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12 PPC approaches to add to your Facebook ad strategies

Pay Per Click

Newsflash: Your Facebook Advertising strategies will determine if your business dreams will be sweet or a gory nightmare.

Facebook is a pay per click marketing channel. This implies that each time someone clicks on your ad you will have to pay Facebook. Plus, you maybe be charged based on ad impressions, video views or additional metrics.

To make sure you score on Facebook you will need a rock hard PPC strategy. This will help you get more customer to your website, and to ultimately increase your sales.

The reality of a great Facebook strategy is actually based on successes and failures. There is one thing that you should include in your strategy that of a safety net. This net is in the form of multiple Facebook PPC strategies that you apply at once. The key here is logic. If the one strategy fails, you still have the others to bring you the results.

1 Experiment with new ad placements

Experiment with diverse Facebook ad placements to discover which one has the lowest cost-per-conversion and the highest ROI. In the ads manager, there are 9 Facebook ad placements listed, namely Facebook Desktop Newsfeed, Facebook Mobile Newsfeed, The Right-hand Column, Facebook Instant Articles, Facebook In-Stream Videos, Facebook Suggested Videos, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Audience Network. However, you don’t have to be restricted to Facebook. There are other platforms, like Instagram ads, they just cost more.

2 Combine Facebook ads and Google AdWords

You can improve your results if you combine Facebook Ads Manager and Google AdWords. Yes, they are different platforms, still many have seen the benefit of using both. Thereby both complement each other and are used to take the customer through the marketing funnel. The different PPC channels are then used to convert the customer. (Also click here to read When it comes to PPC audience targeting, why restrict yourself to Google only? ).

3 Combine Facebook ads and content marketing

The stats indicate that 20% of funds should be focused on content marketing strategy, and 80% on content promotion. Simply put, you need to make sure people know about your whitepapers, by promoting it. This could include sharing it on your Facebook fan page.

Facebook offers you some benefits, like a lower cost per click price as compared as o other paid channels. Facebook offers an audience targeting option that puts you in reach of many new customers. Facebook allows you to combine paid promotion with organic reach. And, Facebook Boosted Posts are user-friendly as they are easy to set up and manage.

4 Set up strategy A/B tests

As simple principle to apply is to always use Facebook ads split testing to experiment with diverse campaign elements and to gage which leads to the best results.

5 Target your competitor’s fans

You can target your competitors fans by creating a Facebook save audience and under the Interests category, enter the names of competing brands. You are about to target and steal some of their customers away. Besides the obvious, there are some benefits of targeting competitor’s fans. The benefits ranges from that the fans already has a liking for similar products than yours, and that they can be known to your products concepts. Just one thing, the competitor’s fans might be brand loyal so will be hard to convert them.

6 Set up a Facebook marketing funnel

Depending on where customers are on your marketing funnel, they can differ.

Still there are 4 stages to a Facebook marketing funnel: namely attracting cold audiences, converting warm audience, closing deals with leads, and delighting your existing customers. You marketing funnel will give you a better overview of your audience and your offers. Plus you will find it easier to develop the right offers and campaigns for different target audiences, in doing so your ads will receive higher relevance score.

To get to a point where you have a high ROI Facebook advertising campaign, you should draft a new offer and marketing strategy for all 4 stages of the marketing funnel.

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7 Experiment with Facebook leads ads

In a marketing funnel, you want to guide a customer from one stage to the next. To do this in your PPC strategy you can do this by adding in Facebook Lead Ads. The value of this is that people can download your content and share their contact details without leaving Facebook. This make it very convenient for the customer, and anything that speeds a process up lessen people from turning down your offer.

8 Earn more Facebook page likes

Let’s be clear, it’s not a sustainable marketing strategy if your goal is to get more likes for the sake of likes. There are better reasons to get more Facebook page likes. One is that you can create Facebook campaigns targeting your fan’s friends. Here people that see your ads will be in the mind-set that they will be trusting your brand more as they can see their friends are liking your ads.

9 Think re-marketing

In the awareness stage of the marketing funnel, cold audiences can be get hold of both by way of Facebook Saved Audience targeting and display advertising. But the sales messages will have a stronger impact on the leads if the customers has been on the website before. Thus there’s a bigger chance that they will buy from you. This is where re-marketing becomes effective, and it can be applied on every level of your marketing funnel.

On Facebook, you can set up new remarketing audiences by installing Facebook Pixel and then creating new custom audiences. The types of audiences you can create, includes people who have visited the pricing page, people who abandoned their shopping cart, customers who already purchased from you, specific landing page visitors; and your blog readers and fans. Just one thing, when setting up set it that once a customer has converted you can exclude them.

10 Use Facebook ads for retention

You have done so much effort to get a customer, now do your best to keep them. And there’s a benefit for you. If you increase your customer retention rates by 5% you can increase your profits by 25-95%.

Besides, a happy customer will lead to positive referrals (a stellar marketing channel). Plus they can set you apart from you competition. More, you can upsell and cross-selling campaigns which could hike sales.

11 Create a Facebook video ad campaign

Video ads are one of the best Facebook advertising strategies available, as around 500 million Facebook users watch videos on that platform. Videos on Facebook has an average engagement rate of 6.3% as compared to Instagram’s 0.2%. These videos can range from almost anything. From displaying the product to explaining its benefits. Just try to have the videos 15-30 seconds, as those perform the best.

12 Advertise limited-time offers

Don’t let a customer wait to look to decide. They might lose interest and go someplace else. A limited time offer can create FOMO – the fear of missing out. But there is also another way of creating a sense of urgency. This is by define clear campaign dates, by saying today only or will end on the 30th. Do try applying one of these PPC approaches to your Facebook ad strategies.

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