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SEO & Digital Marketing Tips for Mental Health Rehab & Addiction

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In the United States mental health and substance abuse statistics are astonishing and keep on rising. Over the past 20 years we note a suicide-rate increase of 35%, growing at a rate of close to 2% per year. Suicide has now become a leading cause of death for many countries with research showing that 60% of people who die by suicide suffer from mental health disorders or addiction. Whether a family member, close friend or even a coworker, issues dealing with mental health and addictions are sensitive and delicate topics to both deal with and approach for all parties involved and that includes organizations that promote services to treat patients that suffer from these illnesses. 

Globally, scammers and third party lead generators continue to make it difficult for organizations to rank their websites to be found by the people that need it and adding significantly more to this difficulty is the way in which Google presents search results. Depending on the country, it will rank the national helpline as the top result making it nearly impossible to rank without the proper SEO knowledge and digital marketing skills. What follows is a list of top SEO and digital marketing tips for mental health, rehab and addiction organizations that can be easily adopted to kickstart growth, improve ranking and ensure that the right audience is attracted, at the right time.

Top Digital Marketing Tips for Mental Health Rehab and Addiction

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1. Press Releases for the Mental Health Rehab and Addiction:

With so many different kinds of media outlets currently circulating the market, the one that has withstand the test of time is press releases. The truth of the matter is that people want to stay informed and there still exists a good handful of audiences that constantly look for engaging content that is informative and captivating to read. With regards to the mental health and addiction industry it has become increasingly more important to educate both those suffering from these conditions and their families. Research shows that many countries across the world still struggle to understand and comprehend that these conditions can be cured if treated correctly. Educating your audience is vital for both short and long term growth and press releases can help achieve that. What’s more is that in today’s digital era, the array of new communication channels currently out there for both readers and companies to gain and publish information has brought along with it new ways to engage and educate audiences. Throughout the past years the landscape of digital communication has undergone constant change and evolution but press releases remain, and will continue to do so, a relevant tool for companies across industries to effectively communicate with their broader stakeholder community.

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2. On-Site Content Marketing for the Mental Health Rehab and Addiction:

When it comes to on-site content marketing a good strategy to pursue is quality over quantity. Use the keywords already generated and create content that is keyword rich, ultimately this is what will be the most beneficial for your sites content. Before creating new content a good exercise is always to check if there is anything that can be optimized even more. In the long run this will ensure that your site markets using only the best and most efficient content and gets rid of all the extra noise.

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3. SEO, Guest Posting & Link Building for the Mental Health Rehab and Addiction:

As mentioned before, a search engine is your best friend in this industry as many health care patients or their family members will use it to scope out potential providers, therefore optimizing using the correct keywords and other methods to improve ranking becomes a vital step in the process as the majority of searchers seldom make it past the first page of results. Furthermore, research has shown that the urgency of the situation and the desperate state-of-being people are in when seeking this type of help lead them to call the first number they come across in their organic search. The question then becomes how do you go about improving your search rankings? Keywords. Think about possible terms prospective clients might use to find your organization online. Make a list of these words and incorporate them into your website, a good strategy would be to do this process for each page of your site. Adding your practice to the various local online directories is also a great way to increase visibility for search engines and human visitors alike. These listings are everything from local health care directories, Google Find My Business, Yelp to industry specific ones like GoodTherapy and Psychology Today. Backlinks are another easy and efficient way to increase your sites domain authority. Essentially what you want is to get as many links, from credible sources, back to your website. It increases organic traffic by telling Google you are an authority and provides you with relevant traffic from similar sites. Start small, make partnerships with the local business that offer complimentary service to yours and once you have a good foundation, contribute guest posts and articles to local  health-related websites in order to expand. Although time consuming, these steps are a sure way to increase ranking and gain credibility within your local and online community.

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4. Social Media Verification for the Mental Health Rehab and Addiction:

Social media has become such an important tool in the 21st  century and the use thereof spands mountains. It is common for many organizations to use these platforms to not only market their services but to also share and publicize success stories that inspire others to take a step in the same direction. Small actions like these that take up relatively little time can gain your businesses traction on social media and ensure top of mind when next time someone is in need of a provider. Not only this but it later became an ingenious way to notify a large group of people very quickly, that could be anything from a new blog post on your site to new products or services currently on offer.

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BONUS TIP - Blogging

As a bonus tip to end off this article and to give you the upper hand, consider starting a blog. Blogging has become a great way to build a following of people that regularly visit your site to gain new information or keep up with industry news. As with all content on your site, make sure it’s well written and consists of engaging information that is helpful to your audience. Another trend that is seen on many sites is to write content that is especially useful for the decision making audience members. Considering the amount of articles you might need to write it could be beneficial to contract a team of experts, leaving you more time to focus on other business aspects that keep you running smoothly.

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