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Sitetrail connects your brand with a large number of credible journalists, bloggers and news sites. Our content marketing solutions create unique high quality content with trustworthy links from the most credible industry sources. Where US based publishers are concerned, we collaborate closely to ensure FTC compliance.

Paid vs earned media: 

When you buy native advertising from Google, Facebook or Linkedin, it creates no permanent link equity and no permanent referral traffic. The moment you stop paying these platforms, the traffic stops. Most advertisers require a better solution to compliment their paid media buying which is where Sitetrail makes the difference.

Native advertising and editorial content with Sitetrail creates permanent link equity for your website. This means that for months and years after each piece of content is created, you can expect to receive referral traffic to your site.

Many bulk press-release submission services create duplicate content and duplicate anchor texts, which in turn trigger spam actions from Google. Our unique content solutions ensure that each guest post or editorial content piece is unique and that link anchor texts are varied for each article.

Our publishing partners include top news websites, contributors at prestigious universities (for premium .edu links to your site) and industry specific sites in more than 80 verticals.