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Knowing what works best where on the PPC funnel

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Knowing which types of PPC are most effective at the different stages of the sales funnel can lead to the best results. The reason for marketing, is to make money (or some other key goals but they all leads to sales in the end). So, marketing will be guided by goals and objectives, and these will be seen in the different marketing approaches they marketers will use. The traditional marketing funnel which its levels of awareness, interest, consideration, intent evaluation and lastly sale, can help define your goals of your campaign.

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The area of funnel you want to impact allows you to decide what type of channel you should use and how to measure success. The following is a discussion on what online advertising channel to pick, will be dependent on your goals and the area on the funnel you are going to target.

PPC search advertising

PPC advertising is: Search engines like Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results. These listings appear alongside or above, or on the bottom, and increasingly above the non-paid organic search results. The search engine is then paid every time a user clicks on the sponsored listing. And these adverts that appears matches the keywords marketers have selected.

PPC is useful to target every segment of the marketing funnel. That is since when doing a search, you will make use of words. Words will reflect on all the different levels of the funnel. If it’s a mistyped word, it will be lower down, for example.

Banner adverts

If a website has granted a marketer permission, it could means that the marketer’s banner can appear on any website, not just a Google owned site. These sort of advertising can be eye-catching to draw business to your site or merchandise. However, at times these banners can be interruptive and not match the needs of the viewer. Thus best used for brand awareness campaigns.

Video advertising

Video advertising, like on YouTube, is a stellar way to create brand awareness. More so, the video format is one of the best forms of engaging form of media (even if the ads are skipped) as they expose the marketer’s brand.

Social advertising

Most social platforms offer advertising possibilities. With these platforms, the targeting options can be highly defined as the platforms already has all the personal details of the audience. Here the marketer has the option between promoted and standard adverts. Standard adverts are that display in different positions within the interface. Promoted adverts are where the standard posts are pushed into a wider population group, but still a targeted audience, that is not limited to your profile or fan base. The latter is a great means of gaining new followers and ideal of brand awareness.


Remarketing is when you visit a website and get followed around the web with adverts from that business. This action can lure a potential client back to the website, and to move down the steps of the marketing funnel.

Product or shopping campaigns

For e-commerce website, shopping campaigns can be the ultimate way to get highly qualified traffic to your product pages and through your checkout. When users perform a relevant search in Google for an item that matches your product, a thumbnail image appears at the top of the search results page with the price. The searches that trigger these ads to show are very specific and much more likely to convert if that user chooses to click. It’s for this reason that shopping campaigns are one of the best ways to target users at the bottom of the funnel and ready to buy. If they don’t click, maybe try some remarketing to bring them back.

Quantifying achievement

Many marketers will view campaigns as a failure if they do not generate direct leads or sales, even though the channel they are using is better suited to brand awareness. So it’s vital you not only choose the right channel for your marketing objective but that you review performance using the appropriate metrics.

To close, knowing the information regarding what works best where on the PPC funnel, one should also state a disclaimer, speak to an professional as well. There are many marketing agencies around, one exactly this kind of things is the marketing agency A marketing agency like that would be able to manage your PPC campaign through the different levels of the PPC funnel.

Short description of

This marketing agency are known for running successful Google AdWords, BingAds, Linkedin and Facebook campaigns that provide businesses with thousands of new clients each year. As marketing campaign specialists, they have overseen substantial B2B and B2C accounts for more than 100 clients around the world. It is their success rate and specific attention to the client’s growth targets is what differentiate them from their competitor’s.

This agency intensely focuses on better conversions and returns: Helping their business increase their ROI online and reduce wastage that is typical with online advertising. Acquire new customers and re-engage old leads through efficient multi-channel campaigns. Plus, in terms of performance, they have the expertise to deliver campaigns that work based on the clients profile. In addition, there is no need to be locked into lengthy contracts with their flexible monthly options.

The company also provides guaranteed direct savings. That is they do not receive any commission from ad agencies for programmatic media buying, effectively passing on any savings directly to the client. In the process of scaling up a client’s business, it is common to see a reduction in acquisition cost as selectively targeting and optimization increases.

The agency’s typical client spend anywhere between $3000 and $75 000/month via online advertising, spread across multiple ad networks. Working with this agency is incredibly insightful as they provide transparent reporting systems to keep the client informed each step of the way, throughout the lifetime of the client’s campaign. (Read more on PPC consulting )

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