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3 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing Better

attribution modellingThere are so many aspects to digital marketing that it’s difficult to get a handle on it all. Trying to be the best with every part of it is likely to leadto you being poor in some areas, okay in a few more, and quite good in your favorite ones. Updating Facebook with a new post and replying to comments might be something you enjoy, but remembering to tweet out from your company’s Twitter account is not playing to your strengths. We hear you.What can be done to improve your digital marketing efforts? Let’s find out.

Dig into the Data

You’d be surprised how much information is available to collect and use it to make better decisions in the future. For companies selling online, they can collect information like the number of visitors, who visited a landing page for a product advertisement, what the advertising cost is per sale, product price during the promotion, and the gross profit for the promotion. Without keeping track of this type of sales information, it’s impossible to come up with better marketing approaches online that will deliver bottom-line growth and improved profitability.

It’s not necessary to use an advanced sales tool at the start. A live Google sheet spreadsheet is perfectly sufficient to layout the information that you wish to collectand track it through the weeks or months as the marketing campaign unfolds.

A-B Spit Testing

Split testing is the ability to take two landing pages or two homepage designs and divide up the web traffic between both versions. From there, visitors can be tracked to see their relative response rates when using both versions. By split testing, digital marketing campaigns can be improved by testing different wording, logos, graphical images, price points and offers, to see which is best.

When you’re not split testing, you’re leaving money on the table. It’s just that simple. How do you know that a one-month free offer ahead of a 12-month subscription is the best promotional option? Perhaps a $1 offer, followed by a 12-month subscription will have more takers. It’s also possible that one type of offer might appeal to people who see an advert on Facebook whereas another offer appeals to a more tech-savvy crowd on Only by split testing offers and considering the source of the traffic will results improve.

Don’t Try to Be an Expert at Everything

As a business grows, there comes a realization that you’re not good at everything. A freelancer comes in for a specific task and blows it out of the water or a WordPress specialist manages to fix a long-standing website issue for a fixed fee that’s been bothering you for weeks. It’s just impossible to keep up with developments across multiple disciplines; it mays to specialize and outsource what you not so good at to other people.

With digital marketing, the best outsourced digital marketing is the type that you either don’t have time to do anymore or cannot do it justice. When other people are experts in an area of digital marketing that you know you’re never going to be great at, it makes sense to outsource to a team of people who are smart, motivated, and highly capable of getting it done.

There are always ways to make digital marketing better. It changes so much from month to month. What you weren’t great at last month has likely been overhauled with new methodologies today. Never stop learning new ways to achieve more with marketing because it gets the money in the door.



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Boris Dzingarov

Boris Dzhingarov graduated University of National and World Economy with major marketing. He writes for several sites online such as Semrush, Tweakyourbiz and Boris is the founder of Blog For Web and MonetaryLibrary

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