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Twitter Verification Service

UPDATE 7th November 2022: This service is no longer available since Elon Musk (Chief Twit) changed the requirements for Twitter Verification: It is no longer based on notability, but on a monthly payment to Twitter directly. Please see the statement below from CEO Adriaan Brits regarding potential advocacy to marketers to spend advertising budgets with Twitter. 

The Sitetrail Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Verification Support still relies on PR and notability. For more information see below:

With regards to advertising on Twitter: we are cautiously optimistic about the potential of Twitter becoming “politically neutral” and desisting in censorship. One further requirement before we advocate paid ads on Twitter would be that Mr. Musk demonstrate to advertisers that Twitter got rid of bots and substantially limited the possibility of accidental clicks – as fake / harmful clicks is currently a big problem across all major social media channels.  

Previous guidance - now expired:

Already have a popular legitimate Instagram account with many followers? Twitter re-opened their verification and you can now apply! See if our special PR support service is for you:

The preparation of  Twitter accounts improves chances of successful verification. Key requirements are that one should be known on popular news channels. If you already have sufficient media visibility, our service may not be needed. If you lack media visibility: we can help through a combination of written interviews and editorial news articles on authentic media sources. News articles can include photos, videos and direct quotes, prepared by our specialist editors.

PR and Verification Proces: 3 Easy Steps


Our PR experts will analyze your existing press exposure and create new Google News indexed media articles, leading to sufficient exposure in the press. We take care of all the writing.

Final check

You will proofread all our content to make sure you are happy. Send us images and videos to embed, as well as any final information. We then publish this with our media partners and share a report with you.

Submit for verification

Upon receiving your PR results, you are ready to follow the simple process of applying directly with Twitter for verification. The approval status will be decided by Twitter staff and shared with you.

What is Twitter Verification?

Celebrities, Sport stars, brands and many entities require Twitter Verification. Having a verified account on any social media platform is almost the same as having a famous best friend. It’s like saying to the world “hey look over here”, but in a more subtle and less annoying way. Like many other social media platforms, Twitter has started offering verification services to its users. The great thing about verification services is that it not only provides safety and security to your account or profile; it’s a way for Twitter to ensure the account that’s being used is of authentic ownership by you, or a company. To have your honorary blue badge would ensure that you can have access to different notification and direct message settings, and also it will link the public with the real owner of every account.


The great thing about Twitter is that it’s a convenient and easy way to read what people are getting up to. If you enjoy politics, religious scriptures or what the latest trends are; Twitter gives you all of that in 280 characters. Although it’s a great way to quickly stay connected with the outside world, Twitter has over time been experiencing more and more parody accounts being created. If you don’t know what a parody account is, search any person or company and you might be surprised to find tens of different accounts linking to the same thing. The verification services make it easier to cancel and ignore these “fake” accounts, and drive more traffic to those accounts of true authenticity. Ultimately, after Twitter announced they will allow anyone to have a verified account help to ensures you will be in touch with high-quality profiles and content. Around 187, 000 of 320 million monthly Twitter users are currently verified, which might seem slim comparing the vast expansion of this platform.


Twitter, like Facebook or Instagram and now also LinkedIn is a great way to sell and market yourself. You can network with various companies, entrepreneurs, colleagues and anyone in your industry. Having Twitter verification will truly set you aside from other accounts, as it will showcase your true value and influence in the community; but also your career. Verification services are a great way to get your followers and following involved in something bigger or more important than being on top of the latest trends. The platform allows you to quickly spread and share information of something you want everyone to be part of. It’s a way to form an online community of people, who can contribute to the collective good of the digital age.

The latest Twitter requirements for Verification:

Currently, Twitter verification is ON HOLD, however they now announced new requirements – and thousands of influencers are actively getting ready to meet these requirements the moment Twitter resumes with verification. 

These are the requirements stated by Twitter:

If you meet most minimum requirements but lack featured news references for the sake of notability, our service can help you achieve that quickly. 

Specific Media Visibility Requirements:

For many applicants, insufficient media referencing is the biggest problem. This is exactly where the Sitetrail team can make the difference. We’ll get you into the media through our relevant connections and ex-journalist writers.

Twitter Verification: Media requirements

Social Media Verification Pocast - Meet our Team

Gain an in-depth understanding of Social Media Verification by listening to our latest podcast with the Sitetrail team.

Explore the benefits of Twitter Verification


Being authentic and original matters online - and Twitter verification helps to maintain that sort of status. Because the process will clearly review your profile and if your credentials match up with your profile, you can rest assured that verification services boast your authenticity on this massive media platform. The same can be said for companies; how many different accounts are there for something as simple as a soda brand or even a car brand, almost thousands. Now you can be assured that your profile is authentic in its delivery and build a bigger audience.


The profile you have in front of you can become a well-rounded and trusted name. That is part of online branding. Depending on your field or industry, your profile has the ability to gain more trust from the general public after being verified. If your business or company boast a blue badge next to their name, people tend to be more psychologically drawn to those accounts and feel a lot safer with the services you offer. Build trust by having your twitter account verified.

Orchestrate Action

Twitter is not censored like Whatsapp if you consider the viral factor of the platform and supporting policies. This can be used for good or bad: but there is no denying that Twitter is powerful in your communication toolbox. Whether for crisis communication, social action or promotional purpuses: Twitter can orchestrate huge action when influencers us it right.


With power comes responsibility. Greater authority comes natural from having a verified account - it is something we all want; some just use it in the wrong way, especially on Twitter. After being verified, influencers and business accounts are more likely to be trusted and also have authority over the service or product they sell. Authoritarian accounts might seem a bit unpleasant, but this will help verified accounts to have more data points to share and build trust in their followers.

Power user benefits

Wouldn’t it be great to remove all those unwanted and boring Tweets and accounts from your feed, and only see the things you’re interested in? Well, verified accounts have the ability to filter notifications and will only include notifications from other verified users. It’s like building a small community of strictly verified users on your Twitter.


Verified accounts with TWITTER tend to be ranked higher in search results, as these accounts are well-known and receive an abundance of viewer traffic. They can receive more traffic and followers that will be comfortable with the content published on the account. It goes without saying that the more traffic your profile receives as a business, the likelihood of receiving more website clicks are pretty high. It will only result in more sales and a better revenue streams.

Influencer recognition

Once recognized as an influencer you will build generate more shares, likes and subsequent traffic. The public is quite perceptive to social ranking and authority. If you do not want to pay and boost your Twitter posts, being verified is the only other way to really gain influence and results from your Twitter account.

Twitter verification: Frequently asked questions

Now Twitter might make it simpler and easier for public users to become verified, the process will still take up some of your time. Although there aren’t strict requirements such as Instagram we can provide some other prerequisites you may want to look at. Requirements include that you have an active Twitter account, which has been used within the last two weeks; and should be engaging.

It’s good to sell yourself in any way possible. Have a great Twitter bio, only saying the best things about you. Think of it as applying for a new job, you’re not going to talk about your embarrassing moments or use an outdated profile picture, show off who you are. If you have the chance to link your profile to an already verified account, it will only help your application process. If you work for a big company or firm, add their handle in your bio and say what your position at the company is.

Take a look at how other verified accounts look, what are they saying in their bios and how they’re saying it? Twitter is a great platform to market your business and company, so always be short, simple and make an impact.

Although it might seem that Twitter is giving out blue badges to just about everyone, it’s not the case. Some regular and public users have found success in getting accepted for verification. If you work in any of the following fields, your chances might be better to get verified; music, television & film, fashion, government, religion, journalism, sports or business. Twitter does make a big thing about your account or profile being of public interest.

Twitter makes use of an online application process, which can become long and tedious. They want to know everything about you, and you will have to submit personal identification. Closer to the end you will be asked to tell Twitter why you should be verified. Many journalists and social media experts suggest that you be honest in your approach, but also write your pitch with empathy. Make sure you make the most out of the 500 character limit and sell yourself.

No. We simply follow a proven way of creating strong online PR for you, which will lend credibility for anyone seeking to succeed on either Twitter, Instagram or Wikipedia. 

Nobody can “guarantee” Twitter verification since they are a 3rd party. This is a PR service that will get you notability in the news. 

If Twitter determines that more notability is required, they may decline your verification and you may need to obtain more notability before succeeding. 

Agencies do not make a difference in the technical aspects of applying. The main area where you can get help, is through a legitimate PR agency (like us) that can secure authentic news articles to support verification. 

Twitter verification agencies typically make sure that an account is legitimate, not impersonating anyone and then add other areas of PR support to secure a notable presence. 

Once your application has been sent in, it all depends on whether the Twitter verification team deems your profile of public interest. Some accounts can have 1000 followers or almost one million followers; it’s not what your follower count looks like, but rather the impact and influence your profile brings to the public.

We have seen that Instagram and TikTok often require larger follower numbers than Twitter, but that Twitter can be more stringent in terms of media requirements. For this reason, making use of our premium PR package will give you the best chance of satisfying the requirements. 

Twitter does not endorse any verified accounts on the platform. It’s safe to know that many public figures that are verified do get paid for their presence, but that’s being done through their own personal channels or perhaps paid partnership deals. Verification means authenticity, not always getting paid.

The main reason is to ensure authenticity on the platform, but also to show that the profile you have is only operated and owned by you or one sole entity. You may have other commercial and brand protection reasons too.

Because your profile is simply verified doesn’t make your content or your online appearance any more dominant. Twitter reserves the right to remove your verification status at any time without notice. Depending on the severity of the offence, you might want to read their verification rules beforehand, as misleading content, promotion of violence, suicide, gruesome content, hate speech, direct or indirect threats to the general public and more will let you lose your blue badge.

Realistically, at least 8 good news articles that are authentic will be needed. In some cases if you have less than that, but a Wikipedia profile or IAMDB (for example) it can still work. Some brands and influencers spend in the region of $5000 to $1500 in order to appear in more notable publications. Talk to us if you want more than this basic package and we can provide you with information. 

In many cases however, clients use the basic package first in order to test if they can be successful at a lower budget. 

According to Twitter:

The blue Verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.
To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active.

User-made changes include, but are not limited to:
  1. If you change your username (@handle)
  2. If your account becomes inactive or incomplete.

Twitter Verification Process: How to get verified on Twitter

IF YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT PRESS COVERAGE – You can simply do this without our assistance and save money. The next step is to proceed with the only legitimate way to get your account verified: To request a verification badge from TWITTER itself. Do not hand over your login details for someone else to do this, do it yourself from your OWN IP and regularly used device.

Follow a methodical but simple step-by-step process once we helped you gain publicity.

Step-by-step verification is quite easy:

First, be of public interest. Let’s explain this better:  It is good to be published and featured in articles boasting your name all over the internet. This is something our team can help you with.

BEFORE APPLYING: follow some protocols beforehand; this can be and is not limited to setting your profile and tweets to public so that anyone can view it. Once you access the Twitter Verification process, there is a step-by-step guide that will help you. Other things that you might need to do are to complete your profile to its best, add your birthday, add a verified phone number and also confirm the email address connected to your profile.

Personal profiles: Note that if you’re applying for verification of your personal profile, and not that of a business or company, Twitter will require you to provide full personal identification. This will be anything like a driver’s license or a passport. It’s not always certain who finally decides why your profile should get verified, but having the minimum requirements on your profile and even additional information or published work will help speed up the process. Twitter only ensures that your account is of public interest, so you might want to get some articles written and published on yourself, or perhaps share valuable content and information that will be beneficial for the general public.

Twitter wants its users to access high-quality profiles and accounts at all times, and connect everyone with a broader audience. Social media influencers have done a great job of posting and sharing their spectacular lives with their following, and it’s been beneficial for them. It’s great to share your experiences and content with a big following, but make sure it’s of high-quality and also is original creative content.

Remember that Twitter has updated its policy to not only verify accounts that are official, such as celebrities or sports stars, and have given the general public the opportunity to also have their personal accounts verified. This initiative will help reduce abusive behaviour on the site but ultimately will give you the chance to be deemed the sole owner of your personal or business account. The problem with buying fake TWITTER followers is that people may sell you “bot” followers from fake accounts. 

If you have genuine Twitter followers and now require sufficient news coverage before applying for verification  – then this service is the perfect solution. Note that you may be required to obtain more PR or have other assets like a Wikipedia page too.