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Buy Instagram Verification: What You Should Know

In simple terms, Instagram may be explained as a photo and video sharing service primarily based on the ideology of social media. Users interact and discover one another by interacting with posts by liking, commenting, following, and saving content through the social networking application. However, some users are verified by a blue checkmark next to their username, which symbolizes an authentic presence of an influencer, celebrity, or global brand. The blue checkmark is well sought after by many users on the platform since this icon comes with a particular level of prestige and popularity; however, it is not always an easy symbol to achieve. 

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Can PR Aid the Verification Process ?

The Instagram blue check could largely impact brand or personality credibility and authenticity, positively impacting an account owner’s digital and online presence. Becoming verified by Instagram may be one of the most sought-after ways to boost online popularity; however, it is essential to note that the Instagram blue checkmark can not be bought online, but PR services can.


Instagram verification is not authorized for every user since it aims to be a unique feature for accounts that have been approved as genuine profiles that produce credible content. This further implies that verification is not an easy icon to obtain since it is reserved for notable brand and influencer accounts only; however, this does not mean it is not achievable. In order to be eligible for the blue checkmark, it may be worthwhile to collaborate with PR media partners who have the potential to increase and improve online presence by establishing authentic information about the account owner in various news and press sites. 


Being newsworthy and searchable online can improve the chances of becoming verified on Instagram. The social media channel views each verification application by doing authenticity research to identify news features on the brand or account owner. Press releases, online sources, and newsworthy articles on credible new sites have the potential to enhance brand visibility by creating a reliable online presence. 

Can the Blue Check be Purchased? 

Answer: No you cannot buy Instagram Verification. You can however buy PR services to make you notable, which can lead to verification. 


Account owners who researched the requirements of becoming verified on Instagram may have come across various sources that have stipulated verification itself can not be bought for any Instagram account. Technically the blue checkmark cannot be purchased; however, it may be possible to pay a media partner to fast-track the verification process to someone guaranteed to process it. 


PR or digital marketing agencies use strategies through Instagram verification packages that offer online news coverage through collaboration with the account owner to produce a digital presence through articles that work hand in hand with the verification process. These packages may improve the chances of verification since it provides Instagram with results to aid their research when doing background checks on news features and account owners’ online credibility. 

Tips to Get Instagram Verified

Submitting an Instagram verification is the most straightforward step in the whole process; however, according to Instagram, there is no guarantee that an account may be verified once the application has been submitted. In order to increase eligibility for Instagram verification, it may be essential to consider key factors to improving the digital presence of the account, such as optimizing the profile by creating a bio and using a profile picture while following the basic Instagram community guidelines. Building a persona outside of Instagram can also aid in increasing notability since it establishes personality outside of social media. Optimizing personal or brand websites or blogs through SEO strategies could also assist in improving an online digital presence, which may benefit if an account owner is considering applying for Instagram verification. 



Virginia Sagal

Virginia Sagal

Virginia is a business consultant who specializes in the digital economy.

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