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5 Types of remarketing you can tap into

Before you would set up a remarketing campaign, it is worth considering the 5 different types of remarketing that is available with Google. I would certainly suggest you find live examples in order to understand  how each campaign would appear to potential customers.  When we set up such a campaign for your business, I typically share previews with clients in the video report we produce for the campaign.

Great, so here are the types of remarketing we can choose: 

With Standard remarketing we can target past visitors by showing ads to them as they visit other websites or apps that are part of the Google Display Network. This is not contextual advertising, so even if your website is about restaurants and your visitor moves onto an online games magazine, your restaurant ads will still be displayed to that particular visitor.

With Dynamic remarketing: We also target past visitors, but show them dynamic ads that are specifically about products and services they viewed on our website.  These ads will also target visitors as they browse the Display Network websites and use Display Network apps.

  • With Remarketing for mobile apps We show ads to people who have used our mobile app or mobile website when they use other mobile apps or browse other mobile websites. You can think of this as “standard remarketing” but for mobile apps specifically.
  • With Remarketing lists for search ads:We build lists of past visitors and then target them with ads when they do follow-up searches on Google
  • Lastly there is Video remarketing:Here, we target visitors who interacted with our videos or YouTube channel by showing ads to them as they browse YouTube, other Display Network videos, websites, and apps.

Remember that the standard setting on Google remarketing is to remarket to anyone who visited our website, regardless of whether the original source of the visitor was social media, an email campaign or a referral. But we probably do not want to advertise to someone who is already on our email list, so later on I want to show you how to target only certain types of visitors and exclude others from your remarketing lists to have better control over your budget. Great, so there are 5 types of remarketing available with Google, but we will learn many ways to optimize the settings for each campaign.

An interesting note: There is also Facebook and Bing remarketing. I predict that given the expansion of the Microsoft network, through the acquisition of Linkedin, the we might soon see some huge technological improvements in how the B2B market can be targeted. I suppose when Peter Thiel asserted that Microsoft was a bet against technology, he may not have known that it was about to become the most strategically important player in B2B advertising.

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