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Domain Authority Booster: High DA Link Inserts

Get 9 X Trusted resource link inserts on reputable news sites. We will ask our news partners around the world to insert highly relevant and contextual links to your site as a suggested resource. Included we insert 3 X Links per news domain, linking to 3 of your internal pages each. Guaranteed Metrics: DA 60, 70 & 80 sites.


High DA

DA 60, 70, 80 (9 Links across 3 news domains)

Trusted Links

Highly reliable national news sites with a solid history on the web.

100% White Hat

White hat link-building solution, acceptable as part of a wider campaign.

About this professional link building service

Building your Domain Authority Metrics remains and important part of the SEO mix. We have partnered with many reliable news sites around the world for years. As a result, we can ask them to insert your links as reliable resource links on content that matches your topic. This is 100% contextual and DO-Follow attribution. Experts consider it safe to have as much as 40% of your overall link profile consisting of these type of backlinks. 

Repeat The Cycle

With numerous high DA sites available for link inserts, this can be repeated several times. Each new cycle a client books will consist of unique domains that were not used previously for the same client.

What is included?

9 X DO-Follow Links

3 Different news websites, each linking to 3 different pages of your website, providing a total of 9 HIGH DA links. 

Domain Authority Boost

The ultimate DA booster: Grow your domain authority metrics in a credible, legitimate way. 

Fast Turnaround

Fast completion, recurring each month.

Contextual Relevance

Our insertion snippets will be crafted with contextual relevance and wherever possible, placed only on relevant content. 

Rapid Service

We have direct editorial connections that can get things done in 24 hours in most cases. 

Any Industry!

With the exception of gambling, adult and medical, this service covers all industries

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FAQ's - and honest SEO advise

Please read all the frequently asked questions before ordering

This service complies perfectly with Google’s link-spam penalties and is 100% Panda/Penguin safe. Our company is run by some of the worlds’ leading experts on SEO. We will not risk your reputation and always follow best-practices. 

Growing your domain authority can be difficult. The alternative to this would be to invest in Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur and Businessinsider outreach that could literally spike your cost to way above $15K per single high DA link. This affordable alternative gets you support from around the world – from strong and reliable news owners. 

This service covers the majority of industries including business, dating, food/restaurants, tourism, technology. It DOES NOT cover medical/health/adult/gambling. You’d need to speak to us about different pricing and other solutions for casino/gambling links as it is not covered under this service. 

 Our participating publishers for this service are kept confidential –  based on precise metrics we will make the decision where the posts are published.  It will comply with the DA range specified in the package. After this they share a live link where the new link insert can be found. It will not overlap with links that you already have – so each domain will be unique and new to your list. 

Our company is well-known for guaranteed SEO services with S&P500 companies that have a good budget. However, THIS is a cheap service and we do not guarantee that your site will jump rapidly in Google/Bing organic rankings: It has to be part of a much broader strategy!

Guest posts cost between $25 and $5000 for a SINGLE post. Following recent Google Updates, high DA guest posts with authentic content is the best way to get results. It is quite normal for a business that seeks to earn $250K per month to spend $10K on SEO. Do not expect to make millions after spending less than $1K on a cheap package. Talk to us about your digital marketing strategy and let our expert strategy team help you set realistic goals to grow your business. See our case studies here.

Yes. We use 100% real websites and indexed pages. 

Simple and effective:

After ordering, you tell us 3 X URL’s and preferred anchors. 

We will craft contextual snippets and then get it placed permanently as resource links with media owners of credible news sites. 

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If you want to pick & choose, we do have a limited range on display: