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ABOUT US provides agencies and SME’s with a competitive edge though innovative digital solutions at scale. We drive down cost and increase efficiency in digital marketing, PR and SEO. is trusted platform for global businesses in the digital space. We deliver value by helping SME’s fight back against inefficiency and wage inflation so they can be more competitive in PR, SEO and Digital Marketing. 

Sitetrail is a go-to digital hub offering on-demand expertise in digital marketing, PR and SEO,  pay per click, web design, and super fast cloud hosting. We provide end-to-end digital solutions, from crafting effective PPC campaigns, content and SEO strategy and designing intuitive websites, to delivering robust hosting services, serving both emerging businesses and S&P500 firms alike.

Our extensive media and partner channels offer unique reach and competitive edge across 30+ industries as vast as health, finance, banking and travel.

Our People


Eric Frostwick

Eric is a business journalist and researcher. Having been to grammar school and being acquainted with several key media people – he is one of the aces up our sleeve. He also produces top notch research to cover investor relations in financial outlets. 


Kelly V

Kelly is a social media and reputation specialist. She majored in graphic design and communications has her MSC in HR. Her campaign management provides Sitetrail clients with a valuable edge. 


Lenny Dandan

Lenny Dandan has a decade of experience in working as a media fixer in corporate America. He coaches IR and media teams on their outreach and brings a wealth of experience in journalism and international relations. 

Adriaan Brits, CEO

Adriaan majored in International Marketing and Analytics and is ex-Linkedin. PR, SEO and Digital Marketing is in his DNA. He is on the advisory board for several bluechip companies and takes care of IR and strategic consulting for Sitetrail clients.

Case Studies

Results speak louder than words. See our client results

Trusted by S&P500 companies we’re a high-performance agency delivering digital marketing and PR excellence and influencer marketing engagement. Backed by a advanced digital infrastructure services ranging from custom web development to cybersecurity.