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Instagram Verification Service

Need to apply for Instagram Verification? This is done either by paying Instagram in some cases, or by demonstrating your notability to them. If paying Instagram directly isn’t available in your account or region and you need to establish your notability, we are here to assist. Our team of seasoned  public relations specialists will secure coverage for you in the news.


Please read all our FAQ’s before ordering.

Celebrating 700+ SUCCESSFUL verification attempts

Don't spoil your chances of success with cheap, poor looking "paid press releases". Only authentic editorial news will count towards notability. Sitetrail is the biggest verification support agency globally. We helped 700+ prestigious clients.

Gold PR Support Package

Preparing you for Instagram Verification: Be seen on popular news channels through a combination of written interviews, editorial news articles and official press releases. All media appearances can include photos, videos and direct quotes that our editorial team will prepare on your behalf. Added visibility: 2 more premium news outlets. Combined traffic of premium news sites exceeding 15 Million

More Successful Cases Than Any Other Agency:

Our process is simple:

1. Preparation

Gain notability by appearing in real news articles. Our PR experts will analyze your existing press exposure and create new Google News indexed content according to the size of your order with us. We collaborate with you and will take care of all content writing which you will approve.

2. Final check

Clients can proofread the content, provide us with images and videos to embed, as well as to propose any final changes. We will then proceed with publication across several news brands. The quality of our work and media connections are unmatched. The only limitation is literally your budget: the gold package will get you more visibility.

3. Submit for verification

After reviewing your press results, you are ready to follow the simple process of applying directly with Instagram for verification. This is done directly from your own mobile device on the Instagram app. The approval status will be indicated in your feed within 3 to 5 days of your application.

IF YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT PRESS COVERAGE – You can simply do this without our assistance and save money. The next step is to proceed with the only legitimate way to get your account verified: To request a verification badge from Instagram itself, it is not necessary to hand over your login details for someone else to do this, in fact, it is suspicious whenever this is requested.  Instead, follow a simple step-by-step process once we helped you gain publicity as we describe below:


Important Notability Factors

Some types of media coverage can harm your image and Instagram will reject it as fake or manipulative. Our media coverage on the other hand, will boost your notability in an organic looking way. It is important to compare your options before embarking on this journey:

Useful Media

Harmful Media

Social Media Verification - Increase Your Notability

Meet our team: Gain an in-depth understanding of Instagram Verification by listening to our latest podcast here, produced by the Sitetrail team.

What is Instagram Verification?

Were you declined after an Instagram Verification request because you are not notable in the news? We can assist in boosting your notability through authentic media.

If you search for any company, brand, athlete, politician, influencer or anyone who’s been in the news a lot recently, you’ll notice that their Instagram account is verified. Instagram Verification started as a way for Instagram to ensure the account that’s being used is of authentic ownership by the person.

Instagram Verification helps to ensure that the content published on profiles are authorized by their legitimate owners. Ideally, social media platforms intend to use the verification requirements to link the public directly with  more prominent influencers and to reduce fake activity on the web.

Although it might feel as if these people are more important than a regular Instagram users, these verifications ensure that the people behind the screen are sharing complete and authentic content to their followers. 

Buying Instagram verification is not realistic, because dodgy accounts can become de-verified. Likewise is buying an Instagram verified account not an ideal solution. The best way to obtain it is without cutting corners: to be authentic and notable. By getting verified, it offers the general public an opportunity to get more involved with events and things that matter and that can make a difference. Political campaigns may have distorted this ideal in recent years: but the verification service is aimed at helping the authentic people spread accurate and reliable information and to get people to engage more frequently with companies, businesses or anyone else. It can help the public to get closer to someone who is always just regarded as a face or name for a certain product or company.

Many businesses use verification services to increase their popularity rank among competitors. This is a great way for their customers or clients to build better and longer lasting trust in their brand. 

How many followers do I need before verification?

Instagram Verification Requirements

Instagram stipulated 4 key requirements for verification which include users being “authentic, unique, complete and notable”. The company did not specify a certain number of followers and will judge this on a case by case basis.  It may seem like common sense that notable people will have high levels of Instagram followers, however there are numerous exceptions, for example many top influencers, politicians and brands have used Facebook and Twitter for years and simply did not use Instagram. 

“Startup influencers” who are still building genuine notability may want to undertake a viral “follower boost”. Consider this service to grow a follower base.

Explore the benefits of Instagram Verification


Avoid being victim to other accounts and profiles on Instagram who impersonate public figures, give false information or data about a certain topic. Prevent them from creating buzz around an event that will never take place. The verification of accounts also helps to ensure that if there are any impersonated or parody accounts, that they will easily be disregarded by those who are interested. Getting Instagram Verified is the ultimate social proof of authenticity.


Trust is the biggest benefit, as your followers will have more trust in the content you publish, whether it’s related to personal achievements or their voicing their brand and opinion into the public domain. Get your own account verified without the need to buy another verified account. The public will have more trust in a person or brand when they notice the account has the famous blue tick next to its name.

Influencer traffic

Nothing drives more traffic than being mentioned or spoken about by a well-known person, especially with the social media craze. Verified accounts help smaller accounts to drive more organic traffic. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and start-ups as this will help them receive more followers and traffic without paying for it.

Orchestrate Action

Whether it’s to raise money to save the rainforest or to sign a petition to construct more parks, verified accounts, especially those in the political sphere can have more people get involved with things in their community. Each bit of contribution towards a certain movement or awareness helps, and many verified accounts who deliver credible research and information can see a rise in their follower count.


Ranking is especially important for companies, businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand and also their e-commerce traffic. Being Instagram verified will ensure your profile is ranked higher in the search tab. The algorithm used by these social media platforms will also push more organic profiles and searches to the top, which will definitely help to grow more traffic.

Brand Awareness

Brands need online protection and awareness alike. More impressions means better brand awareness. It is easy to look up anyone or any business on any social media platform, and seeing accounts that have their blue mark, would make it easier for people to find them. This is especially important with so many different parody or fake accounts being created.

Special features

Some accounts use a “Swipe Up” method in their Story’s to take their followers directly to their website. This is a very simple call-to-action for companies, as the user has to simply swipe on their screen to go to the website. This feature is only available for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, but verified accounts can use this feature with less than that.

IG verification: Frequently asked questions

Customer data suggests that the average cost is between $2500 and $7000 to get the blue tick. In some cases it can be more. We have created two packages to suit different budgets. Keep in mind that due to our media connections we can offer these low rates: some companies do charge $14K for the same service – that is entirely normal in the market because of the editorial support levels needed, along with the realistic value of the service. 

Our Gold Instagram Verification Support program helps you save time by providing you with  a much higher chance to be verified the first time. This is because you will appear in more notable and influential press outlets.

Current pricing:

Basic PR service $2500.00

Gold service $4950.00

It is entirely normal to buy the basic package first because in many cases, it is sufficient. Customers can, at any point, upgrade to the gold package simply by paying the difference. 

We strongly suggest you watch this video to avoid being scammed:

Today, there is at least 15 scams that “guarantee” your verification. But watch this video about “money back guarantees and guaranteed Instagram Verification”

  • We do not offer a money back guarantee.
  • We believe nobody including us, can guarantee the decision as a 3rd party.
  • Our team will incur a lot of expenses to procure your PR, and put in a lot of work. If you are not successful the first time in getting verified – we still had our expenses and will still get paid. If this is not acceptable – then our service is not a good fit for you. We have competitors who market “guaranteed verification” for $15K.  

As the biggest verification agency in the world, we can state with certainty that companies cannot guarantee Instagram verification. 

Yet numerous online scam companies exist making the false promise of “guaranteed Instagram verification”. The only problem is that they are nowhere to be found when so-called guaranteed Instagram Verification turns out not to be deliverable, as you will see in the news. 

Our PR services are legitimate and our policy is realistic: NO third-party service can guarantee the actions and independent decisions of Instagram or any platform. 

If for any reason you are not successful at Instagram Verification, one of the main reasons is that an Instagram staff member does not consider you sufficiently noteworthy – in which case more PR is required, or a closer analysis as to whether your profile meets their latest requirements. 

Facts prospective PR clients should know:

  • With our GOLD verification we have a 95% success rate among our customers, yet there is still a chance that Instagram may not verify you the first time. 
  • If you are not approved, you may need to buy MORE PR until Instagram considers you to be sufficiently notable. 
  • If you are not approved the first time, you did not “lose your money” – you are much closer than before with valuable PR, and simply need to increase your efforts and make sure other elements of your account are legitimate. You may re-apply within 30 days in this case. 

This information is crucial to consider before joining us. Most of our clients write off this PR expense as an advertising expense and generate enough business from it to justify this. However if you are purely an influencer without any other benefits from this PR, please consider this:

For our BASIC package, some clients do not pass the first time round, whereas for the gold package, 95% passes the first time.

If you used our PR service and failed your verification request, please note the following:

  1. All this means, is that you did not make enough progress to convince Instagram about notability – and that some more media visibility is required. In such a case, you can either order more of our services one-by-one or upgrade to the gold package by paying the difference.
  2. You DO NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK. We are quite clear about the fact that in some cases clients may require more PR – and should be prepared for this eventuality. 
  3. It is also possible that even with sufficient levels of PR, due to one of the other four factors involved, that Instagram at it’s sole discretion, may decide not to verify an account. 

Finally, if you consider these prices to be expensive for PR, due to the valuable components of this service, we believe that this is not for you, since some companies sell this service for $15000 to $28000.

A healthy PR budget is needed for anyone who needs to build up an influencer brand – this is the reality of our industry.

These are important considerations when deciding on whether or not to order our service. What other overall benefits arise from the editorial press that you gain?

You gain a lot more:

Although the primary benefits of Instagram agency press support are around notability, you may also find that this helps with generating referral traffic, increases domain authority and helps with SEO and business lead generation.

So you are wondering how to get a check on Instagram and why the blue tick is so important? Let’s explain this:

Our consumption for online content has never been in more demand. On the daily, we consume vast amounts of social media content, looking and searching for new and innovative ideas. But recently a higher demand in social media content, especially that of Instagram has brought the question of becoming verified to many people’s attention. Although many users do feel that the Instagram Verification service is an easy and non-organic way to gain more followers or popularity online. Instagram users have started to place a lot of more trust and confidence in the online world and especially in that of people with a big social media presence. Because we are now more connected than ever before, and the world has simply become so intertwined; the need for credibility is always on high demand. Instagram Verification is a simple way to ensure that all the confidence and trust you as a user apply to anyone or any business doesn’t easily crumble or become susceptible for pitfalls of uncredited information and/or fake news. 

This is where Instagram stepped in, and created their verification service to ensure the content that is shared with an audience is original and carries some sort of credibility with it. The great thing about the Instagram Verification service is that it locks the verified account to be more honest and especially authentic. Many followers and users of Instagram have complained that the service might be a way for them to divide stronger public figures from a general user. This goes in hand with the argument that connects verification with popularity, trust, recognition and of course an increase in followers. But although all these thoughts and opinions might amount to it only becoming myths, Instagram users must be aware of the long and somewhat tedious process it is to receive your honorary blue badge. With this is also the hard work many people and companies have done to create and establish a well-known persona and brand.

Yes. Since July 2021, Instagram started asking for specific URL’s where you are referenced in the news. 

If working with an Instagram Verification PR Support Agency like us, you will receive a spreadsheet with all the successful news results, containing live links. 

After submitting this with your application, Instagram will either notify you that you have been successful, or that you do not meet the requirements yet. In case of the latter, provided that ID and other aspects were legitimate, it may mean that more notability is required. 

Upon completion of the PR package, many influencers get their blue tick. However, there can be cases where you are still not verified where additional steps can be helpful.

These steps will all assist with building up your Google Knowledge graph and related citations:

1. Add your details for free here: 
2. Create a Wikipedia page – or add details to an existing Wikipedia page, by referencing the news articles we created for you
3. Even if you are not a film star, imdb can be useful.  If you appeared in any short videos, even promotional or educational, use that as a basis to open a free profile on 
4. is the Wikipedia of business, literally. So get your business and executive profile added on CrunchBase at no charge. 
There are no costs involved in taking the above steps – and we have seen numerous cases where it enabled people to be successful during subsequent verification requests, or first time applications. 

Although many people will generally argue that you need to have a certain number of followers before you can get verified, this might not always be the case. A good number of followers will definitely help you become verified and make the process easier, but there are other requirements to be met beforehand.  

Instagram makes it clear that the requirements are to be “Authentic, Unique, Complete and Notable”. 


The things YOU need to do as our customer is to make sure it either represents a genuine person or a registered business – and not try to use vague funky pictures that are not indicative of an authentic entity.


Uniqueness matters – so you cannot have a name like “@Fast_Cars” and say I am Mr. Fast Cars please verify me now. Instagram may decline verification on the basis that you are not unique and represent a general interest category.


Completeness simply means that you have an accurate BIO that will be aligned to the names we use for you in news articles – and that the profile is not set to private, but to public.


The things WE do for you relates to being notable: Instagram will only consider an application if you have been mentioned in multiple news sources. They will search for you on 


Google is a great place to start. A basic requirement is that you would need to have at least a large amount of articles published about yourself via other platforms. Some suggest at least 8 – 10 articles, with strong reference to you. These articles also need to meet certain criteria, such as articles being published by credible sources, written in English and should be able to come up on the Google news tab. 

Wikipedia is another site that could help your verification process. Many well-known public figures have a strong written Wikipedia page about themselves. It might seem a bit farfetched, but these Wiki pages carry a lot of their personal information, achievements, and also the work that they’re doing. 

Followers, now although this might be a minor part of the requirements to be verified, some people have had their accounts verified before they even had a huge amount of Instagram followers. What you need to remember, that verification will basically go in hand with your physical public presence and whether or not people know about the work you do.  

News articles would also get your ranking up, as many politicians, celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs and more recently social media influencers are being talked about in news articles. Although you might think your story would first have to be printed in newspaper, it’s about getting your name onto Googles search engine. The more there’s a strong number of published works with your name on it, the better. Appearing in is essential.

The great thing is that Instagram Verification is limited to people who do actually contribute to various fields of interest and importance. Although it’s not solely designed and designated for just a small amount of people, it ensures that people who do have a valued voice and opinion in the general public off of social media can become verified. 

Note the following:

  • Instagram Verification is free from IG: They do not charge anything for reviewing and approving accounts. Our service fee relates to the creation of news content and placing this on various media sites that are “news indexed” on Google News. 

Instagram does human verification, guided by a qualitative approach is followed. This is unlike Elon Musk and Twitter that sought to sell verification at one point. 

The decision of human verifiers revolve around four crucial factors – and notability is only one of the factors. 

It is therefore not possible to guarantee verification on the basis of notability alone. For example: Let’s say you have 2 million followers, appear in Wikipedia and Forbes, but the page is a fan page for general Mercedes Benz lovers – then since this is a general interest page that may conflict with another authentic brand, chances are that you will not be verified. 

Over the years we have noted inconsistencies with the above principle, which is to be expected in the case of human decisions. 

It is OK if you failed. Most of our clients who come to us failed after attempting it themselves or attempted via an inferior scam service.

We can improve your PR and visibility – after which it is possible resubmit for IG verification in 30 days.

In the event that your application or request to receive a blue badge has been denied by the Instagram team, there are perhaps some more ways you can showcase your true authenticity to your followers and supporters.

As some people may lose their badge or get it denied because of uncredited resources, a user can always try an alternative route. Many other social media platforms also offer verification services, keep in mind that the requirements might be similar or even more complex. A simple recommendation is to link your Instagram profile directly to those profiles. This will give followers and supporters a variety of ways to interact and ensure your authenticity.

If you have a website, try by adding it into your Instagram profile bio, to direct people to your website. It’s also strongly advised to do the same on your website, as people will have various channels through which they can communicate with you.

If the reason you fail is a lack of “notability” in the news, you may need to order more of our services until such time Instagram is satisfied. Most people fail as Instagram staff could not find them on 


If you failed for another reason, to do with legitimacy: buying this service may not be sufficient to get verified. We are unable to guess the reason Instagram declined your application – although usually it can be deduced from the levels of news visibility if that was inadequate. 

Getting verified is great – but you have to retain verification and avoid losing the prestigious status:

It might seem as the best thing to have that blue badge next to your name on Instagram, but it won’t always mean more money or business or perhaps even more followers. After receiving your blue badge, you still need to maintain a good online presence. Many users frequent accounts that post as often as possible, and especially good quality content. This is only said for Instagram, it doesn’t discourage other social media platforms or websites if there are any. Some influencers and entrepreneurs are constantly thinking of new fresh ways to keep their audiences engaged as they are acting like a liaison between you and what they have to offer. 

But a good Instagram presence isn’t the only important thing, it’s important that you maintain a good and regular public presence outside of Instagram. This is said for many businesses and start-ups, as people would still like to see your involvement in current events, this can sometimes be limited to your industry or field of expertise. Thinking of new ways to keep your audience happy outside of Instagram is a great way to also gain more followers.

Although it’s not always the most popular choice, people can now also use a third party company to help them get verified. We off course suggest that once you have sufficient news visibility after ordering our service or any viable equivalent, that you apply for verification directly from your own mobile device. 

In practice there is not difference between getting Instagram Verified by means of a media panel application from an agency, or directly from your mobile phone. The reason it is preferred to use your own mobile device for privacy reasons and account security – ensuring your account is not stolen or hacked in future. 

Social media verification agencies definitely have the necessary PR resources and information on what it might take to become verified. Many websites and blogs suggest to not using any third party verification sites, as it may result in you losing your account completely: this is mainly the case with unverified accounts who trust strangers with their login details, or when unverified IG accounts are hacked. 

Third party verification sites or companies charge a very small fee to complete certain tasks on your Instagram account. This can include, but is also not limited to verification. They allow people to build and gain more followers by purchasing a certain amount of followers or perhaps even helping people become more found online.

In terms of public information: It’s not always 100% clear how Instagram does their verification process, except from that which is shared with us via their requirements, but the same is said about third party verification. This might seem like a difficult and almost unconventional route to take, but these sites do ask money for doing something quite simple: just notifying Instagram that you are requesting verification.

Not everyone wants to be an influencer and profit from their followers – however many influencers do, and earn high commissions on a referral basis which is all nicely tracked these days. So you want to know if Instagram will pay people who are verified?

The current situation is this: Although Instagram doesn’t necessarily pay any verified account or person for using their platform, some people do get paid or endorsed by other companies for promoting their products or brands.

Instagram Verification does not at all mean you will become endorsed or paid by various companies or brands. The verification is only to ensure that impersonation of a certain degree isn’t committed on their platforms.

It’s also good to know that although many social media influencers showcase their extravagant lifestyle on all of their social media channels, they are simply doing so to promote a third party action. This can be to generate more sales of a certain thing or product. It’s safe to know that many public figures who are verified do get paid for their presence, but that’s being done through their own personal channels or perhaps other paid partnership deals. Verification means authenticity not always getting paid.

In do off course share information on how people use Instagram accounts to drive traffic to sites like OnlyFans to turn their followers into huge revenue streams.

You can read about paid influencer marketing campaigns to understand more how paid engagements work. It is also worth reading more about celebrity endorsement and social media influencer marketing

Update January 2023: We began noting that Instagram increasingly requires official ID verification and are being more specific over acceptable documentation. This is an important consideration especially for those running IG accounts with with aliases as opposed to using their real name. It may be as simple to use a passport for verification purposes – but can also cause a difficulty in cases of name disputes on Alias accounts.

The question about whether or not you should be buying instagram verified accounts is common. 

Our short answer to this is NO. Which we can explain:

The entire purpose of Instagram verification is to ensure that the legitimate account holder represents a real individual or entity. Yes, indeed being notable is a requirement – and people buy PR and media services all over the world, however if you buy an Instagram account from someone else, chances are that with individual accounts, you can become de-verified and lose your money. 

One possible exception to buying an instagram verified account:

In the case of companies and organizations – where you buy a business and you become the legitimate owner of a business entity, where that business has a valid, verified social media account, it is generally considered as a transferable asset. However social media companies – including Facebook, had acted fairly aggressively in the past by suspending accounts post acquisition. As long as Instagram is owned by Facebook, you face that risk!

The conclusion? There is not cheat here! Only legitimate PR and being genuinely noteworthy, will get you Instagram Verification.

No. We believe that this is a misleading claim made by agencies to create more business. The fact is that in analyzing a very large dataset, we found no difference between Instagram decisions whether the verification request was made manually via a mobile or via a media partner portal. 

The conclusion is that the Instagram decision cannot be manipulated by media partners: all they want is authentic notability that complies with their basic guidelines. 

Many of our clients use the news articles they obtain from us to create a Google Knowledge Graph as well as a Wikipedia page. This is because both of these require solid references on news websites. 

The creation of a Google Knowledge Graph and Wikipedia page is not included in our service – but it is something we suggest you do yourself.

It is very useful also for the purposes of verification and it can further improve your chances of verification. By claiming your own knowledge graph, you effectively become verified with Google.  

Instagram does not specifically state the number of followers required for verification. However as part of your preparation you may want to gain more followers. 

Remember that Instagram have other signals they can measure to determine your notability, for example search demand for a name, both inside the Meta ecosystem and Google Search. 

Ways to gain more followers:

  1. We run a viral campaign that can boost your follower count.
  2. Run your own promotions to build follower levels
  3. Use any other PR agency to grow your support base first. 

This service is for influencers who meet most requirements but they lack notability.  

There’s truly no limited to who can get verified by Instagram as it allows any person who is a well-known public figure to get their account verified. Very specific guidance clarifies the criteria.

Businesses and Companies – Instagram is a great platform to ‘advertise’ your brand and who you are. It’s also a great way to be more engaged and communicative with your customers and clients, as this is a way from them to get to know your brand a bit more personal. 

Influencers and Entrepreneurs – A new approach to becoming well-known and also successful is being considered as an influencer. These people and accounts are here to show you all the good things in the world, and how you can achieve living such a lavish lifestyle. Instagram Influencers have almost become a sort of occupation as these people get paid to travel the world and endorse different products or companies. Keep in mind that this all depended on the type of arrange a person might have with an additional company. Entrepreneurs on the other hand can also use Instagram as a platform to sell their new ideas. 

Artists, Writers, Journalists, Musicians – Social media is a vast expansion of never ending ideas and content, and being Instagram Verified can mean a lot for people who work in industries where there job is to create something new and highly original. So to become verified will help people in the arts and culture to spread their passion easier and also influence people with their ideas. 

Anyone else – there is truly no limit to the type of person or business that can get verified, if they meet the requirements. Politicians have started using Instagram as a more relaxed method of communication with their followers and supporters. Here they can share a more intimate part of their lives, as opposed to regular news and media outlets.

Instagram verification is open to a person or business who can meet the requirements and uphold the stature outlined by the Verification Terms and Services. 

However the requirements could be tricky for a regular user to meet, some people have made their stamp on the world and their verification badge is a way to show it. Furthermore: “GENERAL INTEREST GROUPS” don’t qualify as a business or individual and typically will not get verified. 

The requirement is different for each social media platform.

Related resources:

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Instagram verification is not for everyone: if you are NOT very notable with at least 8 Google News indexed articles and substantial presence on the web, it may bee too expensive to create that notability through a verification agency. If on the other hand you are prepared with a fair budget to acquire notability through professional PR, this is why it may be a good idea to get verified: 

Instagram is using this service to ensure that the accounts on the social media platform are of genuine authenticity. Instagram  outlined the simple reasons for their verification service. Because the platform is used in various ways, they want to ensure an authentic and unique presence for their users. Businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers use social media to drive more people to their brand and what they’re selling. It’s a great way to reach a wider range of people and also to grow your business. Account verification helps businesses and brands grow their influence in the public domain and also to generate revenue. This has almost become an integral part of many brand voices, as this builds better trust with their clients. 

We have seen B2B influencers raise 6 figures through their Instagram accounts, and celebrity influencers leveraging their accounts for numerous other opportunities to generate additional revenue. You may have your own reason for verification, it is down to the individual. 

Once you got the powerful blue IG badge, it’s not yours to keep as Instagram can always de-verify your account. There are small amounts of terms and services which you agree to once you submit your verification application, and if you don’t meet certain terms Instagram can always remove your verification.

These terms and services will co-exist with regular posting, not selling different products on your account or linking your account to different social media profiles.

Being Instagram Verified is thus not a permanent guaranteed status, but something that you have to continue earning by meeting their criteria.

Maintaining and revamping your influencer account can be done through all sorts of enhancements. For example thousands of influencers use our lightroom presets to create a uniform brand. Ultimately, keeping your account in good standing will maintain a verified status. 

For individuals, the answer is no, it is not recommended for the simple reason that ID verification is involved. It also goes against the whole purpose of verification: to ensure that legitimate users are who they claim to be. 

In the case of a business, buying a verified Instagram account is different. Why? Because it is associated with a brand name, and not that of an individual. 

So buying the Instagram account of Beyonce or Oprah is not a smart idea, but if you buy Nike shoes as a business and get the verified account as part of the deal, that is more acceptable and backed by business documentation in most cases, which will not lead to de-verification. 

You will be surprised how many verified accounts can be bought for under $20K. But also to see how quickly they lose verification when changing owners. 

Instagram guidelines are simple, as described here. We are happy to look at your account and tell you beforehand if we believe it has a very low chance. This is based on our experience, but is still no guarantee of the outcome. 

Ultimately, you the client need to read about it and decide if you’d like to attempt verification. 

For a first-attempt success, we would not suggest a verification attempt if you have a very low follower count, or if you are trying to impersonate other brands and keywords just to generate business.  The choice is up the client, as many people now seek to build momentum and PR to get Instagram Verified, it is your choice. 

The basis package takes 7 days to complete. The gold package have certain media outlets that will take longer, up to 3 weeks to complete. 

Each package has a different price. Please see both options for current pricing:

Basic Instagram Verification PR Support Service

Gold Instagram Verification PR Support Service

There are no hidden extras with us: everything we list above that are included, will be covered. Should you however make additional effort with Wikipedia article writing, or IAMDB profile creation: these are not services we offer and will either take you time or cost you money to arrange. 

The web is full of “guaranteed Instagram verification” services from as little as $99. Anyone with the slightest experience in PR and media, will understand that to breach the gap between being notable and NOT being that, may cost a few thousand dollars. 

There is NO way around this: Instagram requires that you are notable and it will check this in the press. Be realistic about the cost of media and PR and do what is necessary without trying to game or cheat the system. That is the only way to avoid online scams.

We have consulted numerous OnlyFans entertainers who successfully achieved verification as a result of our PR efforts. The following advise is important to consider: 

Notice that for musicians and entertainers, verification is a lot easier than for businesses. However, in the case of adult entertainment, it is much harder – and this is based on verification statistics with many clients. You should therefore be prepared to invest more in your social media marketing if you are in this industry. 

We have written about 

It is indeed true that many influencers use an Instagram Verified account to drive more traffic to OnlyFans in order to grow their revenue – and yes, some young stars earn in excess of $300K per annum. However: there are also people on OnlyFans who earn much less – and Instagram Verification is used for many different purposes. 

After working with thousands of clients and gathering relentless data, our team provides a free professional opinion. This is an indicative percentage based estimate of the chance you have to be verified. 

Our response could indicate a “10% chance” or “60%” chance or “99%” – all depending on your unique circumstances and our analysis. 

This is based on qualitative and quantitative factors which you provide us when using the estimator on this page. 

This calculator is not used to entice any sales, neither is it a guarantee of your verification results. It is purely our professional opinion based on a large data set of cases which we handled. 



Instagram Verification Service: How to get verified on Instagram

Choosing to work with an Instagram Verification Agency means that you will fast-track the process of increasing notability in a manner that is compliant with the requirements. In some cases more press articles will be required than in others – and if you want the biggest chance of success from the start, it is best to choose this Gold Instagram Verification Support package. 

It is also possible to start with the basic package and upgrade to Gold if you find that more PR may have been needed to get you verified.


Step-by-step verification is quite easy: Once your PR is ready, the rest is straightforward. This is done by simply logging in to your account, going to the Search tab and selecting ‘Request Verification’. You would then need to meet certain requirements (as the ones listed above), and fill in a verification form. Always ensure that your information is correct and honest, as the Instagram team will then review your application.

The magic ingredient is visibility in the press and online PR. Without that you cannot expect an overnight successes in getting your account verified. The process takes some time to complete, and if your application becomes back unsuccessful, the Instagram team would then inform you about certain requirements and criteria you didn’t meet. The process is almost the same as applying for a job. You see the opportunity, fill in an application, ensure your information is correct and hope it’s successful. Only this time, you didn’t have enough credible information and a strong Google presence.

Do not risk delaying your success with 30 days by applying with inferior press visibility: Keep in mind that once you have submitted and received feedback from Instagram, depending on the outcomes, if it was unsuccessful, you can only re-apply for verification after a 30-day waiting period. During this time, it would be strongly advised to make a solid effort to improve your online and public appearance, especially on social media outlets and Google. This is where our service can make a different.

Recently there has been some development in companies and business popping up that will help you gain more followers and or get your account verified. These affiliates ask a small amount of money and in return will help you with your “application” to become verified. Another service these companies do (which we do not easily endorse) is they offer services or packages to get more followers, views, likes and mentions. Each one will have a different price attached to it, as there are a wide variety of ways to gain more social media popularity. It is best to avoid buying followers since people may sell you “bot” followers from fake accounts – which are not not always real. 

If you are an authentic, notable, highly searched for brand or personality and require more news coverage before applying for verification – order our Gold PR service: