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CEO at Chillweb design group
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"Adriaan and team are outstanding professionals. Delivered exactly as promised and well worth every dollar. Highly recommended!"

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Press release VS Editorial news - what is the difference?

To get the most visibility for your business, it helps to understand the two different options in the market. On the one hand there are low cost duplicated newswires which will send over a fancy report and duplicate your news release on up to 200 news sites. But when you search for the news on the web, it only appears once because both Google News and organic search ignore all the duplicates. The frustrating part is that these type of news releases are not authored or edited by a real person. It is labelled as a “press release” and is therefore not trusted by many readers.

On the other hand, when you use a PR agency with strong editorial connections, they can craft a unique story in collaboration with editors. This produces an authentic result that is trusted by readers. It is not labelled as a press release, and typically triggers a unique search result in Google News and search. It is also not considered “paid or sponsored content” from a FTC standpoint. This is because you paid the PR agency for its editorial assistance to produce the content, but you have no commercial relationship with the premium publisher to accepts the content. This type of PR is very valuable because it is persuasive with readers and the media. It also has strong SEO benefits. It is the only option that supports strong business growth.

So instead of losing valuable time to smart competitors who already know this, start off on the right foot. Leverage our premium solutions to set your brand apart with ample visibility.

We use our valuable media connections to support smart business leaders in reaching their goals. That is exactly what we can do for your business.

A closer look:

When you read that a the author to an article is also the benefactor of any resulting actions the reader take, as opposed to a 3rd party editorial news writer, it has lower credibility. Content can be regarded as persuasive (or not) by virtue of the author and publication. 

The Sitetrail advantage: We are the ONLY platform that offers packages with “Editorial News”, which means that for many of our premium packages, your content has author credentials from a real journalist profile and will not labelled as a “press release”. This is more authentic and persuasive. In addition to authenticity, the results we obtain are actually useful for SEO ranking, reputation management, business development and sales conversion. 

When choosing any standard platform to submit a press release, like all our competitors (PRWeb, BusinessWire, PRNewswire, Reuters etc.) the content piece does NOT have an authorship profile, but is labelled as “press release” – which is very similar to “sponsored” content.

Knowing the facts: Typically, non-persuasive newswires charge less than $300 for “press release” content, whereas editorial media ranges from $350 to $5000 depending on the publication.

Quick and efficient process:

Press releases with a rapid turnaround of 48 hours in most cases. Here is our easy 3 step process:

1. Place your order

Place your order and provide our journalist team with a basic brief through an easy quiz

2. We work for you

Our team of experts will conceptualize and produce awesome content for your approval and feedback

3. Publish in the media

We submit and publish your news with news sites that match your package specifications.

Unique Features Driving Better Results

Reach millions

Reach the widest number of mainstream media outlets at the lowest possible cost, guaranteed. Our media connections are unrivaled, enabling both press releases and editorial news with mainstream news sites. Build link diversity and obtain a higher number of Google News citations.

No contracts

A complete pay as you go service without the need for annual contracts. No hidden extra charges. What you see is what you get. Perfect for agencies, B2B and B2C clients.

Unique editorial coverage

The only platform the offers unique editorial news inclusion: breaking away from boring inefficient press releases. We reach deep into media circles to target both influencers and media owners with your news releases.

Media Distribution

The biggest value comes from appearing on a single, credible mainstream news site as an original editorial. This option is available with our premium package. For standard press releases relying on duplication (the cheaper industry standard) distribution is as follows: Once approved, our news releases and editorial content are indexed by Google News and Bing News. Some content will also be shared across a Global Newsdesk partner network. Some site owners will also republish your news through a Plugin wire for WordPress, Via RSS syndication, Journalist emails and social media channels. Each news release is blasted out to a one of the biggest global media directories (worth $1000) the World Media Directory - as well as niche-focused blog networks to augment participating news sites.

Many of our clients news releases are often seen on APNews, CBS, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Marketwatch, CNBC, EuroWeeklyNews and NBC. Subscribers on the world media directory include more than 500 journalists across all industries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional presswires and “press release distribution” platforms all do one thing: They take the exact same press release and submit it to 100+ news sites, who replicate the same copy everywhere, tagged as “press release”, lacking the name of an authentic journalist. If you order such a service that will merely duplicate your content and wait for better days and results you will no doubt lose a lot of time to the competition.

Why is Sitetrail different? Our cheaper packages contain a small element of duplication too because that is what is known to the 99% who are trying to make sense of digital marketing, HOWEVER many of our higher tier packages are game changers that will beat the results of any traditional PR platform for two reasons: 

  1. We make an effort to provide unique editorial content, not merely duplicated, to help you improve on Google and be more trustworthy with audiences;
  2. We use stronger news partners with better metrics, that include DO-Follow links and high traffic volumes. 

Just like with most newswires, with us you can all those basic things like stick an image on your site “as seen on ABC” and other channels – but let’s focus on your growth: Remember that any platform that does not provide additional editorials like Sitetrail, will only deliver duplicate results which will not provide any SEO ranking. The only way to increase your total news citations is through more unique editorials. 

Moving on to what actually works: you can step up the game by making use of all the different packages we offer here – where authentic editorial and more Google News citations are on the cards. This is how you bypass disappointing results and the only way to build real dominance in the news, consistently, along with SEO benefits. 

Other key factors to remember:

  1. Budget check: Ultimately the question to ask for any business seeking to profit from digital marketing, is are you spending at least 25% annually of what you are expecting to earn from your press and SEO efforts? 
  2. Time lag for SEO effectiveness:  When you build momentum through editorial news and earning DO-Follow links, it requires several months (generally 90 days) to gain traction with your ranking. During this time, efforts need to be sustained. Having a weekly service where our PR experts keep you in the news continuously is one sure way of gaining traction. 

It is important to be realistic otherwise you will lose out on a lot of excellent media opportunities:

Have you considered the opportunity cost to a business, when buying an insignificant PR package and waiting for results that never come? It can be hundreds of thousands. As a high ROI press release service, we will share the following advise:

By all means buy a $299 package if you do not expect to grow and merely want to comply with legal requirements or tell your friends “we were seen in the news”. 

Be certain to invest in some premium PR with top news sites and spend in the region of $2950 to $10K if you want to experience significant growth and long term visibility with a long lasting impact. 

Yes we also have this option.

If you write your own news content, we can help you open your own profile as a business journalist or specialist in your industry.

Join the unlimited press release package here. 

After joining, here is how it works:

You can then publish UNLIMITED editorial news that will be indexed in Google News. 

The content you produce should be genuine industry news, especially in the title – and cannot be blunt promotional language. 

This is excellent for:

  • brand building
  • to intercept competitor search traffic
  • limited SEO benefits
  • agencies serving many clients
  • companies seeking to dominate the headlines on a daily basis. 

Join the unlimited press release package here. 

This package is best used in conjunction with other editorial packages we offer, i.e. to achieve additional goals – or for PR agencies seeking wider access to a credible Google News platform. 

Averaging between 24 and 48 hours on new clients and as little as 6 hours for returning clients who trust our writing skills, we are one of the fastest service providers in the industry, serving clients globally. 

When you select any package that includes “Press Release” and not editorial news, it means that through the industry standard or duplication newswires, content is submitted to a range of news sites. This does NOT mean they will promote your news or have it indexed in Google, but that you may be able to appear in news archives. Typical sites which are contacted via newswires, in the United states:

  • ABC
  • AccesHollywood
  • Agweek
  • Al Jazeera America
  • America’s Radio News Network
  • Benzinga
  • Biz Journals
  • Bloomberg
  • Business FM
  • C-SPAN
  • CBS News
  • CBS Sports
  • CNN
  • Discovery
  • E
  • ESPN
  • Eur Web
  • FOX News
  • Farm and Dairy
  • Fox Business Network
  • Fox Sports
  • International Business Times
  • Kapitall
  • Market Watch
  • NBC
  • NPR
  • PBS Online Newshour
  • RTT News
  • Radar Online
  • TMZ
  • Tampabaymetro
  • The Street
  • USA Business Review
  • Univision
  • Upbeat
  • Western Farm Press
  • World News
  • World Tribune
  • X17 Online

(We have 400 more!)

NOTE: The most efficient way to appear on Google News and strong organic search results, is a unique editorial via a strong individual news site, not via newswires. For this reason, keep an eye out for packages about $2000 where the following criteria is met:

  • “DA” / domain authority rating of the site is strong,
  • Where DO-Follow linking is a possibility,
  • Where we provide an editorial news pitch & writing service.

Following a successful press release, your business will have great references and can add the following to your corporate communication: “As Seen/Featured on NBC, ABC, and FOX Affiliate sites”

Some of our clients need help with a smart pitch idea, headline or a general news concept. With a wide range of clients ranging from politicians, banks, small business owners in crisis, legal firms, health and pharma providers, musicians, film producers, popular bloggers and government agencies. We are well-versed in brainstorming until we can help you come up with the best communication strategy for execution.


Let us help you conceptualize a great topic – that is why we hire ex-journalists and amazing copywriters. 


Suggested resource:

Press release writing: 10 Tips from professionals

Trusted procurement review services like The Chamber of Commerce, TRUiC and other entities have ranked Sitetrail as the best press release writing and distribution platform. 

Sitetrail is the only platform providing editorial content in addition to standard “press releases”. All editorial content is not tagged and is therefore non-promotional. 

Aside from our global editorial reach which has the highest SEO and digital marketing value, as well as the best ROI, the standard press release features match that of the following platforms:

PRWeb, PRNewswire, Businesswire, EINPresswire. 

To see a complete comparison, visit the following page:

PR Newswire VS Business Wire VS PRWeb: The Press Release Buying Guide

All aspects of a successful press release campaign are covered by Sitetrail.


This includes writing and conceptualization of seo-optimized content with catchy titles, distribution to powerful media contacts – as well as special placing with journalists and influencers in the case of editorial news.


On completion , a full report is delivered showing exactly where the press release was accepted. 

Simple “syndicated” press releases alone will have almost zero impact on SEO.

Experienced marketers will understand that press releases is no “magic bullet”, but rather a specialist craft that needs continuous improvement in channel selection and copywriting. 

We have the largest press release access in the world if you consider the additional powerful editorial news channels that compliment our overall coverage. 

A typical high-performance customer will use three packages throughout the year:

a) Unlimited press releases to sustain their awareness – typically $199/month

b) Authoritative DA boosts by means of SEO link insert packages that can help them build SEO metrics – typically $1200 per order. 

c) A quarterly campaign in top magazines like Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance and other sites, typically between $1000 and $3000 per order. 

d) Startups or any business that need to close a substantial gap with competitors will typically use an accelerated package like this

Our content team is made up of ex journalists, copywriters and SEO experts who will cover every angle of a successful press release to get you better results.  The entire editorial team consists of native English speakers. 

When choosing a publication or package above, please select from the most appropriate industry. 

One you placed your order, if we do the writing, we will automatically help categorize the content in the most appropriate corresponding Google News category. It may be that Google News does not have an exact match – in which case we will select the nearest best match. 

We also have a specific investor relations press release service.

Popular industry-specific news release categories include:

  • Agriculture, Farming & Forestry Industry
  • Amusement, Gaming & Casino
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aviation & Aerospace Industry
  • Banking, Finance & Investment Industry
  • Beauty & Hair Care
  • Book Publishing Industry
  • Building & Construction Industry
  • Business & Economy
  • Chemical Industry
  • Companies
  • Conferences & Trade Fairs
  • Consumer Goods
  • Culture, Society & Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Electronics Industry
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy Industry
  • Environment
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Furniture & Woodworking Industry
  • Gifts, Games & Hobbies
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Human Rights
  • Insurance Industry
  • International Organizations
  • IT Industry
  • Law
  • Manufacturing
  • Media, Advertising & PR
  • Military Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Movie Industry
  • Music Industry
  • Natural Disasters
  • Politics
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Religion
  • Retail
  • Science
  • Shipping, Storage & Logistics
  • Social Media
  • Sports, Fitness & Recreation
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles & Fabric Industry
  • Travel & Tourism Industry
  • U.S. Politics
  • Waste Management
  • World & Regional

Each 700 word news release can have 2 images and 2 permanent DO-Follow links to your website. Syndicated sites who duplicate your content will typically mark links as NO-Follow. 

It is customary for premium editorial news sites to allow 1 DO-Follow link per article. 

Where customers insist on highly promotional language that sounds like an advert and not a news release, it is normal for editors to insist on a “sponsored” label and a NO-Follow link. For this reason, adhering to our style suggestions is helpful. 

We help most businesses, with some exceptions:

Medical Supplements (Skin, hair gain/loss, weight loss, muscles), CBD, Dating, Politics, Legal, Make Money, phone unlocks, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, ICO, Gamling, Bail, Casino, etc are not allowed.

For the above, contact us for alternative solutions – we have plenty!

Numerous agencies use press releases to impress their clients and to showcase digital assets such as “as seen in the press”. 


Remember that when you use a standard press release platform (PRWeb, PRNewswire, Businesswire, EINPresswire etc. ) then the links and anchor text, along with all the content, is simply duplicated. 


The Sitetrail difference: 

With our premium packages, clients can have unique anchors in editorial, with unique content in addition to what we provide in the standard syndicated press releases. 

Sitetrail offers the largest distribution footprint at the lowest price points in the industry. CMO’s all agree that we provide the most rewarding ROI when deployed at scale. 

Our $299 package will cost on average $2000 with many New York agencies;

Our Premium $2950 package will easily cost $6500 when replicated by other agencies, or when you approach media sites directly. 


The only two tricky industries are gambling and adult: for these two we do have SEO solutions it excludes Google News.

All other industries are covered by us for both news and SEO purposes. 

Our view is that if your business pays tax and contributes to the economy – it needs fair access to news and SEO, which we typically find for all our clients. 

Please note that for social media verification, any duplicated PR with a “press release” label that lacks an authentic author, can be to your disadvantage. For this reason, we suggest using the following options which are specifically tailored for your needs:

Instagram Verification Service

Twitter Verification Service

TikTok Verification Service 

If you have zero news at the time of starting with a media campaign to support verification on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, a typical budget can range betweeen $5K and $15K. In cases where applicants already have some mentions in the news, or Wikipedia profiles, it may be less. 

Client testimonials - 98% of our clients return:

CWCEO at Chillweb design group
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Adriaan and team are outstanding professionals. Delivered exactly as promised and well worth every dollar. Highly recommended!
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We worked with Adriaan on several projects now, - Great results, no complaints - Easy to work with, and professional service - Delivers on time
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There are levels to writing: The journalist went above and beyond to write a great article. Highly recommend and will order again! Thank you!
D. Pollock
D. Pollock
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We were picked up by at least 50+ news channels and were very happy with these results. Highly recommended. Quick and communicative.
Film producer, Los Angeles
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Love Adriaan!!! We've done several projects together and he's simply the best. Very hard-working, quick, wonderful person to work with and know! 10 out of 10 stars!

150 Film stars, 45 Film producers, 250 law firms, 120 SEO agencies and 25 hotel groups can’t be wrong. Try our service today and see for yourself.



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