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The 50 Most Important Advertising Statistics of 2023

Our research board collaborated with industry professionals to produce a  comprehensive list of the most recent advertising statistics everyone should know.

The latest statistics on advertising may come as somewhat of a surprise to stakeholders – with several titanic shifts happening at once. Yes, the pandemic influenced it, although many trends had commenced well ahead of it. 

Being informed of the latest trends and statistics in the advertising world is not only for those working in the marketing industry. Everyone, whether a business owner, employee or a budding entrepreneur can benefit from knowing where their advertising budget is worth spending.

Here is our list of the 50 of the most important advertising statistics you should know right now:

During the course of a day, people are blasted with thousands of adverts. It is key to have an advert that stands out from the crowd and speaks to the target audience.

Less advertising and social media exposure is seen on the continent of Africa, where addiction to social media and advertising is less than in all other countries except North Korea – where statistics are unknown. 

Digital spend continues to climb and advertisers need to stay up to date with the latest trends. The number one way to reach a target market is through advertisement.

Research shows that marketing managers can expect around a 10% increase in their annual salary by 2030. Online and digital advertising specialists have the advantage as print media advertising specialists are expected to have a decline of 1%.

Statistics have shown that online advertising is growing while traditional advertising methods such as TV advertising are declining.

This trend will keep accelerating. Media owners such as the Murdoch empire in Australia that seeks to dominate the planet have moved rapidly to acquire more digital assets.

Research indicates that the retail industry on average spends the most on advertising. In 2018, the industry spend was recorded at $17 billion. This increased to $22 billion in 2021.

Banner blindness is severe. Surveys show that most users won’t click on sponsored advertising. It is therefore crucial to create an advert that catches the eye of the user and entices them to click on the advert.

Although Amazon, through the exploitation of merchants and affiliates, is increasing its market share, Google still holds the top spot for making money from advertising followed in second place by Facebook.

The election advertising spend for 2020 was 108% more than the advertising spend for the midterm elections. What Mark Zuckerberg did to help Joe Biden remains unknown.

With 90% of users still deciding on a brand when searching for an item, SEO is exceptionally important. Most users will click on the first 3 results from a search engine page.

The star of the advert was famous actress Nicole Kidman who was paid $3 million for her role in the advertisement.

It is argued that ONE single tweet from Elon Musk is worth more than this.

The reason for this is that the position of the clock hands shows the logo of the brand and also creates the illusion of a smiley face.

Video engagement statistics matter: Videos are more memorable than any other form of advertising and research shows that users are more likely to share videos than any other form of media.

Absolut, a vodka brand, launched its campaign in 1981. Over the 25 years there were more than 1500 variations of the advert with famed artist Andy Warhol designing one of them. “Set and Forget” with pay per click has the potential to increase this figure. 

Social media is being used more than ever and usage continues to rise. Video platforms like TikTok and YouTube have increased in views over the last couple of years and advertisers are utilizing these platforms more and more to reach their audiences. The CCP owned TikTok is predicted to be the overall winner globally.

Investment in social media marketing is key as various platforms continue to show user growth since 2021. The largest growth by 2030 is expected from social media and the metaverse. 

Statistics show that with more mobile users than ever, the mobile advertising industry is growing faster than any other advertising channel.

Instagram advertising has a huge potential of attracting customers. Research statistics show that more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile page per day.

Business owners are skeptical of TikTok, but willing to try advertising with the platform as they feel there is nothing to lose by abandoning Linkedin Ads. 

Customers who reach out to businesses through social media expect a response within 5 minutes. A good reputation on social media platforms can increase a brand’s client base as most people read customer reviews before engaging with a brand.

Buyers’ remorse remain significant. Surveys show that more than a third of social media users have been influenced by social media marketing to purchase an item even when they were not looking to shop. This shows how crucial it is to have relevant and eye-catching advertising.

The video based website is the second largest in the world with over 2 million users worldwide. More than a third of those users learned about new brands through Youtube advertising. Still, Youtube remains a poor performer in display ad conversion rates. 

Social media giant Facebook is a popular place for small businesses to advertise. According to statistics, there are more than 10 000 businesses that advertise on Facebook. B2B Businesses are more likely to set up a Linkedin page. 

While links, text and image posts have shown a decline, video content on the platform is on the rise. Most agencies question the validity of Facebook clicks. 

It is no secret that social media usage is rising year after year and marketers have realized that they can use these platforms to attract business. TikTok is expected to see the biggest growth. 

Twitter is one of the cheapest social media platforms to advertise on for those on a tight budget. Promoted tweets are an excellent way of reaching a large number of potential customers. Business owners feel Twitter is the most guilty of all platforms when it comes to censorship and are the most likely to “defund” this platform. 80% Of companies agree with Elon Musk when it comes to “how harmful Twitter is to advertisers and investors”. 

Podcasts are great for businesses that are looking for a more personalized customer engagement experience. This can result in a significant increase in customers.

Over 1 million users are added to Instagrams advertising audience per day. Research shows that Instagram advertising is growing fast with the platform having over 100 million advertisers.

On average it takes a brand around 9 hours to respond to a tweet. Because Twitter is known for being almost real-time with fast moving information, users are expecting faster responses from brands.

Over the years Youtube has seen an incredible amount of growth. Statistics from 2015 show that 74% of 18-49 year olds spend more time on Youtube.

According to surveys done, Youtube users are highly persuaded by recommendations made by Influencers. Products are more likely to be purchased when recommended by OInfluencers on the platform.

It is clear that people are spending more time on their phones than watching TV. Youtube has played a large part in less TV time with its video only based platform. 

Youtube provides advertisers with marketing tools that can analyze data and reach target audiences for potential customers. It comes as no surprise that small to medium businesses have realized that Youtube advertising can provide a great return on investment.

The platform has shown consistent revenue generation for each quarter over the last few years. Statistics show that the platform is still growing making it one of the best advertising channels currently available.

Although television advertising is growing slower than online advertising, it is still expected to increase steadily over the next few years. TV advertising is especially effective during big events like the Superbowl or the Olympics.

This statistic could be due to the fact that most teens have mobile phones these days. With video platforms like Youtube and Tiktok rapidly growing in views and users, it is not a surprise that TV watching has decreased among teenagers.

Marketers still use TV as a means to create clever product placements and subtle advertising strategies to entice viewers into buying certain products. Considering the amount of time the average person watches video per day, TV is still a great platform for advertising.

TV is currently being overpowered by streaming platforms such as Netflix, but it still has an enormous reach when it comes to viewers. Although there are still plenty of TV viewers, when it comes to advertising, almost half of them do not look at adverts.

Although TV advertising growth is slower than other channels, research shows that advertising through television can still be very effective for businesses.

Mobile advertising is more targeted than traditional advertising methods. It is for this reason that marketers have integrated mobile advertising as a key factor in their marketing strategies.

Agencies and their clients see Linkedin as the least reliable channel for conversions, with trust in paid Linkedin Ads being the lowest among several platforms.

More brands trust Google with search ads than Bing. This is not due to the lower market share of Bing, but due to its persistence in showing “keyword blocks” that deliver questionable traffic that does not convert. 

Well thought out and written email adverts can be an effective way of reaching a target audience. There are plenty of email software tools available that can assist if email is part of the marketing strategy. 65% Of recipients feel Linkedin sponsored “inmail” is no different than other spam. 

In 2021, the radio advertising revenue declined to around $19.1 billion. Covid-19 played a huge impact in this statistic, but the increase in non-traditional advertising has also hurt radio advertising in the last few years.

Not only does email newsletters provide a great way to keep existing customers up to date, but it is also an effective way of generating new leads according to surveys done.

Social media is a great way to boost customer loyalty. Research has shown that positive user reviews attract new customers. Brands with large followings are also more trusted by consumers.

Studies show that most consumers keep promotional T-shirts for an average of 14 months.

When it comes to geopolitics, people consult other sources. Sadly, this has led to the rise of conspiracy outlets such as Infowars and Breitbart. Fox News is trusted slightly more than CNN but is seen as highly polarizing.

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Surveys show that customers want to receive weekly emails from their favorite brands. This is a great opportunity to promote new products or special offers.

Advertising Statistics Infographic

A revolution in the advertising industry:

Advertising has undergone a significant evolution since its inception, transforming from simple signage in ancient civilizations to today’s complex digital marketing strategies. In the early days, advertising was primarily a one-way communication method, involving physical signs, town criers, or print media like newspapers and pamphlets. The advent of the radio and television brought about a significant shift, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience and engage consumers in a more immersive way. However, the true revolution occurred with the rise of the internet. Digital advertising transformed the landscape entirely, introducing concepts like targeted ads, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and social media marketing. Today, advertising has become a multi-dimensional, data-driven field that prioritizes personalized experiences, interactivity, and real-time engagement.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is further pushing the boundaries, enabling hyper-personalized ads, predictive analytics, and advanced customer insights. This evolution reflects advertising’s adaptability and its continual strive to connect businesses with their target audiences in the most effective ways.

Bill Gates may have been patient and that paid off: Finally, after acquiring Linkedin, Microsoft is in a great position to recover from its Bing failure and snap up a share of the advertising industry: the most valuable part of it, which is B2B.


The advertising world is continuously changing and marketers must stay up to date with the latest statistics. As technology evolves, so do advertising strategies and being in the loop means that businesses can reach their targeted audiences more efficiently. There is a reason why the global advertising industry is worth almost $800 billion. With so many advertising channels available, the industry is continually evolving new trends, technologies and strategies. 

The industry is a complicated and competitive landscape to navigate, but one thing is for sure. Digital advertising is here to stay.

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