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3 Practical SEO Tips for B2B Tech Companies

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The tech market is particularly crowded and as a B2B business, most of your clients will likely be more technologically aware and careful in checking their options than the general consumers which B2C companies target. Reports suggest that over 80% of B2B business relations begin with a simple search on Google and, therefore, the importance of excellent SEO is crucial for success. If you have a budding B2B business in the technology sector and you are trying hard to reach higher rankings in the SERPs, the following practical tips should be useful.

Conversion rate optimization

Targeted Keyword Research

Page authority is a very important factor in Google SERP rankings, but when you have a few specific leads in mind, researching and finding keywords those leads will use to search for businesses on the web is much more important. Remember that we are not targeting the entire web, but a few very specific leads that are relevant to us. You will need to use tools such as Spyfu, HubSpot, Moz, etc., to find out what your competitors are using and the tech keywords themselves. Once you have the data to work with, choose keywords that are directly related to your business, low in competition, and have a considerable search volume.

Pillar Pages

Once you have a few select keywords to work with, you will need to create a search engine optimized landing page for each and every one of those few keywords. These are known as the pillar pages and they must have the following attributes.

  • The specific keyword should be included in the heading/headings, meta description, page copy, and even the image alt text
  • Each page should have a conversion form and a call-to-action button

Fresh Content

The pillar pages are where most of your relevant traffic will be driven to, so they will need a constant supply of fresh content – and that’s where blogs come in. The blog will need to be updated regularly about topics that are directly or indirectly related to your business and the embedded links should drive the traffic from the blog content to your pillar pages. When it comes to search engines, and especially Google, a steady supply of fresh and unique content is absolutely necessary to build page authority. Good blog posts should follow certain guidelines and the following few points should help you get the idea.

  • Keep posts about business events, products, and employees limited
  • Concentrate on topics such as technology trends, statistics, and analysis of current events in the relevant tech sector
  • Introduce and explain technology-related topics relevant to your business
  • Posts about or from well-respected and popular figures in the industry

As you can probably guess, all of this is a long-term process and that’s okay because it’s supposed to take time. However, in case you want to cut down the time by as much as you can, then Clayton Johnson’s Secret Weapon SEO Tool might be exactly what you need.

While the learning process is rewarding, especially in the long run, it is unavoidably slow initially and unless you take the help of a professional SEO expert with years of experience, that time will affect the growth of your B2B tech business.

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Boris Dzhingarov graduated University of National and World Economy with major marketing. He writes for several sites online such as Semrush, Tweakyourbiz and Boris is the founder of Blog For Web and MonetaryLibrary

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