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Instagram Blue Check: How To Get It Done

As one of the most popular social media applications in the world, Instagram has become a source of income, exposure, and even credibility for businesses, people, and brands alike. You may have noticed a blue checkmark on some influencer and brand name accounts while scrolling through Instagram as a user. According to the Instagram algorithm, this important symbol essentially stands for verification and is a distinguishing mark to symbolize that the account owner or brand is validated and credible. 

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What is Instagram Verification ? 

In simple terms, the Instagram verification badge acts as a symbol of notoriety, reserved for accounts that are authentic and renowned. More often than not, it may be assumed that verification badges are used as an endorsement; however, as explained by Instagram, it is simply a way for users to understand which accounts are credible and which may be impersonations or account replicas. 


Aside from practicality, it is easy to understand why the check may be a status symbol since their exclusivity does tend to lend a certain amount of prestige that may translate to better engagement. Aside from being an accessory to an account, the blue check may hold more power than initially perceived. For celebrity and influencer personnel, this icon has the potential to create a profile that looks professional, authentic and gives Instagram followers a reason to trust and follow the content. 

The Verification Process in 5 steps 

Applying for the verification badge is quite a simple process that could be achieved in 5 short steps, as explained below. 


  1. Users need to access their profile by logging in and tapping the hamburger icon in the top right corner of their account. 
  2. Access settings and then tap into the account. 
  3. Tap request verification.
  4. Fill in the application form, which will require key details about the account owner such as legal name, working industry, and an official government ID. 
  5. Tap Send. 


After receiving the application, Instagram will review the account and the owner, who will be notified of their verification status within 30 days. Although anyone can apply for the verification badge, getting approval is tougher. 


Using PR to Obtain Instagram Verification

Although there are many methods to improve online credibility, PR services may be one of the most renowned ways of acquiring Instagram verification services. It is important for users to understand that purchasing PR is possible but purchasing the Instagram verification badge is not. PR for Instagram verification has the ability to act as a tool to increase digital and online presence, consequently increasing popularity which may improve chances of gaining the badge. 


Although verification can never be guaranteed, industry professionals and collaborative media strategies may improve account owners’ digital presence, which may carry weight when applying for verification. Professional PR agencies are positioned to assist brands and influencers in proving to their audience that they are credible. Through the means of collaborative strategy, these agencies have the potential to increase online popularity and improve digital reputation.

Final Thoughts

Getting the verification badge may likely be a long process and might entail many dead ends. Should an account owner be unable to get verified on Instagram, it may be necessary to rethink their digital strategy to improve online engagement. Engagement is essential; according to the Instagram algorithm, the more interactions an account gets on content posts, the more the application will prioritize the content. This strategy has the capacity to improve post views and develop account growth which may increase the chances of verification. 


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