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Facebook Verification Service

Facebook requires notability in order to verify an account.  This PR service will boost notability

Our Gold PR support for Facebook Verification clients includes all services covered in the BASIC Facebook Verification package PLUS clients will be seen in two of the most prestigious media outlets, valued at $5000 – with full journalistic cover with permanent visibility.


If you already have a Facebook account which is authentic, unique and complete but lack notability, this may be the perfect solution.

Is this service is the right fit? Users should already have a legitimate Facebook account with a strong follower level and reasonable search demand for their respective username. Notability is the only missing ingredient for many accounts – which is achieved through several feature articles on popular news sites. 

Facebook verification in 3 easy steps


Our PR experts will analyze your existing press exposure and create new Google News indexed media articles, leading to sufficient exposure in the press. We take care of all the writing.

Final check

You will proofread all our content to make sure you are happy. Send us images and videos to embed, as well as any final information. We then publish this with our media partners and share a report with you.

Submit for verification

Upon receiving your PR results, you are ready to follow the simple process of applying directly with Facebook for verification. The approval status will be decided by Facebook staff and shared with you.

What is Facebook Verification?

It is a very simple process whereby Facebook staff will scan the media to see whether the person or entity requesting verification, is indeed popular in the media. They may also consider the volume of search demand in relation to a profile by using their own digital tools. If they consider there to be sufficient proof of notability, and the profile is authentic, unique and complete, it receives a “Facebook Blue Tick” which shows that it is a verified account. This in turn helps to prevent impersonation of a real brand or individual by other online imposters. 

The latest Facebook requirements for Verification:

Facebook says that a well-known, often searched person, brand or entity qualifies for verification. They consider profiles that are featured in multiple news sources, and will typically DISQUALIFY profiles that appear in paid content, so if you did paid press releases or news with a “sponsored” label on it, your account will unlikely be verified. 

Why Accounts Don't Get Verified:

Notability is key. You may have thousands of followers purely because you produced funny videos, but outside of Facebook, in the real world, people don’t know you. So Facebook really seeks to resemble what is real, outside of the network in the real world. 

What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Verification


So many people use social media to generate leads, spread misinformation and ride on the popularity of things in the real world. A verified account will show people that it represents the brand or personality they searched for. Simply put, verification equals authenticity.


The profile you have in front of you can become a well-rounded and trusted name. That is part of online branding. Depending on your field or industry, your profile has the ability to gain more trust from the general public after being verified. If your business or company boast a Facebook blue tick next to their name, people tend to be more psychologically drawn to those accounts and feel a lot safer with the services you offer. Increase trust by having your Facebook account verified.


With power comes responsibility. Greater authority comes natural from having a verified account - it is something we all want; some just use it in the wrong way, especially on Twitter. After being verified, influencers and business accounts are more likely to be trusted and also have authority over the service or product they sell. With so much fake news on the web, a blue tick next to your Facebook account adds authority to every post that is shared. and each comment made.


Verified accounts with Facebook tend to be ranked higher in search results, as these accounts are well-known and receive an abundance of viewer traffic. They can receive more traffic and followers that will be comfortable with the content published on the account. It goes without saying that the more traffic your profile receives as a business, the likelihood of receiving more website clicks are pretty high. It will only result in more sales and a better revenue streams.

Twitter verification: Frequently asked questions

According to official Facebook correspondence, these are the requirements for Verification:


  • Authentic: Represent a real person, registered business or entity.
  • Unique: Be the only presence of this person or business. Only one Page or profile per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific Pages and profiles. They don’t verify general interest Pages and profiles (example: Puppy Memes).
  • Complete: Have an about section, Page or profile photo and recent activity, including at least one post.
  • Notable: Represent a well-known, often searched person, brand or entity. We review Pages and profiles that are featured in multiple news sources, and we don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.

It is therefore possible that even with a lot of followers and notability, you can still be denied Facebook verification, since uniqueness and authenticity requirements might not be met. 

Customer data suggests that the average cost is between $2500 and $7000 to get the blue tick. In some cases it can be more. We have created two packages to suit different budgets. Keep in mind that due to our media connections we can offer these low rates: some companies do charge $14K for the same service – that is entirely normal in the market because of the editorial support levels needed, along with the realistic value of the service. 

Our Gold Facebook Verification Support program helps you save time by providing you with  a much higher chance to be verified the first time. This is because you will appear in more notable and influential press outlets.

Current pricing:

Facebook Verification Basic PR service $2500.00

Facebook Verification Gold service $4950.00

It is entirely normal to buy the basic package first because in many cases, it is sufficient. Customers can, at any point, upgrade to the gold package simply by paying the difference. 

Although it might seem that Facebook is giving out blue badges to just about everyone, it’s not the case. Some regular and public users have found success in getting accepted for verification. If you work in any of the following fields, your chances might be better to get verified; music, television & film, fashion, government, religion, journalism, sports or business. Facebook  does make a big thing about your account or profile being of public interest.

You should note that “general interest” like a group or page for car fans will not be verified. If you were a specific car brand on the other hand, it will most likely be verified as it goes beyond general interest.

The same goes for a page that is about general music interest – it will not be verified, but a profile for a famous singer, which is specific to them, is more likely to pass a verification request.

Facebook has a straightforward verification process, you do not have to pitch to them. 

No. We simply follow a proven way of creating strong online PR for you, which will lend credibility for anyone seeking to succeed on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Wikipedia. 

Nobody can “guarantee” Facebook verification since they are a 3rd party. This is a PR service that will get you notability in the news. 

If Facebook determines that more notability is required, they may decline your verification and you may need to obtain more notability before succeeding. 

Equally, they may determine that one of the other factors are not aligned with their requirements and may even decline a request with millions of followers and a lot of media. It is therefore important to understand all 4 requirements for verification. 

Facebook blue badge, blue tick and verification are all one and the same thing. So what is it?

Ever searched up a celebrity, well-known brand or personality (of course you have)? Chances are that you will get tons of search results that come up, with everything from fan accounts to troll accounts appearing in the results. However, the actual entity is often right at the top of the list with a little blue badge next to it as an identifier that sets the real account apart from the rest.


That blue badge might seem like a modest differentiator, however it provides a wide array of benefits that will certainly help grow and emphasize the account on the social media platform.

What is the Facebook Blue Tick that everyone wants so badly?

You know how there’s always that one floor in a building that only the elite can access? And you can only get there if you have a code or passcard? Well, that little blue tick is the code and passcard to enter Facebook’s club of elite. Whilst blue tick badge holders probably do not hold meetings every fortnight to discuss matters of social media importance, they do understand that they have an edge over regular members.


The badge represents that your page is the authentic and original Facebook presence of your brand. It also comes with benefits such as being favored by Facebook’s algorithm, appearing at the top of search lists, getting exclusive access to new features before they get rolled out to the general public as well as the unmatched credibility that comes with people knowing that you are in fact the real deal.

How to get your very own Facebook Blue Tick Badge?

Not everyone will qualify for Facebook’s blue tick of approval, however if you are serious about growing your brand to the point of deserving one, it is worth the effort. Getting your badge will depend on a few factors, Facebook places emphasis on these 4:

  • Authentic: Your page/account needs to represent that of a real entity 
  • Unique: Facebook will only verify one account per entity (exceptions are made in the case of language specific accounts)
  • Complete: All details need to be filled out and your account needs to be completely set up. This includes having “an about section, Page or profile photo and recent activity, including at least one post.”
  • Notable: You are required to have some sort of buzz around your brand. Remember Facebook only verifies accounts that are already well known. You need to prove that you have appeared in various news sources and that you are worthy of being verified.

The above 4 are requirements that Facebook deems necessary, but here are a couple of extra steps to help give your account an edge:


  • Be active: Post consistently and keep content relative to your followers and brand. The Facebook algorithm works with how people engage with your content. If they pick up that your posts are not sparking interest amongst your followers, then your posts will become less prominent in search results as well as on the feed of your followers 
  • Work on expanding your media coverage: Your presence in the media will account for a large portion of the reason that you get verified for not. Since a strong media presence indicates that people have a great interest in you and your brand, it becomes easier to prove that you are someone noteworthy. However, it is important to remember that Facebook will disqualify any articles that show up as “paid” promotional articles or “sponsored” posts. When paying for PR, ensure that the company does not add these labels to your articles.

Social media platforms are a great way to self promote your brand and reach a global market of people that traditional advertising just does not reach. Whilst the golden rule is “Don’t believe everything that you see on social media”, having that little blue tick next to your brand instantly increases your credibility on the platform.


Confirming your identity on Facebook goes beyond just uploading a profile picture and filling in your details. Whilst a strong bio helps people to get to know you, it does not guarantee that the account is trustworthy and safe to interact with. 


With advancements in technology, we have seen fake accounts creating videos that mimic the voice and superimpose the face of the person that they are trying to impersonate in order to solicit money or attack their victim’s character. It can be difficult to defend yourself in a scenario such as this, but if your account is verified, it becomes a lot easier to prove that the imposter account is definitely not yours and that you are not connected to whatever drama was stirred up by the impersonator.


Confirming The Identity For A Facebook Account 

Upload your Identity documentation

Facebook has been asking users to help the platform confirm their users identity by uploading copies of their ID documents. This is so that in the event of your account being hacked and you are trying to retrieve your login details, the company can easily identify and verify that you are in fact the rightful owner and get your account back faster. 


Be wary of scams though and always double check the URL that is asking for your verification details. Remember that Facebook will never ask you to send them your login details and password via any other channel apart from the official login page or official password change URL.


Get a verified badge next to your name

“Verified badges” appear next to your account or page name, it will also appear when your name is searched. This lets users know that Facebook has officially confirmed that your account is “the authentic presence of the creator, public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents”. It also allows users to easily find the official accounts that they are searching for, as verified accounts appear at the top of the search list.

Facebook’s verification team thoroughly vets all submissions for verification and bases their review and outcome on a number of inputs that help to determine if the account/page is eligible for a verification badge.

Criteria for verification 

Facebook has a set criteria for verification and they name the following aspects as essential when reviewing applications:


  • Authentic: Your account/page needs to represent a “real person, registered business or entity”
  • Complete: Your account needs to be complete with all account details filled in this includes your bio, profile picture and a minimum of at least one post.
  • Unique: The general rule is that only one account per entity can be verified with exceptions made in the instance of language specific accounts.
  • Notable: Your brand needs to have a broad reach in order to gain verification. Plenty of media coverage is essential for your verification ( pro tip: whilst verification cannot be bought, PR can, just ensure that articles are non-promotional and do not carry a “paid content” tag)

Final Thoughts 

With so many opportunists prowling social media it is important to do whatever you can to safeguard your platform and your image. Getting your account verified will help to ensure that customers are able to find your authentic page and that copycats do not gain traction based on your hard work and that those with malicious intentions are unable to ruin your credibility. 


That little blue badge grants users the ability to prove their authentication and avoid sticky situations. 

Once your application has been sent in, it all depends on whether the Facebook verification team deems your profile of public interest. Some accounts can have 1000 followers or almost one million followers; it’s not what your follower count looks like, but rather the impact and influence your profile brings to the public.

Facebook does not endorse any verified accounts on the platform. It’s safe to know that many public figures that are verified do get paid for their presence, but that’s being done through their own personal channels or perhaps paid partnership deals. Verification means authenticity, not always getting paid.

A verified account can help you drive more sales to your Facebook shop or other businesses, so it can be indirectly profitable for influencers to have this designation. 

Prevent spammers and scammers from abusing your brand name online. The main reason is to ensure authenticity on the platform, but also to show that the profile you have is only operated and owned by you or one sole entity. You may have other commercial and brand protection reasons too.

Because your profile is simply verified doesn’t make your content or your online appearance any more dominant. Facebook reserves the right to remove your verification status at any time without notice. Depending on the severity of the offence, you might want to read their verification rules beforehand, as misleading content, promotion of violence, suicide, gruesome content, hate speech, direct or indirect threats to the general public and more will let you lose your blue badge.

Yes. This is an entry-level package. Some brands and influencers spend in the region of $5000 to $7500 in order to appear in more notable publications. Talk to us if you want more than the basic package and we can provide you with information. 

In many cases however, clients use the basic package first in order to test if they can be successful at a lower budget. 

Facebook limits users’ ability to edit thumbnail images, headlines and descriptions where links are involved, this helps the platform to control clickbait and false news from being spread. So, if users wish to edit link previews as well as limit how other users can edit them, you will first have to go through a process to verify your domain.

Once verification is complete, Facebook will first have to check if a link that is shared to a Facebook page is coming from a verified domain. Thereafter they can ascertain if the Facebook page is allowed to edit link previews for that specific page.

What is Domain Verification?

Simply put, domain verification is a way of letting Facebook know that you in fact do own the website that is being used. The process will require users to add bits of code to their website, this will then get searched for by Facebook in order to verify that it is you. One can almost equate the system to hiding a spare key in a specific pot plant. Only those that know exactly where to look and what they are looking for will be able to find it.


Once your domain is verified, you can now associate your Facebook page with the associated domain, this lets Facebook know that it is okay for that particular page to edit link previews from that specific website.

Who qualifies for Domain Verification?

If you are a website owner that wants to control how your links appear in previews when they are published onto Facebook, then you automatically qualify for Domain Verification. If you do not have Domain Verification, you will be unable to customize thumbnail images, edit the title or the link description when you are sharing links from your own website.


In order to verify your domain, you will be required to follow steps set out by Facebook to set up Domain Verification for your websites. The process does take a while so it is recommended that you set time aside especially for this process.

How to set up Domain Verification? 

Verification if free to do and there are two primary domain verification methods:

It’s free to verify your domains. There are two domain verification methods, both methods provide users with a streamlined means to verify their domain that does not require the editing of  any HTML meta data on their website. Both HTML file upload and DNS TXT record, require verification to be done via Facebook’s Business Manager.


The steps can be modestly broken down into the following guide:

  1. You will first need to add your website domain to Facebook Business Manager.
  2. The next step will be to verify your domain, you can pick between the HTML file upload or DNS TXT option, your choice will decide as to how you will go about completing this step. It can be a little tricky but Facebook does provide a more in-depth guide on each substep. (It is recommended that users do not remove the HTML verification file or the TXT entry in your DNS record as Facebook may conduct routine checkups for verification)
  3. Once your website has been verified by Facebook you should notice that a green dot will appear as well as a status change to “Verified”. You can then proceed with assigning your Facebook page to your now verified domain. And you will officially have permission to alter link previews that are associated with your domain.


Final Thought

Domain verification will determine which Business Manager account will have the power “to configure and prioritize the eight available conversion events for a given domain”.


This service might be one of the quickest ways to get your verification provided that other elements of your profile comply with Facebooks rules and criteria. Racking up social media verification badges are the modern day equivalent of getting the ultimate Scouts badge. It lets people know that you are in fact a big deal and that your brand (personal or professional) is one to keep an eye out for. Getting a verification badge on social media however, is slightly more tricky than helping a little old lady cross the street or selling the most Thin Mint cookies.


Facebook states that its prestigious blue badge means that “Facebook has confirmed that the Page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents”. Here are a few tips on how to get your blue tick of approval. 

Tips and Tricks to get A Facebook Blue Badge

Be your most authentic and unique self 

Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” and Facebook seems to agree strongly with this statement as they place emphasis on authenticity as a requirement for verification. The social media giant states that accounts and pages are required to “Represent a real person, registered business or entity…Be the only presence of this person or business. Only one Page or profile per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific Pages and profiles. We don’t verify general interest Pages and profiles (e.g. puppy memes).” 


Therefore it is important to have a strong brand identity and focus in order to meet this criteria.

Create a buzz around your brand

Notability is one the key aspects when it comes to getting Facebook’s seal of approval. The platform states that they are looking for “well-known, often searched person, brand or entity. We review Pages and profiles that are featured in multiple news sources” to adorn with their blue badge.  


Facebook does note that they dismiss any articles that appear as paid and promotional. However, they do acknowledge articles that appear as news worthy content even if these articles have been paid for in the form of PR as some PR packages include non-promotional published articles that news outlets deem as newsworthy.

Complete your account in full

Facebook will immediately dismiss any submissions for verified accounts if the account/page is incomplete. The minimum requirements for a complete account includes having an About section, Page or profile photo as well as recent activity which includes at least one post. However, in order to really stand out we recommend updating your facebook header to something relative to your brand and posting consistent valuable content. 


Your user engagement should also be relatively high in that you are interacting and providing constructive feedback to followers on your page as well as Facebook friends. 

Build your brand

In order to get verified you require a well established brand. Work on creating a strong image and becoming a well-known figure. Study the markets and find your intended target and interact with them directly. You want your brand to become synonymous with the field that you are in and you want to be the name at the top of your industry’s list.


Unless you are already a pretty well-known celebrity, socialite, brand or Kandashian/Jenner chances are you will have to put in some work before applying for your account verification.

Final Thoughts 

Getting verified on social media comes with a wide array of benefits that definitely justify the work that you are required to put in. Whilst paying for PR is absolutely okay, if not encouraged, to help speed up the process it is important that the news being published is done so as a credible news article and not paid promotional content.

Verification Process: How to get verified on Facebook

IF YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT PRESS COVERAGE – You can simply do this without our assistance and save money. The next step is to proceed with the only legitimate way to get your account verified: To request a verification badge from Facebook itself. Do not hand over your login details for someone else to do this, do it yourself from your OWN IP and regularly used device.

You need to meet the 4 requirements stated by Facebook. If one of these are missing, an application may be declined. 

Follow a methodical but simple step-by-step process once we helped you gain publicity.

Step-by-step verification is quite easy:

First, be of public interest. Let’s explain this better:  It is good to be published and featured in articles boasting your name all over the internet. This is something our team can help you with.

BEFORE APPLYING: follow some protocols beforehand; this can be and is not limited to setting your profile and tweets to public so that anyone can view it. Once you access the Facebook Verification process, there is a step-by-step guide that will help you. Other things that you might need to do are to complete your profile to its best, add your birthday, add a verified phone number and also confirm the email address connected to your profile.

Personal profiles: Note that if you’re applying for verification of your personal profile, and not that of a business or company, Facebook will require you to provide full personal identification. This will be anything like a driver’s license or a passport. It’s not always certain who finally decides why your profile should get verified, but having the minimum requirements on your profile and even additional information or published work will help speed up the process. Facebook only ensures that your account is of public interest, so you might want to get some articles written and published on yourself, or perhaps share valuable content and information that will be beneficial for the general public.

Facebook wants its users to access high-quality profiles and accounts at all times, and connect everyone with a broader audience. Social media influencers have done a great job of posting and sharing their spectacular lives with their following, and it’s been beneficial for them. It’s great to share your experiences and content with a big following, but make sure it’s of high-quality and also is original creative content.

Remember that Facebook has updated its policy to not only verify accounts that are official, such as celebrities or sports stars, and have given the general public the opportunity to also have their personal accounts verified. This initiative will help reduce abusive behaviour on the site but ultimately will give you the chance to be deemed the sole owner of your personal or business account. The problem with buying fake Facebook followers is that people may sell you “bot” followers from fake accounts. 

If you have genuine Facebook followers and now require sufficient news coverage before applying for verification  – then this service is the perfect solution. Note that you may be required to obtain more PR or have other assets like a Wikipedia page too. 

Order our Facebook Verification service now

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