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How To Use BusinessWire For Press Releases

How To Use BusinessWire

You are about to discover a serious game changer in online PR. The great thing about using Business Wire, is that it will give you a fancy report and duplicate your news across many important sites. But will this be enough to grow fast and help with SEO? Probably not. Let’s take a look at how you can improve results. 

What is the biggest mistake companies make with online PR?

Well, don’t use just one single News Wire service for the year. This reduces your potential footprint and limits potential coverage. Business Wire is a great start, but it does not provide you with DO follow links and all its content is labeled as a “press release”. 

So what would be a smarter approach?

We really think using Business Wire is a great start for any SME who wants to be “seen in the media”, but are you really seen on Google for the right keywords when using BusinessWire? Will it make your site jump in organic rankings? This is why you should pay attention to the following advise: 

By combining a few different solutions throughout the year, performance metrics will jump. Who said you should be locked into one solution for the entire year? A diverse footprint is super important for both SEO and PR. 

For example: Use the unlimited access pass from to get you more SEO visibility and affordable coverage, then expand your footprint with both Business Wire and Cision, as well as the premium brand awareness option from 

Direct Journalist Outreach?

You can go a step further by also reaching out to a few journalists directly via Linkedin. This Linkedin B2B Outreach Service can help you a lot to scale up – or you can do it yourself manually. This is something you should do beyond the use of PR Businesswire, Sitetrail and other platforms as it will aid in direct media relations. Build these relationships over time as valuable PR asset to your business. 

Final Take:

Business Wire pricing is quite reasonable and you can have that as part of your annual mix of media. But remember, it is good to have less than twenty percent of your media visibility labeled as a press release, and around eighty percent should be organic earned media. That is exactly why you should add to your media mix today: to get more authentic and trusted news coverage. 

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