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How To Get Started with NewsJacking

Newsjacking is a method used by some of the brightest in digital marketing and PR. It is literally like monetizing your creativity. In the past 24 months, I witnessed a few success stories worth mentioning:

  • A gold dealer increased investment related sales by $120M
  • Immigration lawyer increased corporate engagement by 400%
  • Stock trading platform increased revenue by $40M per month
  • Marketing strategy consultant onboarded 23 new clients

What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a marketing and public relations strategy where a brand or organization capitalizes on current events or trending news stories to draw attention to their own content, products, or services. This technique involves injecting the brand’s ideas or angles into breaking news, in real-time, to generate media coverage and social media engagement. The goal is to connect the brand with current affairs, making its content more relevant and engaging for the audience.

Using NewsPass for all your Newsjacking:

Newsjacking is typically NOT done on your own domain – but rather on a 3rd party news website which links to your domain, or to your teams author profile.

STEP1 – Get your news profile:

Here is the fastest route to get started:

STEP2 – Draft titles & news:

Find all the latest news for your industry in the Google Newsfeed, use your team OR use AI to brainstorm some title ideas – and do this every week!

STEP3 – Publish & Repeat next week!

That’s right, you need to do this persistantly on a weekly basis to build momentum over time. Get into the habit of doing this frequently.

Show me some sample newsjacking headlines?

Sure. Reflecting on the major news events of 2023, let’s brainstorm a series of hypothetical headlines that a savvy newsjacking expert might have crafted to capitalize on these stories.

Example 1: GoldZero – dealer in gold investments and gold coins.

News Titles:

The following are non-promotional, insightful newsjacking headlines for GoldZero in the context of 2023’s key news events, while still mentioning the brand name:

  1. Following Economic Uncertainty or Market Fluctuations: “GoldZero Analysis: How Gold’s Historical Stability Offers Insight in Today’s Economic Climate”
  2. In Reaction to a Surge in Inflation Rates: “Understanding Inflation’s Impact on Asset Values: Insights from GoldZero’s Gold Market Experts”
  3. Amidst Global Political Tensions and Their Economic Implications: “GoldZero’s Perspective: The Role of Gold in Navigating Through Political and Economic Tensions”
  4. During Significant Shifts in Global Trade Policies Affecting Commodities: “GoldZero’s Report: Assessing the Impact of New Trade Policies on Gold as a Commodity”
  5. In the Context of Breakthroughs in Sustainable Mining Technologies: “GoldZero Explores: The Future of Gold Mining and Sustainability – An In-Depth Look”

Example 2: EcoYou – sustainable fashion brand.

  1. In Response to Reports on Climate Change and Environmental Impact: “EcoYou’s Take on Fashion’s Future: Dressing Sustainably in a Climate-Conscious World”
  2. Following a Major Fashion Industry Conference on Sustainability: “From Runway to Reality: EcoYou’s Vision for Sustainable Fashion Post-2023 Conference Insights”
  3. Amidst Rising Consumer Demand for Eco-friendly Products: “EcoYou Leads the Green Wave: How Our Ethical Fashion Choices Reflect Rising Eco-Conscious Trends”
  4. In the Wake of New Environmental Legislation Affecting Textile Production: “Navigating New Norms: EcoYou’s Commitment to Sustainable Practices Post-Environmental Legislation”
  5. On World Environment Day, Highlighting the Role of Fashion in Sustainability: “Fashion with Purpose: EcoYou Celebrates World Environment Day with a Pledge for a Greener Tomorrow”

Get started with Newsjacking

Now is an excellent time to start using newsjacking for several reasons. Firstly, with the increasing amount of information online, it’s getting harder for brands to grab the audience’s attention. Newsjacking, by aligning with current events, gives a brand immediate relevance and context, which can capture interest more effectively than traditional marketing methods. Secondly, the digital landscape is highly dynamic, and audiences are constantly looking for fresh and timely content. By capitalizing on trending news, a brand can generate more engagement and, as a result, increase referral traffic. Lastly, in a crowded market, originality and quick response are key. Newsjacking, when done thoughtfully, showcases a brand’s agility and creativity, enhancing brand awareness and setting it apart from competitors.

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