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The Best Web Hosting Companies For Affiliate Marketers: iBrave Is Taking The Lead

  • Studies have noted web hosting contracts to be one of the most important types of digital contracts due to the fact that it oversees the collaboration between the user and web hosting contractor.
  • IBrave has become one of the most profitable deals to promote for affiliates in the web hosting industry.
  • The search for Godaddy and Bluehost alternatives play a big role in the growth of iBrave

According to a report released by Adobe’s e-commerce division, the pandemic had boosted U.S. online shopping by $183 billion. As a result, more companies have opted to migrate to e-commerce platforms. The move to digital platforms has resulted in a boost in income for web hosting services that help businesses to set up and maintain their brand’s online platform.


This influx in revenue can prove lucrative for affiliate marketers who are smart enough to monetize the current digitalization. The success of an affiliate collaboration works not only with how successfully you are able to market a brand but also relies on how successful the brand is in marketing itself. A product or service that already has a demand or easily incites curiosity and intrigue in customers will prove a lot easier to monetize than a product with little to no customer interest.

Why Refer Web Hosting Services?

The simplest reason is that the majority of entrepreneurs or even those who just want to create an online presence will require the help of a hosting service. As a result of this affiliate marketers will be able to make a decent income from every successful sale that they make for the associating hosting provider. New-age shoppers have become smarter and rely on their own research rather than just traditional advertising when deciding on where to invest their money. This is one of the reasons why affiliate marketing has become such a profitable venture in recent years.

What To Look For In A Good Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

The first tip is to not look at the commission rate as your deciding factor. High percentage commission rates might be tempting to immediately jump onto but you should take into account the fact that 100% of zero is still zero. Instead, look at the overall picture and the amount of work that you are required to put in to make your targeted income. It is important to choose a company that is reliable, user-friendly, and well known for its quality.

Top Hosting Companies For Affiliate Marketers


iBrave is the new kid on the block that has completely disrupted the web hosting industry. The company provides users with a unique pricing model for web hosting which provides lifetime access to premium hosting for a cost-effective one-time access fee. Despite the company being around a year old, they currently have over 5,000 active hosting customers ranging from large enterprise companies to small businesses and solopreneurs.


The company’s affiliate program provides:

  • 50% commissions per sale
  • Payouts every 2 weeks
  • Tracking via direct-linking
  • Marketing materials are provided
  • Affiliates get credit for referrals even if customers order up to one month after clicking their link
  • No signup fee



Hostinger provides users with affordable promotional rates that go up at renewal. Established in 2011, Hostinger provides shared hosting for both small and medium-sized businesses.


The company’s affiliate program offers:

  • 60% commission from every sale
  • Quick sign up
  • track and optimize your campaigns



Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting sites around due to its great shared web hosting solutions with reasonably priced packages. The company has been around since 2003 and has partnered with WordPress to provide its web hosting solutions. The company does cater to both novice and expert web designers.


The company’s affiliate program offers:

  • $65 commission for every sign up via your link
  • Free to Join
  • Reliable Tracking to keep count of your sales

Final Thoughts

Affiliates are constantly looking to find the best commissions from hosting providers – but, importantly, the best value too in terms of reliability and features. We all know that Godaddy has fallen out of the race here, so where to next? Whilst iBrave might be new to the market, it just means that it is an untapped commodity that will be easy to profit out of. The company has spent time developing and creating a service that has changed the way in which hosting providers operate. They have already become a front runner in the race for the best web hosting company and their new pricing options and security features are what make them our top choice as a hosting service and affiliate.

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