Weekly Google News distribution (4 articles per month)

$800.00 / month

Stay in Google News throughout the month with one new GoogleNews article each week.



Appearing on a Google News website is a powerful PR tool for any business. We combine this with keyword research and trends, to increase the likeliness of impressions for key searches, targeting both short and long-term trends.


Share the facts and get your story out there:

This is also an excellent way to fight back against any unfair or negative PR on the web. 



Package overview:

  1. Weekly Google News distribution via a news indexed website
  2. Pitch crafting to ensure you have a newsworthy story, quoting a company representative
  3. See your company or staff names feature alongside other important names in the news
  4. Spread across 3 to 4 news domains per month
  5. DA 25 to 68 – delivering excellent SEO value



Available sectors include Health, Tech, Business/Finance, Crypto, Travel and International affairs.


What we need from clients:

This is a collaborative process. Our writers take care of the story, but clients can assist us to develop quotes and industry news that they are familiar with. Should you wish to capitalize on news trends, providing us with swift feedback will help ensure that news is on-time.


This is a monthly rolling service – client can cancel anytime. No commitment is required  for a longer time period – unless client chooses to negotiate an annual package.