Avi Ben Ezra

Avi Ben Ezra is the CTO of SnatchBot, a leading chatbot platform and marketplace. His research in artificial intelligence is world renowned and as a serial entrepreneur, he advises many other startups on marketing technology. Avi has a strong following in the technology field.

Predicting near-time online trends

The latest play by Heat the ad agency of Deloitte is pretty interesting: It is to analyze a hundred million posts every day which will give them the ability to make as many as 1 million predictions every 30 minutes. They are doing this by making use of a sophisticated …

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How to cut Facebook ads cost with split testing

Pay Per Click

Your product is priced right, it appeals to your current market, but your online campaigns are failing to meet your goals. People then said if you place it on the internet, it’s a cheap way to advertise. They also said that you will make buckets full of buckets. But your …

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Where is PPC’s place in an inbound marking strategy?

Pay per click

Inbound marketing is an approach fixated on charming customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful, not interruptive. With inbound marketing, likely customers finds a product via channels such as search engines, blogs, and social media. Inbound marketing, unlike outbound marketing, does not need to fight for possible …

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