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Press Release Writing Service

We produced 3000+ fully SEO optimized press releases and editorial news articles for the worlds’ biggest news outlets. 

800 Word Press Release. Ready in 24 Hours.

If you need to write a press release, opinion piece or editorial news this is the place to be. You may think that attracting media attention the moment the release goes out is the only important part, but in reality the strongest impact can come from adding skillful SEO optimization to the mix to ensure that for months and years after your news went live, it is still discovered by thousands of people as they consult Google with their most important questions. 

After producing 3000+ press releases, editorial news and expert opinion pieces for our clients – many which appeared in, Newsweek,, CNBC, Medscape and Yahoo Finance we’re confident that we can also assist your brand with press release writing. 


Rapid 24 Hour Turnaround

We appreciate that time is of the essence and that our customers are busy professionals who need things quickly. This is a rapid turnaround service with a 24 hour turnaround from Monday to Friday.

Our Press Release Writing Process:

1. Evaluate Client Brief

Provide us a brief with as much or as little information as you wish. Tell us who or what information you're competing against, your news announced or the thought leadership that needs to be created. Need suggestions? - leave it blank and our team will revert with suggestions.

2. Collaborative Writing

Our team will collaborate to produce a high-quality piece of content based on your brief, your competition, your newsletter and other aspects of your website and interesting research. They will consider SEO optimization methods and various competitive positioning options if the brief allows.

3. Review & Completion

Clients always have an opportunity to review the content and provide feedback. Where appropriate our team will revisit the content and make sure it meets client needs and general media etiquette based on the target media sites/s you identified. The final version will be perfect.

Content That Attracts Search Traffic

The two factors involved in driving relevant search traffic to your content will be the quality of the content (determined by good PR writing) and where it is published (determined by good PR distribution)

Although the technical aspects of SEO keyword research and the structure of the document will play an important role in the writing, we have several other advanced writing and research techniques that can help you gain way more search traffic than imagined. For example:

Competitor brand ranking: This is a lawful tactic that can be deployed if you instruct us to do this in the brief. For example if nobody knows about your store and you want to announce a sale, we can also discuss Amazon and Walmart activities in a non-derogative way so that their potential clients discover you. If you are a musician selling records, you can be seen alongside Drake, Ed Sheeran, Kanye West and others. If you produced a brand new electric vehicle, we can explain why it is an evolution of what Tesla and Toyota produced. The opportunities are endless. 

Expertise: By exhibiting expertise and research, your article can become a favorite on the web and be more shareable. This will combine search and social power. 

Existing trends + Originality: Announcements that ride on the popularity of existing news trends – which are also differentiated through originality have the potential to drive more search traffic. 

By combining solid digital marketing research trends with strong conventional copywriting methods and PR ploys, the content contains all necessary ingredients to be a valuable asset for search marketing. 

Attracting Media Attention:

Compelling copywriting and being relevant to the most interesting trends in the world are often relied upon to gain attention in the media. Besides good copywriting – media connections play a vital role. Some media professionals are fiercely independent and don’t want professional pitches from agencies – they prefer it from the source itself, whereas others love working with us as an agency.

To cater for independent journalists and form lasting relationships for your brand, we launched a unique virtual assistant service that was originally used for B2B lead generation.  Today this service is also used to build media relations – as our virtual assistants will use your own Linkedin account to connect with relevant media professionals. This effectively creates a digital asset for your business as the relationships you build are direct and long lasting. We also have a highly effective press release distribution service available. 

Overall Notes On Press Release Efficiency:

There is indeed a science and a formula for being successful with press releases. It ought to be noted that selling ice to an Eskimo should not be the aim of any legitimate piece of content. Reasons for success can be attributed to numerous factors, with a reasonable factor being the writing itself. 

4 Reasons To Try Our Writing Service:

Frequently asked questions

Yes indeed. The content is 100% owned by you the client. 

Yes. For this reason PR agencies, digital marketing agencies and even newpapers use our team to write for them. 

After ordering a brief is filled in. Writers cannot mind read so it is essential to make use of this opportunity and fill in the brief to your hearts desire. That said, you can rely on our writers to do a decent amount of research about your business and to grasp the context completely. 

This is not a part of this particular service. To see packages that cover both areas, please see our “press release writing and distribution” section.

Either directly via document collaboration, or email. In some cases writers will liaise directly via email, in other cases via a dedicated project manager. 

Order This Service:

Let our journalist team write your press release, editorial news or opinion piece. Suitable for all industries. Rapid, professional and discreet service. 

800 Words written PR content – Ready in 24 hours.