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Ultimate Revenue Boost of 150% For Social Media Marketing Agencies

Revenue Boost for Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • The following insider tip will show you how social media marketing agencies started to boost their revenue by 150 to 200% simply by adding ONE tool to their mix: NewsPass from Sitetrail. 
  • By amplifying customer stories in the news – you proof to clients that social is taken seriously
  • One single subscription allows an agency to serve ALL their clients with editorial news stories across 50 different news sites, without having to pay on a per client basis.
  • The same tool can also be used to promote your agency in the news, in addition to what is done for your clients. 

Social Media Marketing Agency Evolution: The integration of branded stories into Google News represents a revolutionary shift for social media marketing agencies, providing a much-needed refresh to strategies that may have become outdated, lackluster, or incomplete. NewsPass by Sitetrail is a pivotal tool in this transformation, enabling agencies to dramatically enhance their service offerings by incorporating authentic, branded content into high-visibility news channels at virtually no extra cost.

Show clients that social matters by having it cited properly in the news!

Social media amplification with branded stories

This new innovative approach redefines the value proposition agencies can offer their clients. Traditionally, social media marketing efforts were confined to the platforms’ own ecosystems, limiting the scope and permanence of content visibility. With NewsPass, agencies can now seamlessly extend their reach beyond these boundaries, placing their clients’ narratives in trusted news publications. This not only amplifies visibility but also imbues the content with an aura of credibility and authority that social media platforms alone may not provide.

The mechanism behind NewsPass’s offering is both simple and effective: By allowing agencies to publish up to 200 news posts per month for a fixed rate, it opens the door to dominating the headlines on a scale previously unattainable through conventional PR strategies – and to cover multiple clients with one single package. There is no need to pay separately for each client.

What do you need?

  • Simply sign up and start publishing news stories for your clients.
  • Produce some articles that will embed social posts, and others that will simply cite the posts as news.
  • Remember, these aren’t just any headlines; they’re SEO-friendly, placed on Google News and other approved news sites, offering a significant boost in search engine visibility. This approach ensures that a brand’s story doesn’t just flash across a user’s social media feed and disappear but instead gains a more permanent foothold on the internet, easily accessible through search engines and lending persistent visibility to the brand’s narratives.

The traditional challenges of PR, such as the need for pitching to individual publications and the risk of content duplication (and consequent SEO penalties), are effectively bypassed with NewsPass. Agencies can directly publish their content, ensuring each story is unique, compliant with SEO best practices, and capable of reaching a broad audience through Google News and other platforms. This direct access to publication platforms drastically reduces the time and effort required to get a story out, allowing for real-time news sharing and the ability to rapidly respond to market dynamics or public relations needs.

By leveraging NewsPass, agencies can now offer their clients a full-circle marketing strategy that integrates social media marketing with authoritative news content. This approach enriches the client’s content strategy. It will significantly boost their brand presence both on social media and in the broader digital ecosystem. The result is a more engaging, diversified, and impactful marketing effort that can capture attention across multiple channels, drive more significant traffic, and ultimately, convert this attention into tangible business outcomes.

In essence, NewsPass equips social media marketing agencies with the ability to transcend traditional marketing limitations, offering a more dynamic, comprehensive, and impactful suite of services that can truly revolutionize how brands engage with their audience and tell their stories in the digital age.

Agencies – Create More Value: Get your customers to trust your social media efforts by augmenting it with proper news coverage. Deliver a full-circle marketing experience that is worthy of additional revenue.

Adriaan Brits

Adriaan Brits

Adriaan Brits is the CEO of He works with clients around the world on digital marketing strategy and PR. When it comes to scaling a business, he is one of the top 10 consultants with the biggest media list globally.

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