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Advanced LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

The most effective B2B social media marketing service: Our dedicated assistants will execute precise targeting, customer profiling and personalized organic outreach.

“…The highest yielding B2B marketing tactic in 2024…”

We find your most ideal leads and connect them to you – guaranteed.

Most marketers agree that paid campaigns on Linkedin is money down the drain, as people do not want to be “advertised” to. Yet effective B2B marketing relies on the most accurate targeting available – this is where  Linkedin is superior. Your best potential clients are definitely out there, looking for genuine business connections, products, services, and opportunities. What if a highly trained marketing assistant can manage your Linkedin profile and reach new leads organically?

Organic B2B Marketing Support Service:

Luxury Yacht Broker, France
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"Through better targeting we've built high-value connections and gained valuable clients. Way better than pay per click"

Highly specific profiling based on numerous industry and personal criteria

Barriers To Organic Linkedin B2B Lead Generation:

Despite the effectiveness of organic Linkedin Marketing and high-level relationship marketing, two challenges exist:

Authority requirements: C-level professionals often do not respond to typical junior business developers. When your existing team or assistants reach out with their profiles, it just does not have the same fire power as that of a C-level individual.

Time: It takes a lot of time for busy CEOs and leaders to reach out to potential clients in person. 

Sitetrail is committed to solving the above needs with expert support and one of the most unique solutions in the market:

Our Revolutionary Lead Generation Solution:

Our highly trained fractional digital marketing assistants will manage your daily organic Linkedin outreach with the highest precision and attention to detail.

How it works:

  • We will manually reach out to more than 300 of the most relevant leads each month, from your account. 
  • Our team transforms your LinkedIn profile into a high-powered LinkedIn digital asset.

  • No paid advertising will be used so we ensure the highest level of authenticity in all the new relationships you form.

  • This is the highest yielding marketing tactic in B2B marketing and we have years of experience in delivering the best results in this field.

Successful in 130+ Industries Including:

Business & Finance

Entertainment, Filming, Music

Healthcare & Medical

Luxury Brands & Retail

Travel / Tourism / Hotel

Technology & Telecoms

Real Estate & Wealth

Benefits Of This Advanced B2B Lead Generation Service:

Identify YOUR Precise Leads and Prospects

Your very own personalized Sitetrail Outreach team will identify leads that fit your precise customer profile, efficiently finding, contacting, enticing and delighting the right people.

Help Increase Your Close Rate on LinkedIn

With years of experience in curating B2B outreach strategies, our fresh eyed, reliable, and business-savvy team will help you improve your close rates by making sure your strategy is highly personalized and authentically you.

Find an Effective Sales Strategy

LinkedIn is the best platform for reaching your B2B and B2C target market. Your Sitetrail team will help build an effective strategy to entice, ensnare and pique client interest.

What Makes Our 1:1 LinkedIn Outreach the Best?

What is Included?

  • A dedicated fractional team member in the U.S. or Europe who will work 6 days per week.  
  • Our team members will be sending out personalized and unique marketing messages and follow ups to 300 new RELEVANT leads each month. 
  • Besides generating new targeted B2B leads, we can and will also re-engage any old leads on LinkedIn with all new and most personalized messages. 
  • The process is completely tailored to your needs. 
  • All content is developed to support the team’s campaigns.
  • Staying in constant communication with you to ensure we’re all on the right path.

Advanced B2B Targeting Made Easy:

We make the most sophisticated research and profiling simple and manage all complexities on your behalf. 

1. Order & Brief

After ordering our service, fill in a questionnaire so that our consultants and copywriters can draw up your strategy.

2. Strategy Handover

Once you agree with our proposed strategy, a fractional B2B marketing assistant is assigned and will commence.

3. Meet New Leads

We will introduce you to new targeted leads who will become permanent connections with you on Linkedin.

Ready For Exponential B2B Growth?

  • We help you source and build connections to stay the course until the sale is made.

  • We reach targeted prospects using our extensive knowledge of the B2B arena.

  • We target premium users for you with Open InMail Campaigns 

  • Our team organizes, designs, manages and optimizes your campaigns

  • Through our personalized and precise targeting, we offer individualized, bespoke services

  • We analyze continuously, recommend and adjust, supporting you all the way


Frequently Asked Questions:

We offer one amazing fixed cost package which targets conservatively within the allowed limits of your Linkedin account. We reach out to up to 300 new and relevant leads a month,  depending on the nature of your buyer criteria and sales offers.

For this reason, it is not suitable for mass marketing where margins are small. This service is intended for high value clients – where even just ONE client for the month, quarter, or year, poses a substantial monetary value. 


In the open market, B2B leads cost between $55 and $200. (*SOURCE: Aggregated data from Callbox, Upcall, CIENCE, DiscoverOrg, CandorWorks, Overdrive Interactive, Belkins, SalesRoads, SocialBloom and American Marketing Association) 

With our service you the true cost per lead ranges between $17.25 and $50.

How the cost is calculated: At $750/month for dedicated outreach to 300 new targeted contacts per month. The response rate is between 5% and 14%. This means that in a worse case scenario you pay $50 per lead and in a best case scenario, $17.25

The value of a B2B lead is always much higher given the absence of search volume, high customer lifetime value and other factors that makes B2B an attractive sector. 

The fact that the majority of marketing agencies agree with our assertion that paid advertising on Linkedin yields the lowest return and that it may be subject to click fraud, begs the question: how, where and when can Linkedin be used to target clients organically, and to what extent is this a sound strategy?  

We’d like to point out three unique research papers on this:

This research paper supports the notion that advanced targeting through the use of artificial intelligence is a real game changer and the future of B2B marketing. 

According to the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, in asking the quest “How can challenger marketers target the right customer organization?” Customer organization profiling matrix for challenger marketing represents one of the biggest opportunities in B2B marketing. 

In studying Linkedin as a marketing tool for lead generation in b2b organizations, this research confirms that Linkedin is one of the tools with the highest targeting ability.

Imagine a highly qualified B2B marketer capable of generating millions in revenue, dedicating a portion of their daily time to execute and administer your campaign 6 days per week. 

You do not need to pay their salary alone, since approximately 6 companies use their service at the same time. 

All our fractional marketing assistants are backed by a data and analytics team, as well as a skilled copywriter and a technology team capable of designing personalization at scale. 

Not at all! This is personalized 1:1 outreach, which means that a genuine professional will reach out organically and strategically to carefully sourced leads who want your product or service.


We pair you with the best team members and establish all your B2B goals.


We plan a strategy and campaign around what the required and desired outcomes are.


We find and contact 300 prospective new and relevant leads for you, using unique messaging to elicit higher response rates, and sending reports and analysis back to you and your sales team.

In a month’s time, you should have 300 new and relevant leads! That’s what our team is there to do for you. In the beginning, we require a tiny bit of time to get acquainted with your digital assets, your sales process and working personas. If that’s quick, you may even see results before the month is done!

You will get to work with a team of experts; from strategists to writers, editors and business professionals. The whole team is there to make sure the planning and execution are flawless and successful.

We don’t do custom quotes, nor will we need to set up any scheduled calls to try and convince you that we are the best, or upsell you to a ‘better’ package. We give it all to you in one go! Our 1:1 Outreach Lead Generation Service costs exactly $750 a month, and not a penny more.

We are ready to go whenever you are! Click on the order link and let’s connect you with the most relevant high-value targets. 

 It’s in your best interest to go after the market in all ways possible, especially if you’re looking for leads NOW, and not willing to wait for Google to notice you, or your inbound marketing campaigns to slowly funnel through.  

Reaching out to people by offering them value is what LinkedIn outreach is all about. We don’t wait for customers to notice us, we step in and make the most relevant connections.

Working with your very own team of specialists will make acquiring customers and doing business so much easier, and take the weight off of your lead generation drives by letting us do it for you. You can now finally focus on everything else!

Who Will Benefit From Sitetrail’s New 1:1 LinkedIn Outreach Service?

  • High-End Sellers
  • Consultants 
  • Accountants 
  • Lawyers 
  • Software Companies 
  • ANY B2B Entity  

Who It’s Not Suitable For:

  • Mass Marketers 
  • Retailers

There are zero limits per company, but individual per profile limits apply:

The number of new connections per day, as well as messages sent to existing connections organically, is limited to 100 per week. 

For this reason, we specify a realistic outreach to 300 new connections per month. 

This can be increased by taking another package for another executive in your business, however we cannot double or triple the connection rate for a single individual Linkedin account and will always remain safely within the limit. 

Our experienced professionals have handled 1:1 LinkedIn Outreaches for many happy clients. 

With Sitetrail, you too can be generating high-quality B2B leads, at scale, on LinkedIn. 

We will help optimize and grow all of your sales team’s LinkedIn profiles to generate authority and trust. 

Refining lead-targeting will aid in engagement and value-added messaging. LinkedIn helps source and start a great, authentic conversation with a prospective client.   

With your Sitetrail team you will be establishing a strategic foundation for your future outbound and account-based sales. 

Together, we will build and optimize your lead generation technique, increasing opportunities and shortening time-to-revenue. 

We help align your sales and marketing teams to realign goals and strategy using LinkedIn’s access to people and data. 

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Used by agencies, accountants, lawyers, B2B software developers and almost the entire insurance industry!

We find your most ideal leads and connect them to you – guaranteed.

Client testimonials - See why this works:

FydcoinFydCoin Crypto group
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This was the most unique tool to do media outreach at scale. It helped us to connect with more journalist quicker.
E. Pollock
E. Pollock
Board member, Outsourcing group
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Finding just 3 new clients per quarter was very useful because of the high client value in our case. Excellent return on investment, thanks!

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