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Instagram Blue Tick: 5 Tips To Get It

Getting verified on Instagram is the social media equivalent to having a star on Hollywood boulevard, and the little blue tick definitely comes with a variety of perks. The symbol shows users that your brand is not only significant but also relative and credible. You will also rack up your following a lot faster faster, as your account becomes more prominent on the feed of both followers and the apps explore page.

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However, getting verified is not a straightforward process and the requirements are rather strict and reserved for accounts that meet all of the qualifying conditions. Here are 5 tips that will help in getting your account a few steps closer to verification.

5 Ways To Get The Instagram Verified Tick

Be Authentic

Getting verified will only happen if Instagram finds that your content is of great interest to their community. Verified Instagram pages often have a common thread in that they all provide a unique approach to how they entertain their followers. Instagram considers follower engagement and account growth as an important aspect of their verification process.

Have a broad and notable presence  

Instagram looks at how notable and recognized your brand is before they decide to award their blue tick badge of honor, reserved for just the elite few that have already been noticed. Preference is given to brands that have appeared in multiple news articles but this does not include articles that are published as “paid” or “promotional” content.

 Many brands turn to companies that offer PR services which help get your newsworthy content published by credible news outlets. These services however, should not be confused with scammers who promise “guaranteed verification” but have no intention or means to deliver.

Have a public account

Instagram will not verify an account that is private. All verified accounts need to be open to the public in order to even be considered for a verification application. If you are concerned about your protection with a public account, the app does provide a host of security features that will help in keeping the internet trolls at bay.


Be Patient

Unless you are a well-known celebrity or socialite, the chances of getting verified straight off the bat is extremely rare. Focus on growing and building your brand before you apply for verification to avoid disappointment.


However, if you already have a large online or well noted presence that Instagram is able to identify without having to even look for it, then you might be one of the lucky few to get a swift verification.

Follow the rules

Remember that for as long as your account is on Instagram, they have the right to remove verification badges and even blacklist your account should they find that you have gone against their terms and conditions. The advertising, transferring or selling of a verified account is prohibited and warrants immediate loss of account if flagged.


The promotion of services or activities that go against the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use via profile pictures, bio or name section is another way to get dismissed from the social media platform.

Final Thoughts 

A verified Instagram account is definitely an asset that will help to grow and build your brand. The algorithm of the app, as it stands, favors verified accounts making them more visible and increases community engagement. These perks however are only available to a select few that fit the platform’s criteria. 


Whilst the above tips may not guarantee that your account will get a verification badge, it does serve as a good guideline for steps and measures that can be taken to better the chances of a successful outcome.


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Virginia Sagal

Virginia is a business consultant who specializes in the digital economy.

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