist team use their contacts to get your social media accounts noticed and followed.