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Implementing a chatbot strategy: Guidance by Avi Ben Ezra

Chatbots are everywhere. How do you implement a viable strategy?

Marketing bots, customer service bots, booking agents – you name it, it is been done with great success already.

Very few industries have not yet been penetrated by chatbots, although we are not even close to saturation. Every large organization such as Capital One, NASA and Verizon have implemented these technologies. Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time. Nevertheless, the developing and implementation of sophisticated chatbots is an ongoing process, particularly as AI evolves.

New ways are constantly found to make bots more practical. Many other industries are by now well established and they are utilized according to predetermined standards. This is not, however, the case when it comes to chatbots. It is nevertheless true that a lot can be learned from the pioneers in this industry. Likewise, a lot can be learned from other companies who have already implemented chatbots. This can help your business with its own chatbot strategy implementation. A good starting point – is to opt methodically for a first step approach  to analyze the needs of your business and also your target market. The system may be expensive depending on the size of your business. Obviously, your business will be looking at a return on investment.

Your chatbot strategy must be justifiable


In order to make everything worthwhile, your chatbot strategy should be able to effectively solve a specific problem. Alternatively, they should be a genuine improvement in productivity or in overall efficiency. This is why the planning phase is so important. It is important to identify what has to be achieved. The better the situation is understood, the better will be the chances of successfully implementing your chatbot strategy. Once you have effectively analyzed your target user and your primary problems you now need to proceed to choose a platform through which your chatbot will be built and managed. This can sometimes be a confusing time and decision-makers might stumble. Making use of professionals can help to get things underway a lot quicker. Even with well-trained IT personnel on site, it may still be better to get professional assistance. You will have to find a way to measure the effectiveness of the system. This is why you will have to have some metrics in place which is really important to measure the success of your business.

ROI considerations


As soon as possible, you should have a clear indication of what kind of return on investment can be expected. Those figures may be necessary to assure investors or stakeholders. There are many aspects of business success which are not always that easy to quantify. This does not mean that they are not important. Some businesses make the mistake of waiting for the system to be perfect before they start out. A much better course of action will be to perfect the system as you go along. Generally the few mistakes encountered often turn out to be small in comparison with the benefits derived from such a system. It is a process where you continue to learn constantly. It may frequently be needed to make quick adaptations. You are getting into a fluid technology where nothing stays the same and your bots will continue to improve over time. This may require your technicians to constantly add new things with the objective to obtain better results.

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Avi Ben Ezra

Avi Ben Ezra is the CTO of SnatchBot, a leading chatbot platform and marketplace. His research in artificial intelligence is world renowned and as a serial entrepreneur, he advises many other startups on marketing technology. Avi has a strong following in the technology field.

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