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How To Build Trust And Close More Sales Via Remote Video Calls

With Google Meets and Zoom becoming mainstream solutions for sales, it is important to remember that higher conversions will only come from genuine trust and the perfect service match.

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If conversions are super important and you’re selling the right B2B service that is a great match for your client then read on. Here are 5 ways to build trust and close more sales during remote calls:


1. Research and information ahead of time:

Screening client leads properly will show the needs they expressed as well as who they are. An email can be sent ahead of the call telling them which services you’re going to recommend. This allows both you and the client to arrive prepared. It also allows you to discover things about the client and compliment them sincerely on either their company achievements or individual profile on Linkedin.

2.  Building trust:

In our case, we share the fact that independent reviewers from The Chamber Of Commerce ranked us as number one in our industry. We also share with clients the fact that our satisfaction rate on Trustpilot is high above the industry average. More importantly, we do share the fact that most clients are not short term encounters, instead they stay with us for many years.

3. Demonstrating relevance:

Given that we’ve been in business for more than ten years, in most cases, our management or other colleagues have worked with top competitors of the client. Mentioning this, and the name of at least one competitor we worked with shows that we have inside knowledge and the right connections to deliver success. 

4. Active listening and matching expectations:

During meetings, we listen actively to what the client wants – and show them that we can deliver that, or where it is not the case, we show them what else we have that is relevant. 

5. Physical proof:

Although we protect client confidentiality, we do sometimes have cases that we are allowed to share. Always arrive prepared and do a screen share of a highly relevant and similar case which we delivered. This can be a recent news article or other deliverable. 


So in essence, yes you want to look professionally dressed, face the light and smile a lot during video meetings. But ultimately, building genuine trust correlates directly with high conversion rates. Couple all this with in-depth product knowledge, an understanding of the customer and a perfect match in service, and you’re well on your way to closing more deals soon.


It is good to know that research is underway in customer experience in B2B virtual customer meetings. To get an understanding of the concepts being researched, take a closer look at the following resource:

Zoom and Google Meets video communications are now considered a key part of the conventional marketing mix. It is no longer a “new digital trend” – and the pandemic certainly solidified the adoption by late adopters. See the relevant research here:

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