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When it comes to PPC audience targeting, why restrict yourself to Google only?

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If you are stuck with only using Google AdWords, then this article is for you. If you are using other platforms, you don’t need to read this, as you already know the benefits. There are other ad platforms, besides Google AdWord, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each of these have their own growth prospects.

Expanding your ad energies into other paid social platforms

You might be known to the key audience types that Google AdWords has to offer, namely Affinity, In-Market, Similar and Customer Match. Other social media platforms has expanded their audience targeting products as well. For example, Facebook has a comparable set of products and for marketers it offers the allure of a massive user base. The platform, Linked-In, also included matched audiences to their product line. Whereas, Pinterest, has matched and similar audiences as well.

There is not much difference between paid search and social. Your ads on Google, will normally be as solutions to what people are looking for at that moment. Also recall that social platforms are a means for people to connect, not just for the single-mindedness of advertising. Instead that ads just happen to be on these social platforms. As such, from that you should realise that there is a difference between paid social versus to search. Still, the same strategies can be applied as you would on Google to other social platforms, all that you should keep in mind is your diverse goals.

You should ask yourself: What are the first steps that need to be made to expand into paid social audience targeting?

Keeping in mind that the social platforms’ demographics are dissimilar, therefore you should analyse these demographics from Facebook page traffic, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics, to see which social platform will be your best fit. Still, keep in mind that some platforms, as a result of their considerable audience base, like that of Facebook, will be a safe bet to place ads on. Other platforms like Linked-In is a safe bet for B2B marketers. You should do your homework to see which platform’s audience are the ones you want to target with your ads.

Now you are ready, and start by focusing on your customer by creating a customer list. After you have created your lists, then group the audiences into groups of similarity. But still, as you can grasp, you don’t need to limit yourself. The secret is to know what benefits each platform will bring in terms of their audience base, but also what limits you might experience. Consider a fully managed pay per click package.

Further information: A company that specializes in marketing campaign management on different platforms, such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Linked-In and Facebook Ads, is the marketing agency The benefit of using an expert marketing agency, like, means that you can increase your business base by adding new and re-engaging with old clients, but also to increase your ROI and reduce online marketing wastage.

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