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TikTok Verification PR Service

TikTok generally requires 8+ Full Feature news articles to recognize an influencer and verify them.  Upon completion of our PR, you can apply directly to TikTok for verification. Our fast and discreet PR service will help you appear in several news articles which will appear in the official Google News feed, boosting your chance for TikTok verification.


Please read all our FAQ’s before ordering.

Celebrating 250+ TIKTOK verified clients

Sitetrail helps influencers, celebrities and clients who meet other platform requirements to quickly gain notability in the press - which is a key criteria in social media verification

**Users with less than 5000 followers should consider this service to grow their follower base first. 

Do you have a popular TikTok account with more than 5000 followers and would like to get TikTok Verification?

Our PR support service will help you get notable:

To obtain TikTok verification, it is generally sufficient to have more than 8 news articles where your name is featured in the title. This can be industry magazines, news sites and so forth, who are typically indexed on Google News. We will conceptualize and co-ordinate all the necessary news topics, interview questions and write articles for your approval – which will be published by authentic news sites.

"Now that TikTok surpassed Facebook as the number one social media platform also in the Western world, our U.S. and European clients recognize the need to make use of this Chinese-state owned platform. The logical next-step for any brand or influencer, is to pursue TikTok verification. The process is different to other platforms yet we're starting to see encouraging results.
Adriaan Brits

We Support You in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Preparation

You will fill in a brief with a few details. Our copywriting team will then collaborate with journalists and yourself to craft perfectly acceptable articles that can go live in the news. We will identify the best and most relevant industry news sites for your content so that there a lasting benefit from every cent you spend on PR.

2. Final check

You will proofread all of the content our journalist team prepared. Images and videos you provide us with will be included for publication consideration when we deal with editors. In a very short timeframe, you will have live links in the media and will be able to track your news on and other official outlets.

3. Apply for Verification

TikTok recently changed their approach and no longer uses an algorithm to automatically verify notable figures. Their latest method involves an application via their website. In this application, you share ID or business documentation as requested. You will also specify the news / publications where you appear.

Social Media Verification Pocast - Meet our Team

Gain an in-depth understanding of  Social Media Verification by listening to our latest podcast with the Sitetrail team.

What is TIKTOK verification?

Social Media Verification (Whether it is for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, SnapChat, Twitter etc. ) is just a way social media platforms recognize important influencers, businesses, institutions, entertainers etc. as being legitimate and authentic. It helps the public to trust content more and not to be vulnerable to share, believe or take seriously content from fake profiles. It is not a “truth” service in the sense that it verifies the information someone shares. It does not endorse any information at all – but rather the authenticity of a certain profile that shares information. 

In their own words: “A verified badge means that TikTok has confirmed the account belongs to the user it represents. It appears next to a TikTok user’s account name in search results and on the profile as a visible blue check mark.” (TikTok official website)

Benefits of Verification


Avoid being victim to other accounts and profiles on TikTok who impersonate public figures, give false information or data about a certain topic. Prevent them from creating buzz around an event that will never take place. The verification of accounts also helps to ensure that if there are any impersonated or parody accounts, that they will easily be disregarded by those who are interested. Getting Verified is the ultimate social proof of authenticity.


Trust is probably the biggest benefit, as your followers will have more trust in the content you publish, whether it’s related to personal achievements or their voicing their brand and opinion into the public domain. Users on the platform will likely have more trust in the person of brand when they notice the account has the famous blue tick next to its name.

Influencer traffic

What drives better traffic than a social share that went viral, which is seen by all followers of a popular account? Verified accounts see more traffic, especially with Chinese owned platforms that are way less stingy with sharing arrangements than the classic Facebook and Twitter appraoch.

Content Rank

Your content will be shared with millions more people if it is shared from a verified account. When on-site or in-app searches occur, it is usual for verified accounts to be prioritized in the results. Content rank is thus a major benefit of verification on any platform. Singers will sell more spotify tunes, film producers will increase sales and even clothing brands will sell more. It is that simple.

Brand Awareness

No doubt authenticity, brand awareness and a range of marketing benefits are associated with verified accounts. It is a stamp of officialness and carries weight in the online world, which is after all, a reflection of your realtime acumulated metrics and fame.

TIKTOK verification: Frequently asked questions

Our customer data suggests that anywhere between 8 and 12 news articles are sufficient for TikTok accounts where the account holders qualify for verification.

We therefore sell a basic PR package at $1800 that provides our clients with 8 unique articles on different news sites. 

Naturally, since PR and visibility also drives revenue for most businesses and influencers, you can exceed this and talk to us about more powerful news sites and more posts for larger budgets too. 

Tik Tok is an app in which influencers can create quick, short videos and reach millions of people in seconds. Throughout the years, Tik Tok has sky rocketed and has become a way to gain money for lots of influencers and content creators. 
Why get verified on Tik Tok? Because there are over 2 billion downloads of the app, and 800+ million active users worldwide. If you use these facts to your advantage, you could gain a great amount of income through a Tik Tok verification. 
It’s easier to create videos that go viral on Tik Tok than on Instagram, and Tik Tok holds a bigger demographic. This app is used in 150+ different countries, and when a video goes viral on the platform in can be seen all over the world.
It is useful to note that as an influencer or content creator, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Video Marketing is the smartest current lead. Statistics have proven that 86% of people would like to see more videos from brands.
Sitetrail can help you get a Tik Tok verification, in just a few steps. 
In order to get verified you need a certain amount of exposure in the Press. Google news articles about you or your business, will help you get the recognition you need in order for Tik Tok to verify you. How many followers you currently have does not matter, as accounts with a small number of followers but a great amount of google news articles have been verified because of their strong online presence. Are you an influencer, a public figure, a musician or a business person? Use this App to your advantage.
These are general benefits of TikTok verification: 
Trustworthiness: A verification badge makes your profile way more trustworthy, allowing you to connect with high profile accounts.
Authority: Once verified, your account becomes officially validated as a trusted professional, empowering your businesses brand image and authority.
Authenticity: Getting verified on TikTok comes with integrity, improving the way users view your account.
Exposure: Tik Tok’s algorithms make it so that verified accounts have the potential to reach anyone and everyone on the platform. Your videos will get way more likes, which leads to a boost in followers.

Firstly you should know that users cannot “apply” for TikTok verification. The platform uses algorithms to detect your popularity and will automatically invite you to be verified – or “award it’s verification to you”. 


Officially, TikTok states that all the factors they will consider when making the decision, includes authenticity, uniqueness, user active, compliance with community guidelines.

Accounts can either be verified as “celebrities” or famous people, famous TikTok creators, or businesses / enterprises. 


We work with several influencers who started by buying TikTok followers. Various services exist: some have genuine followers and others have bots. It is hard for an outsider to tell the difference. 

It will help you with verification if these followers are real and share or like your content, but fake bot followers who cannot engage with content – will do nothing to affect your verification. 

Conclusion: You can buy TikTok followers, but it will only help if they are real users.




TikTok is said to have announced a $200M fund a year ago. More recently it promised that fund will grow to $1Billion in 3 years. This is to pay content creators. This TikTok Earnings Calculator might provide a good indication.

There is no transparent guidelines on how they will be sharing this revenue and content creators are advised to liaise with the company directly especially concerning content of value. 

Over the years, we have worked with many influencers to improve their social presence. For example our lightroom presets were used by thousands of influencers to improve their brands, we helped with notability to increase chances of verification etc. The one thing we have seen, is that the market is rather dynamic. As for TikTok: watch this space as they seek to do a better job than Facebook in taking over the world. 

In recent months, TikTok started to require formal documents about the account holder. This is between you and TikTok – and it is their right to verify the legal identity of companies or individuals in order to help prevent fake profiles. 

You may buy this service and still lack account activity or other areas and not receive an invitation. 

Remember the following:

  1. The same PR also helps you get verified on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram
  2. You can always arrange MORE PR with us or another agency.
  3. You can always increase your TikTok activity and other metrics in order to receive verification at a later stage. 

This service is for people with more than 5000 followers. 

Ways to gain more followers:

  1. We run a viral campaign that can boost your follower count.
  2. Run your own promotions to build follower levels
  3. Use any other PR agency to grow your support base first. 

You should only order this verification support service once your follower count exceeds 5000. 

We are not cheating the system. You need to have a genuine and active TikTok account. If the only missing ingredient in your opinion is PR – and you have less than 8 Google News indexed articles, you are our ideal client. 

If you are unknown on TikTok with low follower levels – this service will not help.

When it comes to verification: The exact same PR used for Instagram works for TikTok.

It is however imperative to note that their processes differ: users can apply to Instagram for verification, but TikTok will find users themselves who they believe meet their criteria. 

There is no such thing as “Guaranteed TikTok Verification”, in fact such a promise would be a scam.

We are clear that we provide a PR service to assist you with notability. Regardless of the final decision of TikTok, we charge a set fee for a set number of successful PR publications. 


In working with various influencers, it has become clear that TikTok verified users with as little as 2K followers – and some with 100K, 1M etc. 

There is thus no specific guidelines and the company genuinely exercises it’s ability to deal with this on a case-by-case basis. 

Someone with 2K followers a a IMDB Profile, or Wikipedia profile and several news articles may be verified, whereas another user with 50K followers may not be verified. 


We deliver our PR support, beginning to completion, in 7 days. 


The inference that you have a higher chance of TikTok verification when a reliable “media agency portal” is used, is nothing but a sales ploy. 

Media agencies cannot convince TikTok to verify you so no need to fall for such a trap. 

All you need, is to be genuine, have a following and be active, and be notable in the press. Social media platforms simply want to mirror the real world. 

This is a PR service. No matter your situation, we will help you strategize valid and authentic reasons to be in the news – and work with our partners in the industry to take care of:

  • Content Strategy
  • Writing & Editorial
  • Publication

There is no “media portal” service necessary and no “submission” to TikTok. These are procedures used only for Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. 

How To Get Verified on TikTok

The explosive growth of TikTok and the fact that it has the upper hand over other platforms when it comes to accessing the Chinese consumer market, have celebrities, businesses and influencers from all over the world interested. Besides, our own platforms in the West have hardly done a great job at at negotiating access to the Chinese market and to be impartial on major global issues. Whatever your reasons for seeking TikTok verification, below is what you should know:


There is no “procedure” with TikTok. They simply seek to represent what is happening in the real world. So if you are active, have reasonable follower levels – and is seen as validated by the media, the platform is interested in verifying you. We have explained a lot about this in the FAQ’s above. 

Next step – getting your PR fixed so that you can be notable:  A combination of things can help TikTok to notice you and move ahead with verification. It could be 10 news articles, or 6 news articles and 1 Wikipedia page, or even 1 Wikipedia page, 2 news articles and an Amazon author account. The point is that various combinations of notability have worked with TikTok. 

Is it mandatory to have a Wikipedia page or Amazon book in my name? No! You don’t need either. In the case of Twitter Verification, Wikipedia is more important yes, but we have seen many TikTokkers verified simply by having followers, activity and notability in the press.


If you meet the other standard requirements and simply need PR to have several Google News results as legitimate news appearances – we can assist, whatever your case. 


Order our TikTok Verification PR support service now

We helped more celebrities and influencers obtain verification than any other PR platform!



Please read all our FAQ’s before ordering.