Digital Marketing

Predicting near-time online trends

The latest play by Heat the ad agency of Deloitte is pretty interesting: It is to analyze a hundred million posts every day which will give them the ability to make as many as 1 million predictions every 30 minutes. They are doing this by making use of a sophisticated …

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Five Tips For Low-Cost Digital Marketing Campaigns

pay per click

Five Tips For Low-Cost Digital Marketing Campaigns Digital marketing has proved to be heavily effective for businesses all across the globe, allowing them to enhance their online presence across the web. It’s no secret that digital marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money, with both SEO and PPC campaigns …

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3 Practical SEO Tips for B2B Tech Companies

attribution modelling

The tech market is particularly crowded and as a B2B business, most of your clients will likely be more technologically aware and careful in checking their options than the general consumers which B2C companies target. Reports suggest that over 80% of B2B business relations begin with a simple search on …

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Long hours on-screen? Get a peak office chair

Cumfy chairs for long hours are not just for dentists, surgeons and architecs – but indeed for all officer workers. Can’t think of a better tool for a digital marketer than a “Peak Office Chair”.    It’s not a new trend either: “modern ergonomics emerged as a result of World …

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