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Instagram Verified Badge: A Complete Guide

Unless you are an influencer or owner of a global brand, the Instagram verification badge may be a difficult symbol to achieve. However, verification may be just a few clicks away by implementing an innovative digital strategy to improve online digital presence. 

Instagram Verification Badge Requirements

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The blue check icon shows an audience that the Instagram platform confirms an individual or brand as a verified account and that the content produced is from an authentic source. Although there are several factors to consider when evaluating whether or not an account meets the verification criteria, it is important to follow the basic Instagram community guidelines to increase the possibility of verification. Authenticity and uniqueness are two important factors to acknowledge; Instagram as a platform tends to grant verification to users that represent a real person or a registered business that entails a unique yet valuable offering to their audience. 

The account would possibly be required to represent a public figure or a well-known and highly searchable brand since Instagram does notability research by using popular news websites to see if the account owner has been featured and mentioned. It is important to note that the Instagram profile should be a complete and active public account containing all essential fields like a bio and a profile picture; this measure is necessary to improve the chances of gaining a blue tick. 

The Verification Badge Process 

The actual verification method is just a few taps and clicks to completion and may be described as the simplest stage in the process. Unlike other social media applications, Instagram does not offer the blue tick to users unless they apply for it themselves. Here are three easy steps to apply for Instagram verification: 


Step 1: The user should be logged into the account requesting a verification badge.

Step 2: Go to the account profile, access the hamburger icon, tap settings, account, and request verification.

Step 3: Fill out the application form, requiring a few necessary details such as the account owner’s full name, industry, and audience. Once the application has been completed, click send, and your verification will be under review by the Instagram platform. 


After sending a verification request, Instagram will review the application, and the user should receive a notification in Instagram “activity” up to 30 days after applying to know if the account has been approved or denied for verification.A user may resubmit a new request if a request is rejected after 30 days. It is important to note that applying for an Instagram verification badge multiple times before receiving approval or denial may cancel the application entirely. 

Why Get Verified On Instagram?

Although the blue check next to an Instagram username serves as a symbol of authenticity, it also entails a particular status symbol that may translate popularity or notoriety to an audience. Should Instagram verify any particular account, it means that they took the time to ensure the account owner is a genuine source of content and can be trusted according to the algorithm.


Aside from status, the badge also aids other Instagram users in finding and distinguishing original account owners t from fake and fan accounts. With the number of fake accounts on the platform, anyone can replicate content as an attempt to steal a brand name or identity, which may lead to confusion among fans and customers about the authenticity of the account owner themselves. 


Along with a competitive edge, the Instagram verification badge has the potential to strengthen brand power by adding an element of exclusivity. With the method that goes into the verification process, not being able to obtain the badge easily makes the blue tick a valuable symbol of credibility to any account that receives it. 

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