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How to avoid these classic AdWords blunders

Pay Per click

In the PPC word, Google Adwords could mean increased sales, more leads and up scaling of your business. That is if the account is managed correctly, as a poorly ran ad campaign would simply mean that your online marketing budget would be wasted. To avoid this, here are some tips to avoid that so you can look smart and impress the boss. Here they are:

Use ad groups for multiple keywords

A bad mistake is to group together around 20 keywords that sort of relate to each other into one group. Besides making it difficult for copywriters to draft ads using these keywords, the big issue is that that there is a mismatch between what people are essentially probing for and what the ad recommends.

  • You should rather add one keyword per ad group. This allows you to be more relevant, as your ads will be more specific.
  • You could also make use of dynamic text replacement. Dynamic text replacements is a real-time personalization solution that allows you to change content based on different custom parameters (e.g. URL variables, custom variables or on page variables).

The benefits of using dynamic text replacement are:

  1. Remind the consumer about a particular product they may have liked in a previous visit
  2. Send the consumer an engaging message by crafting an emotional attachment
  3. Make the consumer feel important as opposed to a generic message
  4. Make them feel unique when getting an offer based on his on-site behavior
  5. Creates urgency by dynamically replacing how many online visitors right now

This technique automatically adjusts the text on a landing page to match the keywords from your ads and thereby cuts the number of different landing pages you must to set up.

Not linking your AdWords account to a CRM tool

Linking an AdWords account to a customer relationship management (CRM) tool will allow you to know which keywords are leading to real sales. Such tools allows you to see the real number of sales each keyword is generating. You can then boost the best performing keywords, or replacing the ineffective keywords with others. (Also see When you over optimize your AdWords account: What marketers should know).

It’s bad to bid on your branded keywords

Branded keywords are those that represent the search queries that contain your brand or business names. Branded keywords are the search words or phrases that include the brand name or a variation of the brand name. Branded keywords are used by searchers that have already heard of your brand or business through other marketing efforts and are looking for a website for more information. The primary goal of an SEO campaign is to improve traffic from an audience that hasn’t yet heard of the brand or business (using non-branded keywords) however it is still important to include branded keywords in the mix, especially on interior “About Us” type pages so that searchers using branded keywords can easily access the correct page.

But it allows that you appear above the competition in the search engine results page, but also to increase profit margins.

Utilizing parts of the advertising extension set only

Many marketers limit themselves to the use of 3 or 4 ad extension instead of using all 9 Call Callout Location Message Price Review Seller ratings Sitelink Structured snippet.

To improve AdWords performance you need to use a complete set of advertising extensions. The reason is since they allow the ads to occupy even more space in the search engine results.

It’s easy. Go to ad extension tab and enable them all. Once they are enabled, it could lead to up to 20% increase in click-through rates.

Add in 3rd party data

Make use of 3rd party data to automatically adapt your bidding efforts. These sort of data, like different APIs and scripts will interact with the 3rd party data.

Avoiding geo-targeting

Geotargeting is a term which describes creating separate advertising campaigns for each individual city in the targeting area and making specific ads which contain the names of those cities in the ad body.

But a proper geotargeting campaign has the ability to increase overall lead generation, and still cut down costs of an individual lead.

This is ideal of service based companies that is depended on a specific location that service.

Not testing the landing pages

If you are using PPC ads, you are paying for each click, so you want to make sure that each click counts. A/B testing can help as it allow you two nearly same landing pages, each with a different variations in order to test efficiency in converting users. This allows marketers to decide which the most effective campaign is and use those results to further adapt and refine your digital advertising efforts. (Also see the post Create a killer PPC landing page with these 6 steps for more insights).

Optimize for re-marketing campaigns

Re-marketing is an advertising practice used to reach visitors who have already visited your website, but still haven’t been converted into a customer. Re-marketing is an effective marketing tool. Google makes it easy for marketers to get a report showing where and which ads has been effective in terms. (Do revisit the post When you over optimize your AdWords account: What marketers should know for some tips about when you over optimize your campaigns).

To end

Besides marketers failing to double check their work and allowing human error to set in, such as using misspelling keywords and ignoring broken links, and to avoid monitoring the competition. Optimize your campaign correctly you benefit but do everything possible for the customer to leave your landing page, believe me they will. In the end you will have just wasted your money. So get your landing page cleaned up and welcoming. Lure them in, and they will be your clients for many years to come.

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