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Powerful proven WordPress & Woocommerce based e commerce platform + website builder & affiliate management system. 

Start A Woocommerce Store with Sitetrail and Sell Online

Affordable Turnkey Solution  Beats most integrated e commerce solutions on top features to jumpstart your new business. 

Superior Features Harness fast, scallable, and comprehensive marketing, SEO, design, and communication tools to evolve your website into a potent growth marketing powerhouse. Exceptionally secure and, on average, 200% faster. Hosting & Design included.

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Powerful Managed Ecommerce

Sitetrail helps you leverage the full potential of WooCommerce, the industry’s leading e-commerce platform, seamlessly integrated with a robust affiliate management system. Add to this our superior SEO dashboard and the unrivaled, unlimited PR access pass, WITH full Google Ads management, and you have a digital commerce powerhouse.

This is further amplified with an intuitive website builder, a dedicated design service, and the world’s fastest hosting, ensuring seamless sales of both physical products and digital services online.


Choose an Ecommerce Store Plan

All plans include store design with exceptionally awesome hosting features such as Litespeed Web Server + Cpanel + WHM + Imunify360 + Image Optimization For Rapid Page Speed 

WP Cloud

Grow your SME with a full marketing suite, backed by our web design service. Safe environment with expert support. 


Renews annually at $1188/year

WP Cloud

All PRO features plus Google Ads pay per click management to instantly start scaling a business into growth mode. 


Renews annually  at $2388/year

Everything you need

Top Ecommerce Features

Sitetrail amplifies the basic WooCommerce and WordPress functionality. This stands out as a trusted, efficient choice, especially when compared to others like Shopify.

WordPress, with its open-source nature, provides transparency and reliability, consistently refined by its vast community. WooCommerce, tailor-made for e-commerce, integrates flawlessly with it. Unlike platforms like Shopify that charge monthly fees or take sales percentages, WooCommerce is primarily free, offering substantial long-term savings.

With our 24/7 support, we ensure continuity. With the inclusion of a Theme Builder featuring over 5000 templates, the design possibilities are expansive. Enhanced speed optimization ensures a smooth user experience, crucial for customer retention.

Safety is prioritized with Sitetrail’s robust malware and security protection, supplemented by a free SSL certificate. CPanel and WHM further ensure robust management, making website operations and server management a breeze. Plus, the added benefit of a free domain name sets businesses up seamlessly.

Tools such as the 1-Click Backup & Restore, Global & U.S. CDN, and Contact Form & Email List Builder boost operational efficiency. Sitetrail’s SEO dashboard, rank tracker, and weekly reports ensure optimal search engine visibility. Their vast library of stock photos and unlimited page creation.

Additional features, from professional web design to email automation and an ecommerce storefront setup, make business operations streamlined. Whether selling services or tangible goods, Sitetrail supports businesses holistically, complete with unlimited press releases and efficient Google Ads PPC management.

Ecommerce Hosting Features

Fastest web hosting with litespeed server, cpanel, whm, woocommerce and a website builder.

Superior Ecommerce Hosting Platform - One Complete Solution

WooCommerce, integrated within the WordPress ecosystem, stands as a beacon of versatility for online businesses. When combined with the powerful affiliate management system available with Sitetrail, businesses are armed with an arsenal of features to scale and succeed in the e-commerce domain.

WooCommerce Explained: At its core, WooCommerce transforms a WordPress website into a fully functional online store. Whether you’re selling physical goods, digital downloads, or services, it accommodates all. Its adaptability allows for a diverse range of products, complete with variable attributes like size, color, and pricing. The platform is also designed to handle multiple payment gateways, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

The built-in analytics tool in WooCommerce provides insights into sales, customer data, and product performance, helping business owners make informed decisions. Its extensive shipping options, from local deliveries to international shipping, allow businesses to reach a global audience seamlessly. For local businesses, features like geo-location support enable accurate tax calculations, ensuring compliance without headaches.

Another standout feature is its extensibility. While WooCommerce comes packed with a plethora of functionalities, its true power lies in the vast array of plugins available. This ensures that as your business grows, your store can evolve and adapt, integrating new features or optimizations as needed.

Powerful Affiliate Management System: Expanding into affiliate marketing can provide significant leverage to any online business, and this is where the integration of the powerful affiliate management system available with Sitetrail comes into play. This system allows businesses to recruit, manage, and reward affiliates effortlessly. Affiliates, in return, promote the products or services, driving more sales and increasing brand visibility.

The system is adept at tracking affiliate referrals reliably, even on servers with aggressive caching. It allows for an unlimited number of affiliates, ensuring that businesses can scale without constraints. Real-time reporting gives insights into affiliate performance, helping businesses to optimize strategies.

Affiliates, on their part, get a dashboard with detailed stats, ensuring transparency and trust. The flexibility in setting commission percentages or flat rates allows businesses to strategize efficiently, ensuring both profitability and attractive incentives for affiliates.

When WooCommerce’s comprehensive e-commerce features meet the capabilities of the powerful affiliate management system, businesses receive a holistic solution. It not only lets them create an online shop but also ensures they can amplify their reach and revenue through affiliate partnerships. It’s a union of robust retail capabilities with expansive marketing outreach.

Websites, especially ecommerce stores based on Woocommerce, need to run smoothly 7 days per week. Nobody wants to request hosting support over a weekend and hear “oh sorry it is not office hours”. For this reason, and to ensure the highest possible uptime, Sitetrail hosting support is 24/7, 365 days per year. 

Sitetrail is a global business with clients in just about all time zones and continents. We know the value of being available when and where the customer is. 

Plugins are essential, but can be expensive for two reasons: Firstly the cost of the plugin and secondly, which is often the most expensive of all, is your time in configuring it. 

This is why we pre-install a selection of the most valuable plugins for our clients and help them with configuration. It is estimated that you save at least $1000 per year on this aspect alone. 

Furthermore, our automatic update software will ensure that clients don’t need to log in every few days to keep track of the plugins that require an update. 

We provide our clients with added peace of mind, that more is done to enhance their website security. 

Many web hosting companies trick the masses to sign up with cheap but insecure hosting – and then they milk their clients with cybersecurity and malware repair fees. This is not our business model at Sitetrail. We have instead invested in some of the best Malware Protection and security infrastructure available in the market. 


A variety of plugins exist on the market. Our current choice is WP-Rocket. However it is our job to remain up to date with the best possible plugins for each aspect. This means that if at any point in time a better or more reliable option becomes available, we will make the change automatically for all our clients’ hosting accounts and ensure that it runs smoothly. 


Since we design or redesign the homepage for most of our client packages – and additional pages depending on the service level agreed with us, we install the worlds’ most popular drag and drop website builder for WordPress, which is Elementor. 

This means that besides us being able to make changes to your website in Elementor PRO – you can use it too and create an unlimited number of new pages and posts for your own website.

This includes thousands of predefined themes that can be tweaked to match the exact style you desire!

For legal reasons we want to be clear: We are not reselling the Elementor PRO license to our clients, but we have bought a license for each client website, to enable both our designers and clients to use all the features of Elementor PRO. 

Our WordPress Toolkit enable clients who had a problem or mistake with their website to log into our hosting anytime and restore their website with one simple click. This will restore the site to a previous date, prior to when the problem occurred. These backup points are incremental which means that a recent copy of your site can always be accessed. 

The best part about this, is unlike some of the very costly backup packages sold as hidden extras by Godaddy and some hosting providers – you get all of this included as standard. 

We’ll help clients set up a contact form for their website, and give them a guide on setting up as many forms as they may need in case more forms are required. 

Then, we integrate the forms into a highly popular and reliable email list builder such as SendinBlue or Mailchimp, fully configured via a WordPress plugin. 

Once this is in place – any client who contacts your business via the email form will automatically be added to your email list, and can then be eligible to receive newsletters. 


Yes absolutely, to the point that our fair usage policy is adhered to and clients remain within the traffic / memory limits of each hosting plan. Remember that with cloud hosting, it is possible to bolt on additional resources and to scale up if your business outgrows it’s original hosting – and this can be done in quite an elastic way.

Sitetrail includes SO many extras. That is the benefit of using a full-spectrum digital agency also as hosting provider. Each hosting plan will specify how many page designs our web design team will create for you. Should clients require additional pages which they do not seek to design themselves, we can arrange it quickly for a nominal add-on fee. 

We have a license to millions of stock images which our clients can use. These images will be available via a specifically defined WordPress plugin that can be accessed by all our hosting clients. 

We operate one of the worlds’ leading affiliate management plugins that can help our clients break free from extortionate intermediary platforms. This means you no longer need Shareasale or CJ Affiliate to manage and recruit affiliates. It even allows for sub-affiliates to be onboarded and managed. 

This affiliate management system integrates with Woocommerce and WordPress – and is a plugin. 

It is included in our packages that mention the “Affiliate Management System” feature alongside WooCommerce. 


Sitetrail hosting supports SEO performance in three crucial ways: 

  1. We include the RankMath PRO plugin which let’s you manage every single aspect of on-site SEO including the famous schema markup tools and SEO monitoring with analytics and search console integration.
  2. Core Web Vitals is a crucial factor – for which we cater with our compulsive speed optimization that is second to none. 
  3. Our CDN setup ensures that clients are served content around the globe through the fastest server points that exist. 


A quick look at our case studies will show our excellent track record in SEO performance for clients. Beyond the hosting element, we also have a strong SEO division for link building and off-site SEO. These are additional services that can be discussed with our management. 

Finally – let’s discuss the essence of cloud hosting and why we believe our client assets are best served through our specific cloud infrastructure choices.

What most people believe sits in the cloud, actually lives in data centers underwater and travels with high speed undersea cables between continents. This entire infrastructure is what enable lightening fast hosting and CDN for global businesses. 

Smaller infrastructure providers can no longer compete with that of Google, Amazon and Microsoft. However, these technology giants have complex systems that the average SME cannot operate with ease. This is why value added resellers are required, who can assist the end user with affordable expertise to make sense of highly complex technology. 

Our philosophy is not to bottleneck the wind – but to assist clients in smooth onboarding and operations within the top performing cloud ecosystems of the world. 

Currently, our favorite is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), however we never rule out the use of Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, given that these are the only other providers comparable to GCP. 


Our team of experienced professionals offer a comprehensive Google Pay Per Click (PPC) search ad management service for a single, straightforward fee. You maintain ownership of your Google Ads account and directly pay Google for the ads. From our end, we handle the heavy lifting: we meticulously set up your ads within the parameters of your stipulated budget, then continuously monitor and optimize the ad performance. We employ our extensive knowledge of Google Ads to ensure maximum visibility and conversion. Our goal is to ensure that every cent of your advertising budget delivers the best possible return on investment, effectively turning your Google Ads account into a powerful engine for business growth. 

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