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Avoiding the PPC myths that corrupts your marketing

Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) is pretty simple: Search engines like Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results. These listings appear alongside, and increasingly above the non-paid organic search results. The search engine is then paid every time a user clicks on the sponsored listing. That said, there are also loads of myths that surround the use of PPCs. A lot of these myths are as PPC has evolved over the years. As such a lot of common misconceptions have taken hold of people’s minds resting in myths. These myths just negatively influence how people grasp PPC marketing. Here are the 5 most myths you should avoid so they don’t corrupt your marketing.

1 PPC will is a pledge for instant and super speedy results

If you think that PPC will lead to instant results, think again. The reality is that there might be an increase in traffic, but it does not equal a positive result of a conversion. This is a problem with a new campaign. The campaign will go through a burn period. This is where money is been spent to test what is working, or not. The costs can be high, with no conversions. Still, it’s key for a good PPC strategy.

Also remember to be prosperous on PPC, there is a need to grasp all the stats, plus the market, how they search on the web, and what keywords they use; then you can target them. PPC can be a tricky marketing strategy to attract clicks, so you will need to research your target audience. That is since different markets will be using different platforms, and if you know your clientele, it would be wiser to use the platforms they are at.

2 You want to be #1

Although you want to be on top, you know right at that #1 spot, but with PPC there is a little problem. You see, if you are on that top spot, then there is greater chances of people just clicking that link – your link. This could cost you, and blow your ad budget. The worst is that it might not be your clientele.

The number two spot, however, can cost much less per click, and give you just as much conversions. As such you need to engage which position matches your goals. If the goal is to have best cost per conversion, then the number one spot might be the right spot.

Also people search, looking at the content of the advert. You should have yours as relevant, honest and clear as possible. You want people that’s your market and will buy your products, not just browsers coming to your website.

3 More conversions are due to having many keywords

That is such a lie. Simply put, having many keyword will not lead to more conversions, but it might just lead to more impressions and clicks. Also remember, each click means your budget will decrease faster without actually good results. Instead you want quality over quantity. But to protect yourself from losing your funds you can have different campaigns and test the keywords there before adding new keywords to your keyword list.

Also depending on you’re the stage of your client’s buyer’s journey, their searches will differ. The key is to catch the right people at the right time, rather than just shooting to the universe and hoping for victory.

4 Google’s Keyword Planner is your only source to reply on

Although using Google’s Keyword Planner to select keywords for AdWord campaigns, there are some restrictions. There are other keyword searching tools, like SEMrush, Moz’s keyword tool, or even Keyword Explorer to select keywords. But you should combine these with Google’s Keyword Planner so you can have a great keyword list.

5 PPC is the only lucrative marketing channel

PPC has many benefits, and we should not ignore them. That is particularly true if your company is new and want and instant growth of traffic, or if you have a short campaign where you are wanting to promote a product, then PPC is ideal. That is since, PPC will get your noticed by pushing you to the top of the searches.

But there are some problems, such as the cost involve running a PPC campaign can be high. More so, if you stop paying, the results will stop instantly. Therefore, PPC is just renting marketing space. Therefore, you should consider other channels, like social media, content and email marketing and SEO as they should be used with your PPC campaign.

To conclude

Be clever when doing your PPC campaigns. If you do your PPC campaigns correctly it can be successful, and you will not over paid and waste your marketing budget on low ROI. But to make sure that you are spending your ad budget wisely, you should rather contact an expert marketing agency. There are many around, but one that is trusted by 100’s of companies’ world-wide is that of An expert marketing company, such as them, would be able to de-clutter the myths and focus on what really matters, increase your client base and reduce your ROI. You should also look at a company that is able to re-engage old leads through efficient multi-channel campaigns, but is also able to selectively target and optimize your ad performance. Companies such as that, should be able to reduce your marketing spend and still effectively manage your PPC campaigns.

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Virginia is a business consultant who specializes in the digital economy.

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