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Faster, smarter and easier ads, thanks to Google’s improvements for PPC

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Marketers have to keep up with the increasing demands of consumers. But one entity that has been updating itself, is Google. In fact Google has improved its AdWords as well as customer experiences smarter with the use of data. Some of the changes includes rolling-out a more goal focused AdWord interface, the important messages impacting PPC were that Google is combining machine learning competence with its greater understanding of marketing audiences to increase their goods.

Search – In market audience targeting

Google recently announced that they would bring in in-market audience to search campaigns. In-market audiences that permit marketers to target searches that signal strong purchase intent by certain industries like professional services, beauty products, children’s products and etc. Still, Google’s improvements, with their AdWords to recognize buyers in the instant of purchase through a paid search is done based on search history. This change came about after Facebook set a new marketing standard in terms of audience targeting, even though it meant Google had to let go of their privacy concerns. The results for marketers is that they have even more data to capture clicks right in the moment.

Free attribution modelling

Google released its free attribution modelling, Google Attribution. The power of this new tool for marketers is that could assist marketers better measure the impact of their brand’s touch points across devices and location by given them a single view of their customer’s journey.

Conversion rate optimization’s (CRO) tools are added to AdWords

To test your campaign variables to see if it’s running optimally, it is worthwhile to have access to A/B testing for conversion rate optimization. For this, Google added Optimize, a CRO tool, for its AdWords. The benefit of this tool would mean that marketers can build their landing pages right from their ads interface. Plus, this tool would mean that marketers could gain better results and conversion rates in AdWords.

Store sales measurement got improved in AdWords

Google also expanded its in-store sales measurement in AdWord to include device and campaign data. The implication is that there is an increased ability to track the direct relationship among store visits and revenue. This will aid marketers in gaining insights among their digital ads and the sales made at their facial stores. Plus, as these improvements are being made, it allows marketers to analyse the data of online and offline interactions in the process to improve their profits.

AdWords are improved with new ad data

Google’s BigQuery, is a cloud based measuring tool that was created for YouTube. But Google saw another application for this tool that of giving marketers impression level data and the tool can be used to gain insights for campaigns originating from Google Display Network as well as DoubleClick. This is done in a secure and safe way.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is enhanced to a search and display stage

As Google is improving its search engine result pages (SERP) on mobile, they developed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The purpose of AMP was to speed up non-AMP ads by 5 seconds, making users more likely to click on them. This is important, as conversion rate drops by 20% per second a user have to wait. This is good news for marketers, as previous ads failed to show on mobile.

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