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5 Things Adriaan Brits and the Sitetrail agency do really well

You may have heard about Sitetrail as a key player in political press, helping high-profile clients break the ranks with negative media that annoys them – and turning around e-commerce businesses who needed to break free from Amazon dominance. But there are 5 more services that are unsung heroes, backing up many people around the world: things that the Sitetrail agency performs quietly but with much success. Explore these because you may need them soon:

Reputation management:

The field of ORM or online reputation management, is largely concerned with responding to false or negative search results about you or your brand, in the news, for example or organic results, such as The cost of this can very significantly, for example in minor cases we quickly repair someone’s reputation for $1000 but in serious cases – as Adriaan Brits, our CEO says: “Whilst we’re mostly successful at quickly helping most small clients with reputation management, I’ve seen bigger clients throwing $80K at fighting fake news and big media brands – and still they did not recover completely. This is because the tallest tree catches the most wind.” The removal or replacement of unfair and negative search results from Google: getting it deleted or diluted, is a process that the Sitetrail team understands very well. As one client in Israel said: “Your enemies will not like it if you hire Adriaan Brits and his team, because they know what they’re doing.”


Social Media Verification:

The one thing we understand well is that our celebrity clients simply cannot lose time when it comes to social media verification. A super model or football star can lose lucrative contracts worth thousands if not millions when big brands learn that they operate unverified accounts. Delays happen when an unsuccessful verification attempt was pulled of with insufficient PR. For example, Instagram has a waiting period of 30 days before account holders can re-apply. Our expertise in Instagram Verification as well as Twitter Verification along with Youtube and Facebook, is relied on by brands, models, actors, their agents and just about any influencer who require successful social media verification. We help them get amazing news interviews, draw up their content and PR strategy and get them into the press swiftly in order to satisfy all their verification needs. Suggested: The Instagram Verification Guide is a great place to start.

Wikipedia profile building:

The most important part of Wikipedia page building for infuencers is that they need media references. This is where Sitetrail makes the difference. In fact, prior to Instagram and Twitter verification, most of our high-profile clients require a Wikipedia page first to solidify their position. Before proceeding with this, we take care of all their PR needs to ensure ample media citations and credibility is built. The fact, however, is that whilst there is a 98% approval rate with Instagram verification, only around 48% of Wikipedia pages built, are approved, or remain approved. This is because in the modelling world, for example, competitors or those who lost a pageant round, along with their agents, simply need to make one inaccurate change to your Wikipedia profile to get it flagged and removed. The same is the case for politicians seeking a Wikipedia page building service. Speak to us before proceeding with this. It will be well worth your while.


ON-site content marketing:

Have you heard of digital marketing stunts, such as building a mega landing page of 2000 words that brings in $1.6M in B2B revenue within 4 weeks, or a mass market product page bringing in $50K in 6 months? Well that is the kind of things we do frequently for clients. Make no mistake, in some industries the curve of diminishing return is biting – and ROI can be much lower. We do point this out so as to never deceive clients or create unrealistic expectations. After all, there is no “magic bullet” to fierce competition, except for good research and a counter strategy that is prepared to beat the competition in value. Do read more about “Content Marketing PRO”, our flagship service.

A press release writing and distribution service second to none:

We made a point of answering clients who are constantly saying “I want to be in Forbes, CNN and but find it way too expensive”. This came in the form of our syndicated press releases that are written by copywriters and ex-journalists. People love that we can get them in with Fox, CBS, Kake, about 40 TV & Radio news sites, mainstream financial news sites like Marketwatch, Bloomberg and others – but what they love most, is our copy. The stories we help them create, the way in which we answer to their competitors’ actions in the market and their clients’ needs. See our press release writing tips – and take a look at the Press release writing and distribution service to see why the majority of our clients order a second and third press releases service from us.

Final scoop:

If you are proactive in digital marketing and online branding, want to stay ahead of influencer marketing and general brand dominance through clever PR tactics, it may be hard to find an agency that has the scale, influence and media connections to match with Adriaan Brits and his agency have.

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Virginia Sagal

Virginia is a business consultant who specializes in the digital economy.

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