Author: Boris Dzingarov

Conversion rate optimization

How to get new visitors to notice your company and website

Digital marketing tips: Getting new potential visitors to notice your company and site Now that most of the business world is online, it’s essential to get noticed through all of the noise on the internet. There are billions of websites, and your customers won’t be able to know who you are if you aren’t taking

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3 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing Better

There are so many aspects to digital marketing that it’s difficult to get a handle on it all. Trying to be the best with every part of it is likely to leadto you being poor in some areas, okay in a few more, and quite good in your favorite ones. Updating Facebook with a new

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attribution modelling

3 Practical SEO Tips for B2B Tech Companies

The tech market is particularly crowded and as a B2B business, most of your clients will likely be more technologically aware and careful in checking their options than the general consumers which B2C companies target. Reports suggest that over 80% of B2B business relations begin with a simple search on Google and, therefore, the importance

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