The Digital Marketing Research course available on and Linkedin E-learning is a comprehensive resource for more than 130 000 professionals around the world.

Background to the course: “Consumers and companies leave valuable data all over the web. The course aims to teach practical ways of carrying out digital marketing research, and putting that data to good use.”

So as a consultant to many organizations all over the world, I help them improve their market research practices. In the course I share the following knowledge with you: Using data from big (and free) online ecosystems such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Then, showing you how to measure consumer demand, trends, market competitiveness, and direct competition. You can also learn about some premium toolsets used by professional marketers. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to conduct your own independent research and investigate your customers and competitors online.

Topics include:

  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative research
  • Understanding the limitations of what you can research online
  • Using Google AdWords, Facebook, and Amazon to measure demand
  • Using LinkedIn and Google to measure competition
  • Seeing marketing research in action
  • Using free or premium tools to carry out online research
  • Using Alexa, SEMrush, and SimilarWeb for in-depth research


Adriaan Brits

Adriaan Brits

I'm Adriaan Brits, a digital and strategic marketing consultant, Linkedin learning instructor and outreach media owner. I authored the popular Linkedin course "Digital Marketing Research" with more than 120 000 enrolments to date. I help businesses and agencies plan their PR and media buying: See my boutique marketing agency at and connect with me on Linkedin