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What is OnlyFans and how can you make money from it?

The Ultimate Guide to Earning $$$$ on

OnlyFans is a British company that was launched in 2016 as an innovative subscription-based social media site. Today this subscription based social media is getting more and more popular as creators can make direct money from the sites. What attracts subscribers to this is that the subscriber chooses which, or whose content they want to view, and pay a fee for viewing. In this article we introduce readers to OnlyFans, how it works and how to get started. We also share some innovative ideas on how to grow one’s subscribers on OnlyFans for free as well as how to utilize Instagram as a marketing engine for an OnlyFans site.

In this article, you will see exactly what marketing techniques top influencers use and determine your cost for starting a business on OnlyFans and other alternative options. Let’s get started: 

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What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media site. What does this mean? OnlyFans is not an app but a website. Content creators can monetize their influence by locking their content behind a paywall that allows fans to see and access their content through paying a monthly subscription fee. It is not an app but rather a site one can access from any internet search engine like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox ect. 

What makes OnlyFans different from the other sites is that creators may post more sexual content than allowed on other social media platforms. It is a more controversial site as people can post any type of content and not get blocked, or the content be removed. No, it is not a porn site, however it is and can be used as one. 

How much can you make on OnlyFans?

Monica Huldt told BusinessInsider she earns $100K per year from her fans. Another student Kaya Corbridge, from Colne, Lancashire earns in excess of $38K per month – that is more than a whopping $400K per annum. We also point out below this article, how at least 10 influencers earn more than $1M per month from the platform. 

How does OnlyFans work?

There are 5 main pages on the OnlyFans site; Home, Notifications, Create, Chats and Menu. On the Home page one will see all the content shared by the creators that one has subscribed to, as well as suggestions on who to subscribe to and a search bar to search creators. The Notification page is used to see all ones notifications, these include notifications on likes, subscriptions, users followed and past interactions. On the Create Page one can start sharing content and even set up a poll. The Menu page slides from the right and there you will be able to see your user name, display name as well as the number of followers and fans you currently have. One can also access your profile from the Menu page and other features like banking info, settings, lists and bookmarks.

Creators on OnlyFans can set up a subscription-based page where fans can pay a monthly subscription of between $4.99 – $49.99. Creators can also have a free page and charge their fans who want to access their content on a pay-per-view basis. OnlyFans pays out content creators 80% of the earnings made on content and keeps 20% as a fee. Influencers and content creators can interact with their fans through direct messaging on the site.

OnlyFans Is A Serious Revenue Opportunity

  • Many models spend more than $9K/month to maintain their $50K revenue, which is approximately 20% of their earnings
  • Starting a business like this for just $10K or less, is more profitable with a higher ROI than many other opportunities.

How big is OnlyFans?

Since 2016 the site has grown to more than 30 million subscribers and has over 450 000 content creators. This site is fast growing and becoming more popular by subscribers and creators. Since OnlyFans launched they have paid out content creators over $600 000. In May of 2020 OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely commented that OnlyFans sees about 200 000 new users every 24 hours and between 6000 – 8000 new creators joining daily.

Who uses OnlyFans?

Many people only think of OnlyFans as an explicit-only site as users may create more risky content. In 2019 The New York Times commented that OnlyFans had changed sexwork forever calling OnlyFans the “paywall of porn”. There are many adult perfomers, sex workers, and models who share adult material. Because of this there are restrictions on the age of people joining this site. No under 18’s allowed! 

Even though there are many people who post and share X-rated content there are many other creators like artists, chefs, musicians, actors, fitness instructors and other influencers using this site to share their lives with fans and monetizing their content. OnlyFans is used by many different influencers and creators.

Famous actors like Bella Thorne, who joined OnlyFans and made millions of dollars in a few days, utilizing the OnlyFans site. Another interesting creator is Caroline Calloway who gets an annual salary of $220 000 per year through dressing up as literary characters and posting the content. TV celebrities Blac Chyna and Chad Jonson also use this platform for content creation. Blac Chyna charges fans $50 per month to access her content on her OnlyFans page. Cardi B, a famous musician, has also recently joined the OnlyFans famous creators list. Others like Tana Mongeau, renowned influencer, Farrah Abrahams and Dorinda Medley, bothe TV stars, have also joined the OnlyFans sites. OnlyFans is just such a great site to make extra money.

Is OnlyFans safe?

OnlyFans is very concentrated on safety and privacy. Because there is explicit content, users have to be over 18 years of age to have an OnlyFans account. This is regulated by request of a government issued identification document before signing up. OnlyFans take the privacy of their creators very seriously. They have a dedicated DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) team that reports all copyright violations and issues formal takedown notices.  Notices are issued on illicit hosting services, illicit domain registrars and target websites. Infringement on copyright notices are also notified to all major search engines.

One can also not share any content posted on OnlyFans to another site or social media. The privacy is so advanced that people are also not able to take a screenshot of the content. If they try, the screenshot will appear black and that users will be reported and banned off the site.

How to promote OnlyFans on Instagram?

Today, being an influencer and content creator is many peoples day job, and monetizing the creation of content can be very difficult. Influencers affect their followers purchasing decisions through their content and popularity. The influencing game is really big on Instagram and influencers only get paid by the partnerships they make with businesses promoting their products through the content creators. On Instagram celebrity personalities and popular influencers get verified so that followers know they are not being influenced by an imposter posing as that person. One would need over 10 000 followers to get verified on Instagram. Many companies and influencers have verified accounts and use ones Instagram Verified Account to get more subscribers to an OnlyFans page. This would drive traffic to one s OnlyFans site where more people would subscribe to the content on the influencer or businesses page. This way influencers and businesses coils make more money on social media content.

How do I promote my OnlyFans account on Instagram?

There are a few methods one could use to promote one’s OnlyFans account on Instagram, funneling more subscribers to the OnlyFans page, and in turn making more money. When having an Instagram Verified Account one can use the swipe up feature in the Instagram stories, leading followers to the OnlyFans page.

One can also promote the OnlyFans account through posting pictures and videos, just be careful, if the content is too explicit, Instagram will remove it.

Another way to promote the OnlyFans page is through adding it to the bio link on Instagram. Instagram allows users to have only one link in your bio, adding your OnlyFans link, and then promoting it could lead more subscribers to your OnlyFans page.

How do I get started on OnlyFans?

Intrigued and wanting to start earning money on OnlyFans? It’s quite easy to start. One can either join as a subscriber or creator. Let’s have a look below on how to get started as a creator or subscriber on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Creator

It is quite easy to start on this site, there are however some added info OnlyFans requests before the profile is approved. Have a photo of a government-issued ID at hand as they will ask the user to upload it.

To get started, go to the OnlyFans site. Beneath the “login” option, there is a “Sign up for” option, click on that. Then enter an email address and set up a password for the site, add the site name and agree to the T&C of the OnlyFans site. An email will appear in the mailbox asgivin in the prompts, confirming the email address. Now you are ready to start putting together your profile. Add a profile picture, custom username, fill out the about section, add a website and a location. One can also add a Spotify account and Amazon wishlist. 

After the profile section is completed, go to “Account”, where one can add a bank account and payment information, one also sets up one’s subscription price. Choose the country where you are from and confirm that you are over the age of 18, then click next. One will then, on the next page, need to fill in one’s legal name, address, date of birth and here one needs to upload photos of the government-issued ID. Next the creator has to indicate what type of content will be shared on OnlyFans, one has to indicate if adult, explicit or pornographic content will be posted. Thereafter, click on “Send for Approval”. After the account is approved one can start posting and earning.

OnlyFans Subscriber

If one wants to become a subscriber, it is also a very easy process. Go to’s website and click on the “signup” button. Follow the prompts and then confirm the email address given. After confirming the email address click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the page. Then click on “Your Card” to add a payment method and card. After doing that you are now a subscriber. Now one can subscribe to one’s favourite creators and influencers content or page. Subscriptions can be done at any time and after clicking the “subscribe” button on a page, content will be available to view immediately.

Can I make money from OnlyFans?

Yes! That is the purpose of OnlyFans, monetizing content creation. Below we explain how content creators and non-content creators can make money through OnlyFans.


Subscription rates of fans vary from $4.99 – $49.99 per month. As a creator one can set up tips that fans can pay. Tips start at a minimum of $5. Creators can also set up a free account and have exclusive content be viewed if the fan pays for it, basically a pay-per-view set up. Money can also be earned through private messaging that also starts at a minimum of $5. Making money from OnlyFans iis hard work, as one has to focus on getting subscribers. The more subscribers the more money, and getting more subscribers will mean frequent posting keeping fans interested and on the page. Creators have shared that it is a fulltime job to post on OnlyFans everyday, getting subscribers and making it worth the money. Creators and influencers can also sell personal  content on OnlyFans at an additional fee. Payouts from OnlyFans every 21 days, and only 80% of earnings are paid as the rest goes to OnlyFans as a fee.


What’s really cool about this site is that they reward people who refer creators to their page. Just another way of making some money through People who refer creators to OnlyFans get 5% of the earnings of the referred creator for the next year up to $1 million. What a great way to make a passive income. There are no limits to how many creators one can refer to OnlyFans and referral fees are paid out monthly.


  • Bella Thorne is rumored to earn in excess of $9Million per month.  Cardi B is not far behind with an estimated $7Million per month. 
  • Micheal Ray Stevenson or “Tyga” is said to earn around $5Million per month. Mia Kalifa, an adult star, is in the same earnings bracket. 
  • Erica Jasmin Mena is an American TV personality who is estimated to earn more than $3Million per month from OnlyFans.
  • Singers make it big too: Pia Mia is an American actress and singer who exceeds $1.5Million per month by reasonable estimates. 
  • Safaree Samuels run AfterDarkTALK as a couples gig on OnlyFans – we think they are certainly making over a million/month. 
  • There are those who we estimate to be earning a little under a million per month, for example the Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson, Slim Exotica, Jordan Rene, Laci Kay Summers and Megan Ashli.

Final take: making money on

OnlyFans is an innovative site which allows many different and a variety of creators to tell their story and post what they love, while directly monetizing from their fans. Using platforms like Instagram to funnel traffic to ones OnlyFans page can mean great success on the ones OnlyFans page and more subscribers means more money. Businesses and influencers can utilize this great, innovative and rapidly growing social media site to their advantage.

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