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Guaranteed Instagram Verification – Money Back?

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By now you probably saw numerous online scam companies who make false promises of “guaranteed Instagram verification”. The only problem is that many of them empty their Paypal accounts and leave consumers out of pocket when held to their promise.

Now let’s be clear: Instagram is a 3rd party that makes an independent decision about verification. As the biggest verification agency in the world, we can state with certainty that nobody can guarantee Instagram verification or cheat the system.

Our view is that if you are searching for “guaranteed verification” and a “money back guarantee”, chances are that you are begging to be scammed.


Obtain PR to support your notability for Instagram Verification:

Basic Instagram Verification PR Support

Gold Package: Instagram Verification PR Support

(*News visibility on Google News approved sites backed by authentic editorials, used by 500+ celebrities to date)


Now let’s consider a more realistic approach:

Firstly, consider that each legitimate and authentic news article you earn, takes you one step closer to verification. If for any reason you were not successful at Instagram Verification, one of the main reasons is that an Instagram staff member does not consider you sufficiently notable. In this case more PR is required. It may also require a closer analysis as to whether your profile meets all other requirements.

Secondly, ask yourself if PR is justified through a good return on investment. For example if a fashion brand spends five thousand dollars or PR for their verification and their sales increase by fifty thousand dollars as a result, it is justified even if they did not get verified.

To conclude, it is worth noting the following:

With our GOLD verification PR support, people see the highest success rate. Yet it is not guaranteed. There is always a chance that Instagram may not verify you.

If you are not approved, you may need to procure more PR until Instagram considers you to be sufficiently notable. In this case, you did not “lose your money”. You are simply a step closer than before. The PR is not lost – it is still out there on the web, promoting your business.

There is no “guaranteed blue tick” for Instagram, so do not get scammed by believing this exists. It is better to consider whether you can justify the cost of good authentic PR or not. If you cannot, perhaps this is not a good business decision.

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Adriaan Brits

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