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Is Facebook messenger the new way to grow a B2B Consulting Business?

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It is possible that Facebook for business turned a critical corner, outfoxing it’s B2B competitors in helping businesses reach new prospects – and chatbots is a key enabler for businesses to tap into the opportunity created by messenger inbox targeting from Facebook. Let’s explain this in depth:

Business to business (B2B) communications are becoming exceedingly important if rapid growth is to be achieved in these enterprises. Here are some basic tactics that any consulting business can implement in order to watch its customer base grow in leaps and bounds.

What is the key to growing a B2B operation?

Is there a new way to attract and nurture business leads that are much more targeted than before?

Powering your messanger channel via chatbots

Why is Facebook messanger succeeding at making a comeback in B2B comms?


Because of how “relationship management” used to work, it is entirely accurate to say that traditionally, B2Bs have been slower at embracing marketing technology than other businesses. With the rise of smart AI bots – they have grown increasingly envious of the vibe around the growth in the B2C sector that chatobots have brought.

Facebook Messenger and chatbots are the latest exciting tools that everyone has access to today and any manufacturers can use the advanced technology provided by them – and, it generally outperforms Linkedin by far when considering things like sponsored in-mail that yields a mostly negative ROI according to top marketing agencies. Here, a sophisticated team explains how to create a high-converting facebook messenger chatbot using the SnatchBot platform.

What exactly are chatbots?

Chatbots are programs that can replace humans to interact with customers on the internet. They communicate through text and can be integrated into mobile applications, websites, and Facebook Messenger.

Best ways to kick-start growth and reach out with Messenger chatbots


  1. Customers are already there

Email marketing is still important for B2B, but Messenger chatbots are faster. The majority of the customer base is most likely already on Facebook and if they need any information, prospective clients don’t need to search for the website if they want to engage with a company, they are instantly available. Also, chatbot messages on Messenger aimed at targeted leads have the potential to go through the entire funnel leading up to a purchase, without the prospective client ever leaving Messenger.

  1. Finding the right person with an organization

It is easier to target or find the right person to target in a company with Facebook Messenger as it can access all the information regarding the segmentation, e.g. HR departments, facility managers, etc.

  1. Drive sales and increase leads

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger do drive more sales through the various functions that they can be programmed to do. They can automatically send all contacts links a new catalog, answer questions, assist the customer with the ordering process ad even offer alternative suggestions. They also trace customer activities on other platforms and create behavioral patterns. Chatbots and their AI learning can analyze the behavior of visitors to a site and can send specially tailored messages to retain their interest.

  1. Top customer service

Customer service is just as important to B2B companies as it is elsewhere. Offering customers an automated customer service through a chatbot saves everyone time and the chatbots can be programmed to respond instantly to frequently asked questions or respond to queries that are based on customer account history. All communications with customers are recorded and analyzed for future references and programming of the bots.

  1. Organize contacts and collect customer data

Facebook Messenger and the bots deployed there can sweep for customer information in no time. This is an invaluable service that will regularly review and clear older non-existent contacts while renewing the database for the business.

  1. Menial office tasks are taken care of

People who were previously employed to carry out boring office tasks can now be deployed into the sales or marketing team, where they are often needed more. Bots are quite capable of running simple administrative tasks like reminders, keeping timesheets, etc.

  1. Have a UX-optimized website that aids conversions

Your website should be designed in a way that helps to drive the conversation and to capture the lead in a way that the customer is clearly segmented. B2B service websites do not typically rely on things like Woocommerce and Shopify – but they use chatbots to help manage their funnel and direct people to very specific deep landing pages for better accuracy.

Creating the best customer experiences with Messenger chatbots

  1. Purpose and simplicity

When deploying a chatbot the company needs to program it according to the purpose of its use. The applications vary but some are customer surveys, customer support, promotions, and so forth. The interaction process needs to be simple and concise so that the whole process to be quick from start to finish.

  1. Human intervention

Complicated issues can often not be solved by a chatbot and these should be directed to someone who can help deal with the issue for the customer ensuring that he has received excellent service.

  1. Privacy is important

Laws and ethics dictate that customers know which parts of the conversation and which details are recorded and what they will be used for. If Facebook chatbot messages are automatically generated then customers must have the option to unsubscribe.

Deploying chatbots to Facebook Messenger is as easy as registering with a chatbot tool. Once downloaded the chatbot can be trained to perform and rapidly help any B2B grow.

The importance of excellence in customer service for B2B businesses demand that they offer their clients value, don’t waste time in communications; create feelings of trust, and anticipate what their customer needs are. These are all necessitated by the fast pace of doing business in a global economy. Facebook messenger and chatbots deployed through them allow any B2B consulting business to communicate with customers across the globe 24/7.

Finally, there is also Whatsapp, Line, Skype, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and a wide range of participants in the omni-channel market. Having an omni-channel chatbot platform is priceless as it will bring huge savings and optimization into the business.

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Avi Ben Ezra

Avi Ben Ezra

Avi Ben Ezra is the CTO of SnatchBot, a leading chatbot platform and marketplace. His research in artificial intelligence is world renowned and as a serial entrepreneur, he advises many other startups on marketing technology. Avi has a strong following in the technology field.