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How much should web traffic grow after a press release?

Many press release platforms tell clients that it is a “viral” solution but in fact, one single press release is not a magic bullet. As a company that provides a typical ROI of 1:8 we can state unequivocally that nobody has ever earned a few hundred thousand from a syndicated release that duplicates the same old content across many platforms. 

Here are three golden rules you should know about web content marketing:

Stop duplicating and put in the effort to release unique editorials for 3 to 6 months:

When you consistently build unique content and then sit back after a few months, you can see referral traffic coming in – and it may well convert too! But one single press release will probably send you 40 to 100 visitors in 12 months and it should cover the cost of your release. But to build let’s say 9000 visitors per month from referrers, may cost you $8000 over 6 months and deliver a handsome ROI that will make you want to continue with the trend. This is typically what we call guest posting

Get on-site content prepared and then boost it with press releases and guest posts:

The monthly professional blog writing service is what took this client from 300K to 1.1M visitors per month – but off course we combined it with guest posts and editorial news articles and that is why it became so popular around the web. The rule the client put in place was simple: he created 20 off-site links on guest posts for every on-site content page that was created, all 20 of them linking to the on-site page.

Don’t rush to analytics after pushing a single “buy” button:

Placing a guest post order and then running to analytics to sit and watch for results is not actually how it works. That is what you do with pay per click, not with proper on & offsite content marketing. As I pointed out, many clients build 20 off site links for each 1 on-site article – and they do this for a group of 7 on-site pages, THEN they sit back and watch the results! Agencies should not promise magic bullet results from a single release – but more importantly, customers should have the right expectations too. 

To see how these things slot together in a well-run campaign, reach out and we can get you started shortly. 

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Adriaan Brits

Adriaan Brits is the CEO of He works with clients around the world on digital marketing strategy and PR. When it comes to scaling a business, he is one of the top 10 consultants with the biggest media list globally.

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