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Top 20 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in the World

Influencer marketing agencies operate at a managerial level within social media marketing. Brands and businesses frequently contact influencer marketing agencies for assistance with locating and contacting influencers. These agencies help brands find suitable influencers that will represent the brand in the best possible way. Finding the best influencer agency may depend on their reputation, industry contacts – and perhaps affordability in terms of pricing. 



Within the campaign process, agencies will help the brands organize and prioritize influencer work. Most agencies offer a fully-comprehensive service, which means that the entire influencer marketing process is run and managed by the agency on behalf of the brand. Many agencies will even suggest content creation ideas to influencers, and structure their contract. 

Hire Influencers And Social Media Marketing Services:

Top 20 Influencer Marketing Agencies

As a result of the enormity of the influencer marketing industry, there are a significant number of influencer marketing agencies. However, there are agencies that stand out from the crowd and reach a global market. Below is a list of the top influencer marketing agencies for 2022.

1. The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory is a very popular influencer marketing agency, and serves a global market of brands for which it attracted great reviews. This has led it to be one of the top performing agencies in the industry.  The agency targets Gen Z and Millennials, and works with content creation on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The agency helps brands by selecting the most beneficial pool of influencers, and works to create and manage content and contracts. In addition to this, the agency manages ROI data and analysis. 

The agency also offers management for TikTok advertisements. Similarly, the agency also manages individual influencers across social media platforms. This is particularly effective, as it allows the agency to connect brands with their influencers, and create efficient campaigns. In this scenario, the agency works to formulate a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and the influencers they utilize. The agency’s notable clients include: Google, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music Group.

Currently their reviews on Clutch seem quite good, likewise on Facebook. At the time of writing this, The Influencer Marketing Agency did not have any reviews on Trustpilot. The co-founder and CEO is Alessandro Bogliari. 

2. NeoReach

Neoreach has an enormous influencer platform. The company operates as a fully-comprehensive, influencer marketing agency. The company has worked with numerous global brands, including Fortune 500s. The agency manages influencer recruitment and research, data and analytics, and creativity. NeoReach is also known for their ability to create influencer and brand events that connect businesses with their influencer marketing target group. This allows brands to optimize both digital and social markets. The agency takes a customizable approach to their management and marketing services, and tailors their work to each client. NeoReach has worked with the likes of Amazon and Airbnb. 

NeoReach does not have any active reviews on Clutch or Trustpilot at the moment. However, the Influencer Marketing Factory has given them 4.5 out of 5 stars on their website. Similarly, Shane Barker gave the company 5 out of 5 stars for ‘Value for Money.’ Jesse Leimgruber is the agency’s CEO and co-founder. 

3. Obviously 

Obviously, like NeoReach, is a fully-comprehensive service influencer marketing agency. The agency plans, orchestrates and customizes campaigns for any brand it works with. Obviously has a very large influencer database across multiple social media platforms. Something that sets Obviously apart is its ability to tailor and structure unique influencer marketing plans and strategies for brands. Like most other influencer marketing agencies, Obviously provides data and insights into the success of each individual influencer campaign, and works to aid in the creative process. The agency has bases in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, and Sydney. This allows them to network and organize influencer campaigns from a global perspective. It also gives the agency the ability to specialize their work for global brands. 

Obviously does not have any active reviews on Clutch or Trustpilot. The agency does have 4.8 out of 5 stars for customer service on the platform Featured Customers, and has 557 reviews on the site. The agency was formed by CEO, Mae Karwowski, and CTO, Max Domain. 

4. Fanbytes

Fanbytes is an influencer marketing agency that connects brands to Gen Z viewers. This particular generation is a growing and expanding demographic that is often overlooked by major corporations. Fanbytes uses data and strategy to create influencer campaigns for brands that help bridge the gap between businesses and Gen Z consumers. As a result, the agency primarily focuses on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. 

Fanbytes works to create organic influencer promotion, as well as paid campaigns that generate clicks and purchases for brands. Like a few other agencies, Fanbytes also becomes involved in the creative side of content creation within an influencer campaign. The agency does extensive research into youthful demographics, and ensures that all content is in line with what is appealing to Gen Z. 

InfluencerMarketingHub has reviewed Fanbytes and awarded the agency 4.4 out of 5 stars. However, the agency does not have any active reviews on Clutch or Trustpilot. Timothy Armoo is the agency’s CEO.

5. HireInfluence

HireInfluence is an agency that provides a full-comprehensive influencer marketing service for large scale and global corporations. The agency was founded in 2011, and has continued to offer customizable and specialized services within the influencer marketing industry.  

HireInfluence is known for working with major Fortune 1000 brands, as well as creative agencies across the globe. Like other agencies, HireInfluence has a network of influencers that they can call on for targeted influencer campaigns. The agency helps brands create and share content for multiple social media platforms, and chooses the best suited platform for each brand. HireInfluence sources talent, manages paid media marketing, aids in the creative process, and assists with in-person events.

The agency has a score of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Featured Customers. Jason Pampell is the CEO and founder of the agency. 

6. Kairos Media

Kairos Media is a creative agency that helps brands reach and target Millennial and Gen Z audiences worldwide. The agency believes that the best way to reach audiences, and build engaged and organic traffic, is to create interesting and dynamic spaces online. As a result, the agency uses data to support their creative process, where creativity is given priority. 

The agency has an enormous influencer network – working with over 75,000 influencers globally. Kairos Media is based in London, however it has offices in Manchester and Los Angeles. The agency’s team focuses on driving ROI for their clients. Kairos Media has won awards for their work, and commits to providing social media strategy, insights, analytics, creativity, and digital planning. The agency has worked with major corporations like: Facebook, Samsung, AliExpress, and Krispy Kreme.

Kairos Media has a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Featured Customers, but does not have any reviews on Trustpilot. Similarly, it does not have reviews on Clutch. Michael Craddock is the Co-Founder and CEO of the agency. 

7. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is an award-winning agency that works with both influencers and brands. Asa result, they are able to form impactful relationships between their network of influencers and the brands that work with them. The agency is a fully-comprehensive influencer marketing service that helps clients from talent sourcing to creative content creation.

Viral Nation has physical offices in New York and Toronto, but serves a global clientele. The agency produces specific campaigns for each client with a set of milestones in mind. They then attempt to target a specific viewership and demographic by selecting appropriate influencers to work with. Like many other agencies, Viral Nation places an emphasis on collecting and delivering data and insights to their clients. This helps brands better understand their audience, as well as the ROI on their influencer campaigns. 

Viral Nation has largely positive reviews and testimonials on Featured Customers, but does not have any reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch. The agency has worked with the likes of Victoria Secret, Twitch, and Crayola. Joe Gagliese and Mathew Micheli are the co-founders and co-CEOs of the agency. 

8. Carusele

Carusele is a unique influencer marketing agency, as they offer both a fully-comprehensive service, or a package that assists in-house marketing teams. The agency positions data and analytics as the foundation of their service. As a result, their research and recruitment process is in the effort of locating influencers that will create the largest ROI. 

The agency has an algorithmic ranking system, which is utilized to ensure that the correct influencers are used, and that the right audiences are targeted. Carusele has a network of over 55,000 influencers that work to create authentic promotions. These promotions are utilized to encourage viewers to participate and interact with a specific brand. The agency has worked with brands like Revlon, and Tyson. 

Carusele does not have any active reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch, but does have largely positive testimonials and reviews across the internet. The agency’s CEO is Jim Tobin. 

9. NoGood 

NoGood is an influencer marketing agency that works almost entirely with startups and small businesses. As a fully-comprehensive service, NoGood manages and creatively works on influencer campaigns. Much of their efforts surround driving growth and awareness for these smaller businesses and brands. 

NoGood has a large influencer network, and utilizes their capacity for influencer marketing to increase organic traffic for brands. The agency has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. NoGood prides itself on not fitting the mold of a traditional marketing agency. As a result, they aim to reach new and youthful audiences by producing contemporary and unique content ideas. 

NoGood has generally favorable reviews on Trustpilot, with one review remarking that the agency is a ‘great partner.’ The agency does not have any reviews on Clutch. NoGood has worked for major corporations like Nike, Microsoft, and Amazon. Mostafa ElBermawy is the founder and CEO of the agency.

10. Open Influence

Open Influence is an agency that focuses primarily on the creative side of influencer marketing. They create and produce engaging content that elevates a business’s brand awareness. The agency has offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, and Hong Kong. However, they serve a global clientele, and work with major corporations and brands. 

Whilst the agency is more active in creating content, they are still a fully-comprehensive influencer marketing agency. The team provides insights and data, and ensures adequate ROI.

The agency is dedicated to video storytelling, and believes this is one of the most effective ways of creating authentic relationships between brands and consumers. Open Influence has worked with corporations across multiple industries, like lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, and technology. The agency has an enormous influencer network, and helps brands research and source compelling talent. 

Open Influence has a review of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Influencer Marketing Hub, but does not have any other reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch. The agency has worked for brands like Kelloggs, Puma, and Bose. Eric Dahan is the CEO and co-founder of the agency. 

11. Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media is a fully-comprehensive influencer marketing agency that helps brands connect with influencers, and their audiences. That sums up Ignite’s all-encompassing social media focus. The agency has over a decade worth of experience, and has used this to build connections with businesses and influencers. 

Ignite Social Media values the authenticity that influencers can provide. As a result, the agency ensures that influencers are chosen based on their target audience, and how the audience would interact with sponsored content. When influencers’ are aligned with a brand’s identity, the most valuable interactions can occur. This allows Ignite’s clients to reach a demographic of people that would be interested in their offerings, and potentially turn their views into purchase. 

The agency has favorable reviews on G2, but does not have any other reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch. Ignite Social Media has worked with major corporations like Crocs, IKEA, and Samsung. Ignite’s CEO is Jim Tobin. 

12. IMA

IMA Agency was originally founded under the name ‘Fashiolista Agency’. The agency formulates strategies and campaigns with brand DNA in mind. They are involved in the entire influencer campaign process, from recruitment to execution. IMA has a decade of experience, and has developed a team that is proficient in insights, recruitment, and creative management. 

The agency has a network of over 12,000 influencers, and claims to have a collective following of over 6.9 billion people, taking into account follower duplication. IMA’s offices are based in Amsterdam and, as a result, they primarily focus on a European market. 

The agency has a collection of incredibly positive reviews on Facebook, however, does not have reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch. IMA has worked with large brands like Diesel, Nivea, TomTom and Calvin Klein. Anneke Schogt is the CEO of IMA Agency. 

13. Zorka Agency

Zorka Agency was founded in 2014, and integrates influencer marketing with strong advertising campaigns. The agency targets major social media platforms, including TikTok, Youtube, and Facebook. Zorka has worked with large corporations, as well as emerging brands. 

Zorka Agency places a focus on creative content creation and planning. The agency values the entertainment factor of influencer marketing, and believes that engaging content is the best way to ensure that consumers are present and attentive when consuming sponsored content. Zorka is largely concerned with European markets, and has offices in Minsk, Moscow, and Cyprus.

Zorka has received largely positive reviews on both Facebook and Trustpilot. The agency has worked with clients like Uber and AliExpress. Aleksey Zvertovsky is the CEO of the agency. 

14. August United

August United is a fully-comprehensive influencer marketing that aims to be creative, and produce work that is out of the box. The agency connects important businesses with influencers, and fosters a creative relationship between the two. 

The agency recruits influencers, strategies and formulates plans, and aids in the creative process. Something that sets the agency apart is their practice of building communities within their influencer pool, and allowing these communities to mix and mingle with brands. In line with this, August United plans and organizes ‘influencer-brand retreats.’ These retreats allow brands to communicate and interact with a variety of influencers, and facilitate organic networking. 

August United does not have any active reviews on Trustpilot, nor any reviews on Clutch. The agency has worked with brands such as Microsoft, PetSmart, and Ralphs. Margie Traylor is the CEO of August United. 

15.  Sway Group

Sway Group is a notable influencer marketing agency as it is entirely composed of women, and is also completely funded by women. The agency provides a fully-comprehensive service and, like other agencies, connects brands with a pool of unique influencers. Sway Group’s focus is largely with creative content creation and, as a result, the agency is very involved with the entire creative process.

Sway is aware that brand’s receive the most ROI when influencers are sourced for their shared connection with the brand’s values and market. Because of this, the agency locates influencers that best represent the brand and its products. The industries that Sway has connections to are vast and they have expanded on their influencer pool accordingly. The agency has recently launched its own social content studio which allows brands to create and own content. 

The agency has generally positive reviews on Cuspera, but does not have any active reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch. Similarly, the agency highlights positive testimonials from major brands on their website. Sway has worked with brands like Freak Flag Organic, Grove Collaborative, and Ergobaby. Danielle Wiley is the CEO for the agency. 

16. Veritone One 

Veritone One is a fully-comprehensive influencer marketing agency, within a larger advertising firm,  that works towards content for social media platforms, as well as marketing for podcasts, radio, and television. The agency places a large focus on Youtube marketing.

Veritone One has established a unique influencer platform, and uses this to connect brands with influencers and develop working relationships. The agency has also developed proprietary software that enables them to gather data and intelligence. This helps Veritone One optimize and curate their content for brands, and enables them to craft effective influencer campaigns.

Veritone One has received positive reviews from G2, but has few reviews on Facebook, and no reviews on Clutch or Trustpilot. The agency has done work for brands like Hello Fresh, Draft Kings, and Dollar Shave Club. Ryan Steelberg is the president of the company, whilst Zeus Peleuses is the founder. 

17. Billion Dollar Boy

Billion Dollar Boy is an influencer marketing with offices in London, New Orleans, and New York.  The agency produces and secures creative campaigns for brands across multiple industries. These industries include: beauty, fashion, food, and technology.

The agency’s team strives to work with influencers that formulate authentic and appealing content for their followers, and in turn, drive value to the brands they work with. Billion Dollar Boy is a global agency, and has done work for companies across 38 countries. With the influencers they recruit and the brands they work with, the agency works to be inclusive and diverse.

Billion Dollar Boy has extremely positive reviews on Facebook, but does not have reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch. The agency has worked for brands like Nespresso, Coach, Bobbi Brown, and BMW. Thomas Walters is the CEO and co-founder of Billion Dollar Boy. 

18. The Motherhood

The Motherhood is an agency that has been working with influencers for over a decade. The agency is entirely composed of women, and strives to increase space for women in corporate industries. The Motherhood aims to target youthful demographics with innovative and unique influencer campaigns. These campaigns are designed to reach a large volume of viewers, and increase consumer engagement with brands. 

The agency has refused to bend to recent trends in influencer marketing, with more and more agencies turning to AI-powered software. The agency’s team hand selects influencers and works with them closely. Every other aspect of their campaigns are managed by their team in detail. 

The agency does not have any active reviews on Trustpilot or Clutch. The Motherhood has worked with brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Neutrogena. Cooper Munroe is the CEO of the agency. 

19. The OutLoud Group

The Outloud Group is a fully-comprehensive influencer marketing agency that works to create campaigns to deliver strong ROI. The agency connects brands and influencers to create and produce high-quality, sponsored content and campaigns. Whilst the agency is midwestern, they work for global brands.

The OutLoud Group ensures that brands have a hand in the content, however, leaves the major creative control to influencers. In addition to their services the brands, the agency also represents influencers and acts as management. This is another way of ensuring a talented network of influencers.

The OutLoud Group has a five star rating on Google, as well as five star reviews on Clutch. The agency does not have any active reviews on Trustpilot. The agency has worked for brands like Wix and GrubHub. Joel Beckett is the CEO and founder of the OutLoud Group. 

20. EngageHub

EngageHub seeks to reach the youth with their influencer campaigns.They allow brands to target customers through the content of authentic influencers. In addition to their influencer marketing services, the agency also offers social media management for brands. 

EngageHub is a fully-comprehensive influencer marketing agency, and works with brands from recruitment to execution.They help brands receive the maximum ROI. The agency works with a variety of influencer types, from nano to macro, and recruits influencers for brands based on niches and areas of interest. The social media platforms they utilize and target includes: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Ray Tierney is the founder and CEO of EngageHub.

Conclusion – Research on Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing has become a major form of digital marketing as a whole. The above list illustrates that the rise in influencers has created the necessity for agencies that solely work with brands and influencers. Moreover, digital marketing agencies that offer a wide variety of marketing services have begun to include influencer marketing. A lot of research into the influencer marketing industry has begun to emerge in recent years. Many scholars have discussed the ethics of influencer marketing, whilst others focus on the viability and success of influencer marketing. 

  • The Journal of Advertising released an entry, titled ‘The Value of Influencer Marketing for Business: A Bibliometric Analysis and Managerial Implications.’ In this entry, researchers argue that, “Influencer marketing appears to be an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool, as it is often not perceived by consumers as advertising and guarantees a wide reach to very engaged audiences. Many businesses harness social media influencers to promote their brands to target audiences.” This illustrates that influencer marketing has a largely positive impact on consumer interaction with brands and businesses. 

Why do Influencer Marketing Agencies Exist?


Influencer marketing agencies appeared alongside the rise in influencer marketing. This aspect of digital marketing has taken the world by storm, and it is pervasive across all forms of digital media. It is no surprise, then, that the global influencer marketing industry is expected to reach a value of almost $85 billion by 2028. 


Because of the substantial worth of the influencer marketing industry, agencies have been founded to support and optimize the experience for brands. Like with all industries, agencies operate to maximize the profit for each brand when working with any given influencer. This requires substantial amounts of research into target audiences, consumption habits, and influencer analytics. Many brands do not have the time nor capacity to dedicate a team to this process, and consequently, reach out to an agency to manage the process for them.


Types of Influencer Marketing Agencies: 


Whilst the majority of influencer marketing agencies are fully-comprehensive, a number of agencies focus on one specific aspect of the influencer marketing process. This includes:


  • Recruitment agencies focus primarily on sourcing and hiring specific influencers for brands and campaigns. This helps brands save time and energy, as the recruitment process can be arduous and time consuming.


  • Analysis and growth agencies report to brands on key data and analytics that pertain to influencer marketing. This data often focuses on the ROI of influencer marketing.


  • Content creation and creative agencies help brands structure content with in-house teams. These agencies are frequently utilized by brands that exist solely within the video content industry..


Research on Influencer Marketing:

The Journal of Business Research has also released an entry dedicated to influencer marketing, which is titled, ‘Understanding influencer marketing: The role of congruence between influencers, products and consumers.’ The authors conclude that, “Strong congruence between the consumer and product then generates more favorable attitudes toward the product, as well as higher purchase and recommendation intentions, ensuring optimal returns on influencer marketing campaigns.” This illustrates the successful exchange between influencers and brands when influencers produce authentic content that is geared towards their specific audience.